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Hotmail: How Did Gen. Allen Run Afghanistan’s War, Plus Send 20,000+ Pages of Emails to a “Social Liaison”

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2012

General John Allen has been running America’s war in Afghanistan. He is a 4-star general. He is a Marine.

But when it comes to time-management, he is the supreme allied commander.

Here is a man who did some real squeezing, so to speak. In his dealing with a “social Liaison” in Florida, he squeezed in enough time to either read or compose 20,000 emails.

It may have been 30,000.

In just two years.

I write a lot of emails. But, let me tell you, my hat goes off to Gen. Allen. He has put me to shame.

I mean, how does a man who is in charge of the longest war in American history have time to compose or read 20,000 emails? Or maybe 30,000?

And as for that liaison officer, she must have been busy, too.

I don’t know why the media have focused on that lady’s seeming lack of official duties, not to mention her wardrobe. I think what she has done is incomparable. I mean, being a wife and mother and a liaison officer all at once, plus read/compose 20,000 to 30,000 emails, is no easy task.

I hope Congress holds hearings on this. I hope Congress will look at Gen. Allen’s daily schedule. Congress has a real avatar here. How did he find time to win the war in Afghanistan?

We are winning in Afghanistan, aren’t we? Of course we are.

I do not want to hear any whining about the Taliban. We have them boxed in. It’s just a matter of time. And emails.

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23 thoughts on “Hotmail: How Did Gen. Allen Run Afghanistan’s War, Plus Send 20,000+ Pages of Emails to a “Social Liaison”

  1. Bob Chester says:

    Why are PRIVATES running our GENERALS?

  2. Our entire government is corrupt.

  3. Who cares about this, this is a deliberate distraction, it's Benghazi stupid.

  4. Delmar Jackson says:

    3 words. Dragon Naturally speaking.

  5. 2012 Watcher says:

    But our military is honorable, brave and true.

  6. Not sure why the immoroal demoncracts care, it was fine for Clinton when he was pres. to cheat.

  7. Don't worry. The generals gave up on Afghanistan ever since our president stated that we were pulling out. What's the problem? Besides, it's great temporary fodder while trying to take the attention off Benghazi!!!!

  8. The Taliban had almost completely eliminated the harvest and export of heroin before we invaded. After that the heroin trade was revived and the Afghan poppy fields are producing bumper crops. No wonder more soldiers are committing suicide than dying by the hand of "al Qaeda" (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). They volunteered thinking we were the "good guys bringing democracy to the infidels". Now they know the truth behind the US Mideast campaign.

  9. James ferris says:

    Privates my ass, they have not even been in BASIC training.

  10. Disgrace law enforcement an disgrace the military, does this sound familiar? Sound like communism taking over.

  11. Bless2live says:

    Time for each goverment person appointed, elected are running for office is known as his spin time. He has spin time that he can use for pleasure,lying,illegally using funds and etc. Prime examples are Clinton,Weiner,Hart,Edwards and many more including the ones that are now coming on board. The females are included also. It is ok and accepeted to use spin time and keep your position at tax payers expense until( fully) exposed. If you are really in tight with the goverment society you may be able to keep your position. It is sometimes accepted after you have been caught breaching national security even when being caught at spinning! This is your goverment at work for you! Yes, at the tax payers expense! Now if I can just get off another email to keep spinning and working my way up to one of these positons!

  12. I don't believe this! Even the Tea Party is falling for this! Don't you realize what's happening? Use your brains. General Allen has been critical, openly critical of what's happening in the war front. He did this in 60 Minutes, in interviews with Lara Logan, The administration is trying to destroy credibility in the military, and you fools are all playing along! If the guy was having an affair, writing xxx number of emails while carrying on his duty IT IS HIS OWN BUSINESS and that of his wife. Period. There seems to be no intelligence involved (no pun intended) and this appears to be a plain stupid affair between two consenting adults. How does this affect national security? The military is a great obstacle for those leading the nation with ulterior motives and they will do their best to attack its credibility, which is of course that of their members. Think independently and don't act as BDUIs!

  13. I heard today on NPR news that if they print out all the e-mails that were supposedly sent between Gen. Allen and the lady in question, it will be a stack of paper approximately 6'6" tall. I am in agreement with the comment that how could he work to win a war and at the same time send that many e-mails to his paramour???? As well as all the intelligence communication he had to have sent to DC????

  14. I agree with you!

  15. Get a grip Gary North. Why did you even post this blog when 96 hours/4 days ago the FBI stated publicly that the "charges" against Gen Allen have no substance. They are bogus and the FBI has in fact terminated any further investigation. I am grossly disappointed at the comments here in that have presumed guilt in violation of the 6th Amendment. So when it happens to you this Marine and Cop will not feel sorry for you. Go pound sand !! And Gary you frankly suck posting blogs that contradict what reality reflects but then again is not the first time you have been into sensationalism and falsehoods to "sell" things. You have yet to answer a single one of my previous challenges to you. I suspect you never will. The true makes you run.

  16. Mike in Tulsa says:

    You geniuses figured it out. Somehow General Petraeus started an affair over a year ago so he could cover up the response to an attack which happened a two months ago. You're great at the conspiracy theories but your math skills could use some work.

  17. well, if it happened over a year ago why bring it up now? Should it not have been investigated before coming anywhere near 20, 000 emails? Seems to me they are looking at anything to discredit our military, and that does make me wonder why now?

  18. 30,000 emails in two years equals 40+ emails per day either being read or being written and I somehow doubt that with military communications he would have time to do this.

  19. unpaid social liaison? She's a spy, groupie or a slut, or a combination of these. Folks, dont think that poiticians are any better. Also, if we're going to eavesdrop on some of them, then lets do it on al lof them. There will be so much more. These revelations are politically motivated, and there will be more.

  20. Grandma Ziggy says:

    And, unfortunately being lied to and used by the corrupt government who could give a rat's tush about what happens to them or their families or any other innocents that get slaughtered in the name of greed & power via war-mongering.

  21. you bet, the voyeuristic public would rather check beds than find out Benghazi was a set up. I do not believe any of it, except—What was Kelley's position that she had parties when she was bankrupt, insinuated herself with High ranking military, and got very close to people running the highly classified drone placement program? There is a big R-A-T here, because even if she says she was not important, how many of us ordinary folk would be able to complain to the FBI that some woman wrote us scary emails, and get ANY action whatsoever, certainly not a year long investigation? I think the investigation, like Banghazi, happened first, the excuse was hunted up later. Well anything to move the investigation away from You-Know-Who

  22. adamenochnoah says:

    Our Generals were sticking like flies on honey to these two-bit little tramps. Imagine how much damage the Russians could have done to our national security if they had unleashed some of their attractive women on these numb-skulls…

  23. No way Allen could run a war, and sit on computer, he has other Generals doing that.