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A Losing Argument: Obama, Bush, and Reagan Knew Nothing

Written by Gary North on November 16, 2012

Occasionally, I stumble across a politician making an argument that seems to lead to the right conclusion, when it was intended to lead to the opposite. Here is an example.

“You know Barack Obama was no more responsible for what happened in Benghazi than George Bush was for September 11th or than Ronald Reagan was with the blowing up of the U.S. Marines in Beirut.”

Then Obama is responsible.

Reagan allowed the head of the Marine Corps to command all guards in Beirut to carry unloaded rifles. Reagan wised up and pulled out of Lebanon. His big mistake: not demoting the head of the Marine Corps to private first class.

The Bush Administration was repeatedly warned on an imminent attack. It did nothing.

The Democrat who made this comparison went on: “Americans have had enough of it. They want us to solve problems and not go on political witch hunts. I am very concerned at some the political rhetoric that I hear.”

On the contrary, Americans love a good witch hunt, especially when the witch in question is caught in a YouTube video flying on a broomstick.

The Congressmen called for unity. He said Congress, meaning the Republican-controlled House, should not “point fingers” at the President or his administration.

In other words, no one was responsible in Libya. There is therefore no one to blame. There was no cause. There were only effects. We should therefore move on.

But Hillary Clinton said she would bear full responsibility for the disaster.

That was Washington-speak for “no responsibility.”

And so it goes, and will always go in Washington. The buck stops nowhere.

And the bucks never stop coming.

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12 thoughts on “A Losing Argument: Obama, Bush, and Reagan Knew Nothing

  1. When and IF the truth ever comes out, it will show that oblamo and thugs (especially Valerie Jarrett) had a lot to do with the decision to do NOTHING in Benghazi which caused the deaths of 4 American citizens. If we were to know the REAL truth, oblamo would be impeached without even a smattering of squalling from the dem(wit)s.
    The only wailing would be from the blacks who would claim racism immediately. And that is all they know.

  2. nobodysfool says:

    oBlamer should fry for this. At least with Bush the threats were nebulous. oBlamer watched the murders in Benghazi real time and had seven hours to send help but did nothing. Oh yes, he did do something, he ordered the Navy SEALS to stand down and let the murders take place. I believe he is just a "tad" more guilty than either Bush or Reagan. This is not his first murder, but he has the taste of blood now, and will pursue the murders of others whom he deems a threat to his own tyranny.

  3. Marion Hester says:

    Read the US Constitution, support it and you will know how to support your Country and the freedoms you have, they were not free. Defend them with every thing you have, if not you may not have them long.

  4. adamenochnoah says:

    The right of the people to reconstitute their government if it becomes oppressive and onerous is clearly outlined in the Declaration of Independence.
    “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

  5. Victor Barney says:


  6. Well that's a real warm and fuzzy excuse to turn our collectives eyes blindly from the actions of the regime. The regime through the CIA armed these terrorist to exterminate Moammar Gadhafi in libia to make way for the MB. That is how these terrorists had the weaponry to pull off this attack. Not to mention the secrete prison that the regimes CIA had in Benghazi was as good a reason as any for the attack. Gitmo still has plenty of occupancy but that would mean Obama would have to cross his voter base to use it. It's far better for the regime to sacrifice some useful idiots to avoid angering their voter base and possibly lose an election. I'm sure as they watch the attack in real time that they were hoping the fires would destroy all the evidence that was inside these buildings. fortunately some old media types were able to collect some documents before Hillary would allow the FBI on the ground to investigate. Of course these documents have and still are being held by old media types so as not damage the regimes re-election chances. No big deal people. This is just how things are done by the government. Nothing to see here.

  7. The Truth Seeker says:

    In 2004, in the wake of the public mourning of Ronald Reagan, our 40th President of the United States, his supporters made certain claims. One of these claims was that he was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union. As an avid student of history and a witness to those events I must beg to disagree. The process that led to its welcomed collapse was in the works long before he was elected. In a sense it was a result of the confluence of disparate events and circumstances. In 1982 after 13 years of litigation against ATT by the Justice Department, the case was settled, and ATT agreed to give up their 22 Bell Systems and their subsequent monopoly over technology. This “breakup” began a “golden age” of communication that eventually resulted in fax machines, cable television, cell phones and the Internet. Meanwhile in Poland, after 2 months of labor turmoil at the Lenin Shipyards, Gdansk, in 1980 that had paralyzed the country, the Polish government gave into the demands of the workers. This of course was before Ronald Reagan was elected. Over the next few years, Poland, in need for “hard” foreign currency was starting to invite Polish-American retirees from the steel industry to come back and live in Poland. With their large union pensions they were able to buy “dachas”, or country houses and live like princes. This reality was not lost on Walesa, who saw his workers starving, as opposed to American steel workers who were “rich” and now “landed gentry.”

    Others soon became aware of this reality and eventually through the lowering of phone rates, and the development of the fax machines, etc, communication between citizens of the Eastern Bloc and the West opened up. Hungary started to liberalize in 1989 and a flow of East German citizens started to circumvent the Berlin Wall as they traveled through Hungary to West Germany. So the proverbial “flood-gate” was opened, and it could not be shut. By 1991 the old Warsaw Pact countries had removed their Communist bosses and Soviet troops finally went home. Without their client states, the Soviet system was finally exposed as the economic “basket case” it was, and they shut down the whole bankrupt operation. All in all, his real credit should be for the following; the useless and expensive 600 ship navy, the invasion of tiny Grenada, SDI, the Strategic Defense Imitative (Star Wars), Iran-Contra scandal, the death of 240+ Marines in Beirut, the stock market collapse of 1987, and the tripling of the National Debt, vetoing sanctions against South Africa, the speech at the SS cemetery in Bitburg, backing military dictatorships in Argentina, Chile, and the Philippines, arming Sadaam Hussein, voodoo economics (George Bush’s phrase), inaction against the AIDS epidemic, the nearly 200 members of his administration that faced indictment and prosecution, his appointment of Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court, the S & L scandal that stuck the taxpayers with a bill approaching a trillion dollars, his relentless attacks on affirmative action, his deregulation of broadcasting gave rise to today’s monopolistic media industry, and a host of other wonderful accomplishments. Ronald Reagan got the last laugh in the end. He is still fooling the impotent media with his “teflon” image that was carefully crafted by his handlers, apologists and sycophants.

    So we have seen what has happened. The GOP/Right has encouraged the lowering of taxes, the conglomeration of industry, the exporting of jobs overseas, the deregulation of industry, and the accumulation of greater money in fewer hands. Now, as in 1929, less people own more of America! In the midst of this incredible increase in executive compensation, Ronald Reagan’s administration lowered the highest tax brackets by more than 60% from 71% to 28% in 1986, while raising the bottom tax rate from 11 to 15%. In reality the Reagan Administration created two tax brackets. The poorest earners paid up to 15% and multi-millionaires paid a little more than double? Did this increase revenue to the Treasury? No! No wonder we experienced record deficits. Did it increase wealth to the wealthiest? Yes! Recent articles have debunked the “urban myth” promulgated by the flat-taxer’s and other anti-tax groups that tax cuts increase revenues. In fact, tax cuts without expense reductions create greater deficits. With that in mind, the Reagan years offered some of the biggest deficits, (tripling the National Debt), continued high unemployment, averaging over 7% in his tenure, and great private sector increases in wealth.

  8. The Truth Seeker says:

    Ronald Reagan, who is loved by the idiotic right wing of this country has the most fraudulent reputation of any that has ever served in public office. He was certainly genial, a decent guy, a 3rd rate actor that had his career revived by the advice by his new father-in-law, Dr, Davis (a supporter the John Birch Society) "Go where the money is!" In other words flack for 20 Mule Team Borax and GE. This confused guy even voted for FDR four times by his own admission. He learned that it was "good business" to give up a lifetime of supposed ideals. He was a quick study, but basically a "dope" who was lost without a script. One day Jack Benny went into a theater where his "rival" Fred Allen was doing a remote for his radio program. Allen was giving out cheap Depression glass plates to the audience. All of a sudden Benny stood up and demanded a plate. Allen seeing the opportunity to score on his rival, said, "There is Jack Benny, one of the richest men in America trying to huckster a plate from you people." Allen kept up the barraging harangue and finally the frustrated Benny yelled out, "You wouldn't say that if my writers were here!" Well that fits Reagan to a tee. He even thought that the co2 from a tree was equivalent to a car's emissions. He was a "stiff" built up by his handlers. His last term was a disaster, and to cap it off during the Poindexter and McFarlane Trials he said under oath over 400 times that he did not remember! With a history of Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, and Nixon I can understand easily that the "flat-earth" Luddites of the new GOP love to worship the memory of the “Gipper” whose understanding of the problems of this country matched his inability to answer a question “off the cuff.” Maybe that's why he ran out after every press conference yelling over his shoulder. They couldn't wait to get him away.

  9. adamenochnoah says:

    Could you explain the dimwitted Left's role in the decline of our country without writing a book?

  10. By Golee, I think hes got it! Especially the wailing part! "And that is all they know". Seems they can't see the forest for the trees!

  11. Very true, But they will say they have the support of the people because Obama won the election….. Where it was valid or not!

  12. Gee, I think you just described Obama! Change a few names around and wow, Obama and clan!