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Geithner Says Boehner Will Fold on Taxing the Rich

Written by Gary North on November 14, 2012

Treasury Secretary Geithner has words of praise about House Majority Leader John Boehner. Words of praise mean: “This gutless dork will fold. He will kiss Obama where it counts most.”

Here are his words about a deadlock about the so-called fiscal cliff.  “It seems deeply implausible as a strategy and it should be avoidable.” That’s Obamaspeak for “We will kick the can.”

It would not make sense for Republicans not to cave in to Obama, he assured listeners at a Wall Street Journal conference. They must tax the rich.

“Why would you want to put the economy through that, particularly after conceding a recognition that revenues are going to have to go up … on the most fortunate Americans?”

In short, “Boehner will cave in! Boehner will cave in! We’ve got him where we want him!”
Boehner insists that he won’t.
Boehner ate his famous mud sandwich four years ago. He caved in to Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson on TARP. Turbo Tim thinks he will eat another one this time, too.
If Boehner does not want to feast on such a meal, in full public view, he does not have to. He can sit there and do nothing.
Geithner is going to leave as Secretary of State. He is looking for a victory. He has already announced this victory.
Let us hope that Boehner sends him packing.

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10 thoughts on “Geithner Says Boehner Will Fold on Taxing the Rich

  1. yep for once geithner is telling the truth boner boehner is a joke needs to be sent packing

  2. First paragraph said it all!
    Boehner is wimpy inc.
    To Boehner: thanks for nothing.

  3. Maybe he should be sent packing. However, I am aghast at the words of Secy. Geithner. Where was this man raised? In the gutter? Talk about civility, or lack of. It makes me sick and tired of the Republicans getting all the bad press about civility, when you hear something like this out of the mouth of a Secretary of Treasury. If he wants to talk this way, keep it behind closed doors with no press or anyone to leak it in his audience. What very little respect I had for Geithner is definitly gone now!!!!

  4. Dale Alber says:

    Boehner is a wimp and a RINO. He is a weak leader. I legally do not know if he can be replaced or make him step down!! WE needa Strong leader in the house. It should happen NOW!!

  5. Boehner is the poster child for what is wrong with the Republican Party and the RNC. I hope both go into the dust bin of history or just simply join the Democrats and publicaly admit what they are. But I doubt they have the courage to do even that.

  6. Much as I dislike Geithner my money's on him in this contest. Hmm, I wonder if Intrade has odds on this?

  7. I think you misunderstood…those were not Geithner's words. Those words were Gary's translation of Geithner's words, which were: “Why would you want to put the economy through that, particularly after conceding a recognition that revenues are going to have to go up … on the most fortunate Americans?”

  8. Geithner is laughable. But I think with the recent election results and the impending fiscal doom – the House will cave and simple kick the can into next year. Probably raise the debt ceiling to $20 – something Trillion and cave on a temporary "revenue" increase.

    But lets not forget – they are about to raise taxes on all Americans. Essentially.
    SCOTUS ruled Obamacare is a tax.

    The American Business sector has been struggling to survive for years amidst increase pressure from overseas "slave labor" markets. The nitwits in this Administration want to "help solve" the economy by making it more expensive to do business here. Ghee…..yeah….that makes sense.
    Results – The American business will simply give up on the struggle to justify their costly U.S. facilities and give in to the pressure to move their operations to inexpensive overseas markets.

  9. adamenochnoah says:

    Boehner has already folded so many times he could pass as an accordion…

  10. Boehner is talking tough,but he will cave in.He is gonna show his true colors, he is a whimp, Reps need to get him removed as soon as possible