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A Colorless Gang Beats a White Guy Senseless.

Written by Gary North on November 8, 2012

In the media, the code word for “black gangs” is “young men.”

The Baltimore police are trying to locate a group of 8 “young men” who beat a white man so severely that he is in a coma.

A black man who witnessed the beating says they were just trying to cause trouble.

The police say the motive may have been robbery. Of course it may have been. Eight “young men” beat a guy into a coma. He kept saying he did not want to fight. But the “young men” kept beating him,. Then one of them kicked him in the head.

Robbery. Yes. The police will look into this.

Black citizens in the area say they want these criminals off the streets. But that would mean that someone would have to identify them. This is not allowed. The public is not allowed to see the videos of the beating — just the police. The police are not releasing the videos for the public to identify.

I wonder why not.

Fred Reed, always politically incorrect, told us why not three weeks ago.

Now we have the wave of savage attacks by gangs of blacks against whites. As any sentient being has noticed, the government and the media diligently hide these attacks. At least, the media have done so in the past. If feral blacks beat a white man into brain damage, we hear that it was done by teenagers, or youths, or children (Whites are about half of the population of Washington, DC, and the rest are teenagers.) Race determines press coverage. But the censoring works less well now.

The flies in the ointment of suppression are the cell cam, the surveillance camera, and the internet, the only free press we have. Increasingly footage of these racial attacks appears on the web. Interestingly, more of it appears on television than was the case in the past. The news presenter will still speak of the perpetrators of flash-mob robberies as “youths” but sometimes will also show the video from the surveillance camera. This is not accidental. The rules are changing.

I once thought that the reporters playing this game of hide the racial Easter egg knew of the intense hatred for whites prevalent in the black underclass and feared that if whites knew what was going on, and reacted, an explosion would occur. This seemed to me at least arguably the best course in the face of an intractable problem. Yet many reporters, especially women, regard any notice taken of misbehavior by blacks as morally contemptible.  They aren’t cynically holding the lid on. It is a sincere ideology.

If the problem of race were stable, ignoring it would be one thing. But it is getting worse, which is another. We see now what amounts to a race war of low intensity. Is there a nicer way of putting it? Maybe “an inter-pigmental conflictual situation.”  But across the country there occur hundreds of attacks against whites by ferals, and they are brutal attacks. We are not talking of black eyes and bloody noses. These are assaults by gangs of, er, teens who repeatedly kick the victim in the head while laughing about it.

If you doubt this, I suggest reading White Girl Bleed a Lot, by  Colin Flaherty.

It is spreading. It does not meet resistance. That is why it is spreading.

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38 thoughts on “A Colorless Gang Beats a White Guy Senseless.

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Why was White Coma Guy not armed? One bullet, maybe two, and these thugs would never raise a hand to any Old White Guy ever again.


  2. That is why I recently purchased 2 locking blade legal length pocket knives. They are brutally sharp and I will go for the throat if ANY bunch of thugs try to go "polar bear hunting" or play the "knockout game" with me.
    I will take a life, rather than allow anybody to beat me into a coma.

    It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6 any day.

  3. Those places only allow criminals to be armed

  4. @ "Texas Chris" & "Ort": Absolutely. Witness how well this – or any protective measures one might employ – went over with Mr. Zimmerman's case! Ok, sarcasm off now; I agree with y'all; maybe we can become invisible, to match the "colorless"? This white girl refuses to become intimidated; rather, I dig in my heels. So far, the knives – which don't as yet need to be registered! – seem a feasible defense. I carry in my purse, but mebbe I need to insure I always wear pocketed garments instead of depending on that purse…

  5. Regardless of skin color any gang that attacks this middle aged white man will find out that bullets don't care about skin color.

  6. Marina: I hear ya. But consider this—Zimmerman is alive and above ground, while Trayvon (WTH kind of name is that–I wouldn't even name a pet with the names these people come up with)–is pushing up daisies AS HE DESERVES.
    I also am a woman, and I wear jeans pretty much 24/7. I carry in my jeans pockets…one on each side. I am also a black belt. I used to fight all the 200lb guys in my dojo. I won……a lot. I am a great grappler, excellent choker, and a good elbow snapper.

    Women! You NEED to take Judo, or Krav Maga or Win Chung. We need to be able to fight back. Never be a victim if you can prevent it. If you can't, go down swinging and take a couple of them with you!

  7. So the KKK don't care about skin color?!

  8. Yeah they would have arrested him on the spot for not letting them beat him senseless.There is one thing you don't have to carry a gun to kill a bunch of thugs like this gang of ni–ers you can use a 30in sollid bat with stainless screws about 3in long ,you may not get them all but there will be several laying around when the jerk ass cops show up

  9. Who the hell has mentioned the KKK ? It is stupid fu-ks like you that keep this racist bull shit up. screw you and the jack ass you rode on

  10. I suppose your damn pink panthers don't see color. With statements like "WE gonna havto kill more white babies." I feel this way about you slime ass blacks. 7.62 will cure a lot of our problems with you pink panther bunch and I have about 3,000 rounds to help me with my problems no threats here jut say'in

  11. Sorry miss-read Mike’s comment. Don’t know why but I read “bullies” not “bullets”, see the relevant now? You know what they say about assuming, we both made an a** out ourselves.

  12. Working as a security officer at a grocery store I notice two small children alone in a running vehicle. I decided to watch for signs of child play with the vehicle’s controls. One of the children began climbing about the steering wheel and lights became active and inactive. I approached the driver side of the vehicle and took advantage of the opened window and reached in and shut the vehicle off and took the keys. Waiting nearby for the owner/operator of the vehicle to return and inform them of what transpired. I also informed this person that I am instructed to only take down information and report it to the police and will do just that if I see this happen again. The woman apologies and thanked me for my acts and not informing officials.
    I inform the on duty manager of what happened to which he asked “were they black?” I replied, yes and asked “why, does it matter?” The on duty (black) manager replied “it matters a whole hell of a lot when you are white!”

  13. david pasztor says:

    that is what that white guy gets for living in the nigger hood.

  14. I must hide any recording tools I use, even pin to paper. No matter what color they are some people will attack and so far all justify their attack with the same accusation. “Old, white racist wana-be.
    Truth is there are still bad elements out there that should not be and no one race or ideology is exempt. Yet when spoke persons and leaders of selective races and ideology’s based groups encourage physical assaults and their supporters commit assaults there are those giving them exemption status even by pointing out that no one is perfect in the effort to silence the truth.

  15. Work two jobs for more than two decades now. As a cashier at a convenient when police arrive in time to take care of an underage shoplifter even the white kids accuse me of being racist. They argue that racist people are liars. Where does one think a white child would learn to use this argument as a defense? It does work well for the black youths and when it doesn’t they plot to make something appear to be disapproving in an effort to entrap a miss-lead response.

  16. Badkarma060 says:

    Read the book" White girls bleed a lot", then come back and talk about the clan. These savages with the "knockout game, or polar bear hunting need to be put down. This happens way too much, yet you don't hear about it on the MSM. If you think I am siding with the clan, they won't accept me, being I am an American of spanish decent. There is a pill to cure these savages who like to attack people based on skin color its made by Hornady, its called Critical Defense. My favrorite flavor is 357 mag 125 Gr. Just one man's opinion.

  17. Public_Citizen says:

    I fear that this sort of attack will continue and increase until the historical remedy is applied.
    What historical remedy? Judge Lynch, who always appears when the civil authorities fail in their duty to keep the peace.
    Unfortunately, by the time this level of social breakdown occurs, there will be mistakes made and the innocent will pay the price in too many cases [IMO one innocent being harmed is more than society can afford].
    As long as "political correctness" has a death grip on the minds of those in power, both elected officials and those in the position of opinion makers, problems of this nature will remain intractable. Unfortunately, the death grip is leading to the actual death of both individuals and our entire society.

  18. DaveNTejas says:

    What does the KKK have to do with this story? But since you brought it up, the KKK and the "Young teenagers" have a lot in common, they are both haters, the difference is, most of the KKK members knew who their dads were.

  19. we the people,who are the real government,we the people,by me had the remedy in place for a long time.i carry a gun because,i can,t carry a cop.but better then that. is 2 dobermans,if you,ve ever seen a doberman running full speed,there eyes are bulged out,there ears are pinned back.and the teeth extend a little past the mouth,your looking at the devil himself,and if thats not enough to scare you,then when they bit,they bite you in 5 differnent spots so fast,that bye the time you grab the first bite spot, he,s already bit you in 4 other spots.build in body guards.god bless all american veternas/citizens.one nation under god

  20. Nothing like an ignorant troll to show up and spew its nonsensical hatred and lies.

  21. Wanna see a stupid jerk ?
    LOOK in your Bathroom mirror.

  22. Obama_Ointment says:

    If Obama had a son he would look like a "colorless young man".

  23. nobodysfool says:

    But then White Coma Guy would be put in prison for the rest of his life for ridding the world of scum.

  24. nobodysfool says:

    DaveNTejas is right about the haters. Most have no clue who their sires are, and this breeds a hatred for anyone who does have a traceable ancestry. pjs, you are out of line.

  25. How true.

  26. Some federal Judge has the right to carry in Baltimore on hold so more whites can be beaten to death by cowards.

  27. The whole context for the article is silly. In the criminology/law enforcement it is well-known that white victims of violent crimes (and crimes in general, including white collar crimes) are overwhelmingly targeted by white criminals. Conversely, black victims of violent crimes are overwhelmingly targeted by black criminals. If one must break-down this matter in terms of "race," white-on-white crimes are much more serious and probable for whites than black-on white crime.

  28. 2WarAbnVet says:

    People who live in these long-term Democrat cities have been disarmed, and will continue to be incapable of self-defense.

  29. ex ghetto nurse says:

    Voted with my feet and wallet to escape this kind of 'diversity culture'. Greatly underreported by the liberal press, real estate professionals know, as do insurance and mortgage brokers. A certain proportion of inhabitants of this group ruins a neighborhood. Sales of homes plummet, as 'it is not a safe area', as insurance rates climb.
    With the trend in these racists crimes ever increasing, more of the non-ghetto types also vote, where they will live, whom they will associate with, which businesses they will patronize and what appearance the job applicants (or renters for landlords) will have (and who will not be considered).
    Happened in Newark, Detroit, and other declining areas. Will continue,
    Think for a moment about the near future, when the handouts dwindle. Jobs wll be held by the able, and one will be hard pressed to find one of these types in..healthcare for example. We in my circle of prefessionals quit the area where our 'clients' look like this. No regrets.

  30. Hey Maaaaaaaark, As a Retired Florida Correction Officer, 16+ yrs, I have to ask the Question,—What The Fook Planet Are You On????

  31. Look at what happened to Zimmerman when he defended himself from Trayvon Martin. He did the right thing and shot the black thug, defending his life in most peiople's opinion only to have the lamestream press and the racist, usurping impostor get involved. They convicted the poor guy on TV. What chance does he have even though he did nothing wrong?

  32. And I for one, will not shirk my jury duty to make sure self-defense is not made hopelessly illegal.

  33. Idylewylde says:

    Maaaark is a lib-bot spewing pseudo-statistics to justify his utter lack of backbone and testicles. His idea of a raceless society is to lay down and be dominated .. or is that bend-over and be .. well, what ever turns a Liberal on these days.
    From a purely scientific perspective, any creature under duress must either fight back, or go extinct.
    From a purely statistical perspective, a well armed creature will always prevail against a predator that relies exclusively on opportunity.
    'Youth Violence' is always opportunistic, even when racially motivated.
    An armed society provides fewer opportunities.
    I'm a United States Marine, retired … I am the professional predator .. the Apex Predator .. I know how to deal with the creatures slinking at the lower end of the predator chain.

    However, you're the expert on criminal behavior, Shamu … so, am I right ot wrong?

  34. Proud American says:

    Louisanna has petitioned to succeed from the union, Maybe all the states should do the same. then all the blacks will move to Washington with their daddy, and he can support them as he wishes, they can all move into the white house and it will be renamed the black house. Let me be clear, there are good and bad in all races. I have had, and do have very dear friends who are black, and I am not a racist. Our jails are filled with these thugs, which we support. We can't put them to death, they just continue on our dime.

  35. Why did this happen?

    NEGROES ARE A PROTECTED CLASS because liberals practice racism. They know all too well negro characteristics.

    They use them like bait to get what THEY (liberals) want. Every white guy powerless and hunted down like sheep, but not after they stripped your farm, your business, your house of everything.

    Let them take it all, then get double your money back by practicing the 2nd Ammendment on them.

  36. Your both right.. LOL…. my brain actually hurt reading marks bullshit. He must live in a bubble of liberal news and education.

  37. "secede" or "secession". Just saying – I always have to check to make sure myself. 🙂

  38. To reiterate, if you are white and a victim of a violent crime, the person who committed the crime is much more likely to be white than black. Sorry, that is the real world. If this wrong, provide the facts/data that show differently.