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Freudian Slip: Broadwell’s Book Title for Her Petraeus Biography

Written by Gary North on November 12, 2012

Talk about dumb! This woman was committing double adultery: on her husband and on Petraeus’ wife.

How could she be this stupid? Did she think she would not get discovered? Did she think that their emails would not leave a record?

The FBI has just scored a major victory. The FBI vs. CIA conflict goes back to the 1950s at least. My father — FBI — told me about it. Mr. Hoover did not appreciate the CIA. I think it had to do with bureaucratic turf wars.

When you read about the scandal, and the timing of its media revelation — post-election, but before the hearings on Libya — think: “How convenient for the Obama Administration.”

But my thoughts go to the author. Why did she pick this book title? Others would have done nicely.

Think of this as a land mine planted by the author, which she then stepped on.

President Obama faced allegations of a major political cover-up last night over the resignation of CIA chief General David Petraeus, who had an affair with a married woman.

Congress is expected to investigate claims that the affair was hushed up to protect Obama’s re-election campaign.

It is believed the affair was discovered by the FBI months ago, but not made public until after the election. 

If it is discovered the Petraeus affair was kept quiet so as to not disrupt Obama’s Presidential campaign, Barack may face some tough questioning.”

He will face no questioning. He will ignore the hearings.

The FBI began an investigation  in February after discovering the  60-year-old’s computer had been accessed by someone else – believed to be his 40-year-old mistress Paula Broadwell – prompting fears of a major security breach.

This led to the discovery of hundreds of explicit emails including one referring to ‘sex under a desk.’ . . .

Frances Townsend, a former  senior US government security official and now a member of the CIA Advisory Committee, said: ‘Whenever the FBI opens an investigation of a senior official they have to make notification of that, especially if there is an intelligence concern.

‘It is hard to believe the White House did not know about this prior to the election.’ . . .

White House officials insist the President did not know of the affair until last Wednesday, the day after the election.

He accepted the retired four-star general’s resignation on Thursday, and the announcement was made on Friday.

Some have alleged the scandal is a smokescreen to stop Petraeus testifying before a Senate committee this week into the deaths of the US ambassador and three staff members in September in Benghazi, Libya. . . .

A senior Congressional staffer said last night: ‘What would he have told us? The resignation is incredibly convenient for the administration. Would he have revealed the CIA knew the Benghazi compound was under threat and Washington did nothing to secure it?’ . .

She says they ‘bonded’ over push-ups and five-mile runs in the deserts of Afghanistan. ‘That was the foundation of our relationship. He goes all in to what he does,’ she said.

He sure does! What a great book title!


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11 thoughts on “Freudian Slip: Broadwell’s Book Title for Her Petraeus Biography

  1. barb patton says:

    Stop stop – enough already – we all know it is an excuse that has now come to hand which will throw some more people under the bus and cover the latte one's delicate butt. There are many people that have extra marital affairs Some are straight affairs and some are gay. I do not point fingers but point out the obvious. They were caught and will pay the price, as all sin gets punished. Nobody jumps free of retribution. Nobody.

  2. Bill Norton says:

    Actually the publisher, not the author, usually decides what the title will be, although it's entirely possible that the author had input.


    About FEMA. The story tells about typical government organization inefficient, wasteful, incompetent actions. I like to know how many bureaucratic work at the Washington FEMA HQ, their average salary , pensions and benefits and if they ever have a cut of electricity and heat at their offices. Shame on them! Fire half of those bureaucrats and use that money to help the needs of those people deprived of their homes by Sandy. A. Ravinet

  4. I heard that she changed the title to her book, to make it less provocative.
    The original tile was said to be … "Is it all in?"

    They bonded over "push ups?" … Is that another Freudian slip?

  5. Obama needs to be called on the carpet and if he ignores that he needs to be impeached. In fact, he needs to be impeached, PERIOD.

  6. David in MA says:

    Sounds like this bimbo was recruited by the obozo's or she is of their ideology and willing to do anything "for the cause" while living the capitolist life. The General may well have done what is alleged, but this whole thing is a set up in my opinion.
    obozo and his bunch want the General out of the way, why?, because he is a threat to having the military &/or the CIA/FBI act to remove obozo and all his henchmen and women. There are way to many top military persons leaving command, in al branches of the military for one reason or another, I believe all set ups so a combined mindset to remove obozo cannot come together. It's called a PURGE!
    If I were the General, I would be careful of my acquantences, what I eat and be careful of driving, this whole thing brings to mind Germanym where the General (I forgot his name) is given the option of suicide……..

  7. David in MA says:

    and how many are "sleepers" in obozo's "army".

  8. Hucklebuck says:

    Clinton learned the lesson of Nixon, as has Obama surely has: Deny it and then tough it out. The only thing you can't do is resign. The media will not allow Obama to be forced from office, as surely as they would not allow Clinton to go.

  9. Over at antiwar.com, Justin Raimondo suggests that she may have been a honey trap. That is, part of an operation deliberately designed to ensnare Petraeus and compromise him. If it was, then mission accomplished. It would not just be a victory for the FBI, but also whatever foreign power wanted to hurt Petraeus and the CIA. If they were also trying to hurt Obama before the election, then that part of the op failed as the White House kept a lid on the whole thing until after the election.

  10. taliesin319 says:

    What Foreign power would that be ? The White House ? Who benefits with his departure ? Grown men who sacrifice their families and careers via adultery are not ensnared by anything or any one other than their own selfish wants, He knew that any man working in a covert Service can be compromised by this sort of behavior. What was this lassie doing before she entered his orbit ? What writing credits did she have tp reccommend her ? Sounds lke this Mata Hari wannabe mitght have been educated at the Debbie Wasserman Shultz Institute of Dirty Dealing and Skullduggery. Oh well, if you have an amateur boss what can you be but another amateur.

  11. "What Foreign power would that be ? The White House ? Who benefits with his departure ?"

    Any number of foreign powers could benefit, including Israel and Syria. If Petraeus was opposed to the neocons as Raimondo suggests then they benefit too.

    "What was this lassie doing before she entered his orbit ?"

    The answer to your question is also in Raimondo's article.