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8 of 10 Richest Counties Voted for Obama

Written by Gary North on November 8, 2012

There is a deal between the poorest inner cities and the rich, who have no contact with people who live in the inner cities. The rich vote to assuage their guilt, and the poor take the trickle-down welfare from Washington. It’s the politics of co-dependence.

Over 40 years ago, my father-in-law wrote a book on this: Politics of Guilt and Pity. You can read it for free here.

Here are the facts.

In the richest, Massachusetts’ Nantucket County, where average annual household income is over $137,000, Obama won by 63 percent to Romney’s 36 percent with all precincts reporting. . . .

In none of the richest counties was the margin of victory wider than in California’s Marin County, just north of San Francisco, where the president won by 74 percent to 23 percent, with all precincts reporting. In Marin, the average annual household income is $128,544.

The reality is this: rich parents buy expensive college educations for their children.  Colleges are run by political liberals. The outlook of the professors is adopted by students.

This is another reason to have your college-age children stay at home, quiz out of college, apprentice with a local businessman, and keep total costs of their degrees to under $15,000.

Why wipe out your retirement fund to send your children to college to mix with liberals?

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31 thoughts on “8 of 10 Richest Counties Voted for Obama

  1. And your point is? Just because you are rich doesn't mean that most of the people are rich. A rich person still only has 1 vote, just the same as a poor person, but if you have 5 poor people making $10000 per year and 1 rich person making $10,000,000 per year, the average income is pretty high. Statistics are a bitch. They can be manipulated with ease.

  2. How about a different point of view?
    People that are rich are usually smart and educated.
    People that go to Universities are knowledgeable and educated
    Romney and Ryan's numbers and projections and the Republican party philosophy and statements did not square well with knowledgeable and educated people and did not make any sense.

    I voted for Romney because as a health insurance broker I am one that Obamacare hurts for sure, but otherwise I think the Republican politicians are making a—- of themselves by continuing to make outrageous insensitive false statements to satisfy the Republican extreme right of the party.

    If we are going to tame the deficit and bring America back to prosperity, is time the Republican senators and representatives sit down and negotiate in good faith to get it done. If they continue to play the blocking game, they will pay in the next election and the Tea Party will be a flash in history.

  3. Texas Chris says:

    If the Republicans "negotiate in good faith" then the country gets higher income taxes, higher corporate taxes, and more regulation, not to mention inflation. In other words, massive recession.

    Not that the Republicans are angels. They deserved to lose.

  4. What it means, basically, is that "rich" (at $130K/year…?) people can be stupid, too.

  5. The college crowd will have plenty of time to repent while they collect unemployment and welfare benefits for the next 4 years when they discover that their education or lack thereof will not get them a job reflecting the level of reward equal to their expectations due to their choice of president. More research should have been done to determine that they were voting for an illegal alien who was, by his own admission," Not from this country,born in Kenya, East Africa", as shown in a video made when he was running for Senator and circulated for a year on UTUBE.

  6. jmsmaxwell says:

    The college professors that we had for the most part overseas when I was in the Military were not Liberals. There were
    some who came to teach us that were leftist leaning individuals they learned quite early that their liberal views were not
    accepted nor tollerated by the majority of the Military members. Some of the could and would have open discussions in
    class on a variety of subjects. As long as they keep it in the class room they were ok but for the most part they did not
    last past one class and then they were gone from the base. This was even more true during the Viet Nam war. Over
    the years as I continued my education and took classes that interested me I found more and more liberals trying to sway
    my opinion and distorting the facts about certain subject to thier point of view. For people who had not traveled nor been
    exposed to the world they had a rich group to sway, for those of us who had left home and traveled they did not have much
    chance of distortign our view or opinions as we had been to many of the palces they used for examples.

  7. Leon Barton says:

    Ridiculous. It is likely that Romney received a comparable number of votes as Obama from persons with a B.A., B.S., M.A., or Ph.D.; and aside from that, one would need to know not only in which the degrees were in, but also whether those holding them have any record of excellence of achievement.

    Also, it does not take a degree to understand that diminishing the tax base by expanding investment in government and placing burdens on those who create the majority of businesses (which Obama and his affiliates do) will only undermine a thriving economy; nor does it take a degree to understand that Obama's geopolitical policies tend deliberately to diminish the influence of the United States in a very dynamic and dangerous world; nor does it take a degree to know that Obama does not evidence any remarkable achievements in his past academic life himself. And his record (if it exists at all) likely does not at all equal in quality the academic achievements of Mitt Romney, much less has Obama ever done anything that produced or created real wealth, as Romney has.

  8. Rich doesn't make you smarter, you just have more time to screw everything up!

  9. As far as I'm concerned Obama is dumb until I see his grades and what subjects. They MUST be pretty bad to go to the extremes he has to keep them sealed. Worst President in our history

  10. Gov't benefits won't come close to paying off their edu. debt

  11. My experience after 20 years of education is that the faculty is overwhelmingly liberal and they purposely try to convert students to their liberal ideology. it's not confined to college by the way, it's even worse in K-12. I suggest we all contribute to our local "college republicans".

  12. KBob McKenna says:

    I had entered a comment before but lost it when I atempted to try to use SpellCheck Evidently this site doesn't like that feature.
    Anyhow, the reason thet Obama was successful in gaining reelection by once again emptying the ghettoes was only two simple things.
    One was a couple of replys to articles like this one and some postings on Facebook and Twitter by democRAT activists tha if elected, Roney would take away evrybodys food stamps.
    Another was that clip featuring the "Free Phone Lady(?)" that was supposed to illustrate the stupidity, greed, and non caring, non working grabby character of black Obama voters. As it turned out, the clip served only to remind that exact type of voter that Obama was the Great Giver of FREE STUFF.
    BINGO ! The ghettos emptied in favor of Obama faster that an invasion of the body snatchers.

  13. Bob MdKenna says:

    I apologize for the dropped letters and added "Ks" in the preceeding post.
    That "arthur" disease id riding a fast horse this morning !

  14. Linda Hagen says:

    take me off your e-mail list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thomas Rudy says:

    do you have anything against someone making $10,000,000. per year?

  16. You stupid whackjob. College records are sealed for EVERYBODY. EVERYBODY. IT'S THE LAW.

  17. ROFL. The rich vote to assuage their guilt? Good grief, Gary, you SOUND smart, but when anyone looks at your words for what they really mean, you're the dumbest "economist" I've ever heard.

  18. jmsmaxwell says:

    I wish that everyone was capable of making that kind of money but in reality not everyone is. But we should all work
    to find our nich in society and stirve to do the best we can for our families and ourselves. If we get a break and
    things work out then hopefull if we do make more we will be able to better provide for our families. Hopefully the job
    market will improve and those who are unemployed will be able to find work soon. We can only Pray for our Nation
    at this time in History. We are at crossroads and only time will tell how we fare.

  19. Its all good. Because in the next four years of hope and change, moving forward, the best is yet to come, the people whom feel guilt will join the one's who voted on skin color and how many handouts like welfare checks and cell phones ect. (cell phones, really?) to form the class of people OhBummer promised when he said he would fundamently change this country. And none will like what that is. Want a preview? Just look back in history and the Marxist plan.

  20. … and don't forget that Obama scared women by making them think that Romney was going to take aware their access to birth control and abortion. This is so untrue, and I can just kick Romney and Ryan for not making it clear to women that nothing would have changed when it comes this issue. Just because Romney is not in favor of the government paying for the birth control and abortions with tax payer funds does not mean that women were going to not going to have access to it! Under Romney the health system would have remained the same when it came to covering birth control. If their health insurance covers it now, then it would have continued to cover it under Romney/Ryan. Woman have to understand that if they work for a Religious organization that provides them with health insurance that does not cover birth control, they have the choice to find another job or another health insurance provider. Or even better, pay the $10/month out of pocket for Christ sake!

    This stupid issue is what make Obama so popular with women. Why the hell did Romney not make this more clear. I heard him mention it once in the 2nd debate. It should have been brought up more often to set the women straight!

    These women were given too much credit when it was assumed that the majority of them were more concerned about the economy than "woman issues". Sandra Fluke is a total disgrace to women as well.

  21. You unsubscribe yourself. This is the internets. Tubes and pipes and things.

  22. Guess you're not be to confused with the movie Shane starring Alan Ladd. My favorite western of all time.

  23. How come we knew Bush's? How come we knew Kerry's?

  24. Well, believing in freedom and liberty is not the same as being intelligent, or more precisely educated.

  25. DaveNTejas says:

    This article can not be true, everyone knows Romney is a "rich" person, and everyone also knows "rich" people are all liars and thieves, and of course they stick together, and do not forget, they did not build anything, they just stole it all from the poor people.

  26. Obama is not releasing his grades because he was a "foreign exchange student". He's probably not even eligible to be president. But nobody seems to care. Only Donald Trump has had the guts to question this evil man.

  27. We might be poor but we can still buy weapons before they are altogether banned and if we have them should USE them. We, the American People were Stole from (the election), lied to, cheated and MURDERED by a MUSLIM FRAUD masqurading as an American president. We have the right to defend ourselves

  28. Good I am glad the 10 richest counties voted for Obama.when you loose all your money and are out on the road picking up pop cans, that will make my day.

  29. Obamas smile , he will loose it in the next 4 yrs,we did'nt have hell in his last 4 yrs, but this 4 yrs is gonna hell, like you have never seen, and there is nothing you can do about it.My mother alway told me a learned lesson beats the hell out of a told one.

  30. It means that they were educated by liberal left leaning teachers/professors who are in the majority in our edcational system(s).

  31. Sorry, I can't stand it any longer. LOSE means you have lost something. LOOSE means something that needs to be tightened. I don't usually like people who correct others lack of grammatical skills, but this error happens so often & just drives me crazy. Once again, I apologize.