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The Government-Created Mess in New York

Written by Gary North on November 12, 2012

This was posted on one of my GaryNorth.com forums on Friday.

The Long Island Power Authority is toast. 200,000 customers on Long Island still don’t have power after Hurricane Sandy, and won’t have power for another two weeks. But this story is not getting a lot of press from MSM, at least not yet. It will be a huge story Monday.

The charge is being led by Mike Francesa of WFAN 660 radio. WFAN was the flagship of Don Imus. This week his radio program has ceased being a sports talk show, and instead become all LIPA all the time, call in show. The stories being told are incredible: line workers being turned away because they are non-union, the silence of Gov. Cuomo, linemen not working because there are no foremen to tell them where to go or what to do, transformers being repaired but not powered, calls for the military to take over LIPA, etc. etc.

All this is happening while Mayor Bloomberg is outlawing food donations to shelters and imposing price controls on gasoline (i.e. if your license plate ends in a letter or odd number then you can get gas on an odd numbered date. Police are stationed to enforce this.)

The sheer incompetence is breathtaking. Some callers actually believe that LIPA is doing this on purpose.

Of course it doesn’t help LIPA that Francesa lives in Long Island himself, but the best part is listening to a sports guy condemn LIPA for being a monopoly. Its fantastic. Where else can you get this type of commentary from the mainstream media?

He streams his show at wfan.com. The best time to listen is at 1pm or 5pm EST when Francesa does his monologues.

Of no food donations, click the link.

Continue Reading on newyork.cbslocal.com

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7 thoughts on “The Government-Created Mess in New York

  1. Crews from several Southern states were sent to help restore power, but were turned away because they were not union. Let the unions feed, cloth and supply aid to the unfortunate residents of these states.

  2. Bloomberg and Cuomo must be the biggest idiots in the state of New York. Yes New Yorkers, you got what you voted for and the same will happen with Obama.

  3. So, I guess their Liberal ideology really is more important to them than the people they were elected to serve. Good luck with that, and remember, we have long memories.

  4. Sorry but Americans don’t have long memories. Christians are taught to forgive and forget – turn the other clerk. You want long memories talk to a Muslim.

  5. Southern Girl says:

    People of NY and NJ, how's Papa Obama working out for you? You're getting a good taste of what things will be like when he manages to ruin this country for good. FEMA tent camps, no power, no food. And to think the Occupy Wall Street idiots chose to live like that. Where are they now by the way? Oh, they're living in tents in NY and NJ!

  6. 'Southern Girl', you obviously know nothing of New Jersey. Three of of the four hardest-hit New Jersey coastal counties went solid Republican: Cape May, Ocean, and Monmouth Counties voted overwhelmingly for Romney. Suburban and rural Atlantic County also voted Republican but those votes were overshadowed by the welfare receivers in Atlantic City. New Jersey suburban and rural voters usually lean Republican as opposed to the large welfare population centers in Newark, Camden, Paterson, and majority Spanish-speaking Hudson County who always go Democrat. Unfortunately the Republican-leaning suburbs and shore communities are outnumbered and they are the ones being herded into FEMA tents not the Democrat and Spanish-speaking population of Hoboken, Jersey City, et al.

    And you hail from?

  7. This is what the demoRATs wanted by voting dem all the time.Keep backing them and the unions, I don't feel bad for you at all, SORRY you asked for this.