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Free Market Gasoline Available in New York on Craigslist

Written by Gary North on November 8, 2012

Here is the free market in action. The state hates it.

If you want gasoline, you can get is for $15 a gallon. Or maybe $30.

Is that a good deal? If your time is valuable, it is. No time spent in long lines.

“We deliver!”

The Attorney General is outraged. It’s the free market vs. state rationing.

Here we see supply and demand clearing at a free market price.

Here is liberty.

Here is something that sticks it to the state.


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6 thoughts on “Free Market Gasoline Available in New York on Craigslist

  1. Texas Chris says:

    $15/gallon for delivery gasoline… Really, not that expensive even in a non-disaster.

  2. Probably the only reason that the attorney ge3neral is outraged, is because he didn't come up with the idea first

  3. DaveNTejas says:

    Where is their savior Obamma? I saw him tell all those people that he would take care of their needs, and he would NEVER forget them. They voted for him, what is going on??

  4. You will be sory soul, if you believe any thing that comes up on Craislist, they are the villians of the world.

  5. Are you kidding……there is more truth on Craigslist than you will ever get out of Washington.

  6. "Sticks it to the state"?!?! No, sticks it to the state TAXPAYER!!! Even tho the stations are "giving" away the gas, you can be sure the state is paying them the going per gallon rate. That's no different than getting free Obama-phones then selling them on a street corner for $30. You can call it entrepeneurship all you want. The taxpayer is STILL the one getting screwed. . . .