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Obama Won. Now What Will You Do?

Written by Gary North on November 7, 2012

If your answer is “not much,” then the election was peripheral. It really did not matter.

My suggestion: never take seriously the pre-election hype in any future election. Don’t watch the polls; watch Intrade betting. Don’t post comments on Facebook except to show your amusement at all the hype.

On the other hand, if your plan now is to prepare for a collapse, then you were right to be concerned. You are now going to put your money — most of your liquid capital — where your mouth was. You are consistent.

If you are somewhere in the middle, you are like the polls: “within the statistical margin of error.”

I will make no changes in my life based on Obama’s victory. That is because he is boxed in.The House is solidly Republican. The Senate Democrats cannot get a 60-vote majority to shut off a filibuster.

Washington is headed for gridlock. This is good. This is not a dysfunctional government. A dysfunctional government passes lots of laws. The laws are almost always bad laws. Then the federal bureaucracy interprets and implements these laws in the Federal Register. What little that might have been good gets bad. A gridlocked government is the best we can hope for. That was true last year, too. It was true in 1955. It was true especially in 1913.

If my assessment is accurate, then the election of 2012 was not “the election of the last century.” The election of 1964 was important, and it was a rout for Goldwater. The most important election since 1896 was in 1904. Who can recall the name of the Democrat who lost — the last “Clevelandite,” meaning the end of the Old Democracy? That defeat changed America as no election ever since did. That election gave us Wilson, Roosevelt, and Johnson.

The day after a Presidential election is like the day after the Superbowl. The hype is over. Life goes on as before for most people.

My suggestion: start making major changes in your life’s plan. Make them in terms of reality: the unfunded present value of future federal liabilities: $222 trillion.

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70 thoughts on “Obama Won. Now What Will You Do?

  1. What else can you do, but get ready to live life as they did in Nazi Germany.

  2. Marsha Gill says:

    I doubt obama won fairly. There was so much evil going on at the polls across the nation. Some are calling for recount but what about the fraud at the polls? It would take a re-vote and because of the democrats evil doings they would only do it again. What obama didn't finish he will finish only because he knows he will not get another term. I say, beware!

  3. Romney's cheating at the convention came back to bite him, plain and simple. The fact that delegates that had won in 8 states for Ron Paul were denied standing came back to bite the guy in his magic underwear.

  4. My predictions:
    2016 – 60 Million people on Food Stamps (now 37 Million)
    2016 – 8 Million people receiving Welfare (now 4 Million)
    2016 – 15 Million people receiving Unemployment (now 9.1 Million)
    2016 – Mid East TOTALLY controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood
    2016 – Iran has nuclear Bomb
    2016 – US Auto industry DEFUNCT (like the Textile, Steel, Garment, and Tobacco Industries)
    Just Saying…..

  5. jmsmaxwell says:

    Beware is the least of our problems. We are being invaded daily by the Drug Cartels and our borders are open to any and
    all terrorist who want to do harm to our nation. They held off because they wanted free access and knew that obama would
    not deter them. He was born a muslim, raised a muslim, educated/ brainwashed as a muslim and knows no other way to
    act. He has lied to the American people and will continue to do so. Do not be surprised if by the next election cycle he
    does not try for a third term if he does not declare himself President/Dictator for life before then. His rise to power is closely
    matched to Hitler in Nazi Germany before WW II.

  6. The Cliff is Near says:

    I'll be buying more food, non-hybridized seeds, ammunition, and (actual) gold and silver.

  7. Was it "Romney's" cheating, or was it the RNC's cheating? Just sayin'

  8. Obunga is not boxed in. Since when has he respected and been limited by the Constitution? He will ignore the Constitution, and any/all existing laws to do what he wants to do… It may be time to begin the research to move to another country before it's too late. Just like many German's did before the Nazi's came to full power… History is repeating itself – now here in the U.S., and the people of this country are too effin stupid to see it…


  10. I'm preparing for $ 7 gas ,double electricity rates, expensive food I guess no more steaks, high unemployment, Greece like riots, small military, more imigration after amesty, no medical trement when I'm old and less money in my account. Thanks alot dumba$$e$

  11. I agree.. However, I’m a Christian and I see so much more to this election. God does not interfere, we have free will. But we have lost more then you think. Our Nation is no longer a Nation under God. The non Christians and the evil of Satin has penetrated our Country. I will continue my walk with God and walk with a smile in my heart knowing that will never be taken away from me with a VOTE… God bless you all! Though I walk through the valley….

  12. Obama will rulle by executive order has he has been doing. Everyone in Congress is afraid to even try to stop him.

  13. Invest in precious metals like copper and lead. More specifically, copper jacketed lead. Also, freeze-dried food and water filters.

  14. And ALL our children & grandchildren in MORE DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Southern Son says:

    I too agree, to those who can See what is happening to our “once” great nation. We are heading in the wrong direction. Unemployment rising, new taxes on those who are working, A “sign of the times” has just occured, Did you see it?Most wont because they are so consumed by their own greed and self-indulgence wanting more and giving less. Nothing in life is free, someboby has to pay for it. Keep the faith, endure to the end, God will prevail !!!!!!!

  16. Bengazi MIGHT cause impeachment….I'm to the point where Biden looks better than who we have

  17. barb patton says:

    Your predictions are spot on not forgetting that there will still be no jobs – the abortion number will climb – the education will get worse – more problems with the same sex group of rabble rousers.. Things are and will get worse. GOD HELP AMERICA. this election is proof positive that God has lifted his hands from this country

  18. Today , I stop giving even one thin dime to this marxist administration and take back my sovernity. That 50k a year will now buy ammo and firearms.

  19. Guess what, Obama is now in full power and if he wants he can get another four years after this. I know, I know, the law says max. two terms, but he has not been truthful and may decide to take another term; after all he is the boss now.

  20. We are still one nation under obama! Our children will pay for this decision for the rest of their lives.
    Unemployment will now sky rocket!

  21. O'Bombus is not boxed in,
    He will simply multiply his executive orders tenfold to execute capitalism.
    A tyrant pResident does not need Congress or a budget..
    He will donate our future to the nations who want to destroy the infidel.
    My hope is that the Military arrests and detains O'Bombus today,
    and that he is tried and convicted for high crimes and treasons.
    His carcass belongs with Bin Laden's.

  22. Charlotte Reynolds says:

    Okay, if this is so, what do we do the prepare ourselves?????

  23. Casey jones says:

    Right on.
    God help us.

  24. This country literally has no commonsense to elect that vulture again! We are already in a downward spiral. Why do our own brothers and sisters cannot count. The math don’t lie. All these darn pagans and evil doers want to have no rules. And to depend on free handhandouts. It will only comeback and slap them in the face and it will be too late.

  25. How about the development of a black market for aborted fetuses as food, PETA going defunct with the disappearance of first pets, then animals from all walks of life, upgrading or downgrading to children under 12 per Alexander Pope's treatise on Ireland, "Solyent Green" becoming the fast track to zero population growth, and Barbara Striesand's "People Who Eat People" hitting the top 10.

  26. Susan Right says:

    Right On!!

  27. Armegeddon Mark says:

    Doom and despair. I don't feel inclined to participate in any future elections. Clearly we cannot overcome "stupid." Nope. This was a great country and now we can watch it fall to ruin. And that, in my opinion, has always been Obama's goal. And the morons in the Democrat Party have assisted. And the crap about "working more with the Republicans" is laughable. No. The best days of this once great country are in the rear view mirror. Fortunately I'm old enough to be on the "back nine" headed for the clubhouse hopefully before there are riots in the streets. But just in case I do plan to pick up some ammo later today. Good luck Americans. Don't buy any green bananas.

  28. If, you're a Christian, here's something you can do: If you voted for either one of those antichrists and murderers, you can repent and beg Yahweh's forgiveness. Then take a good hard look at the process you were involved in and hopefully begin to realize that it was as futile yesterday (regardless who would have been elected) as it has been for the last 224 years, since the constitutional framers decided they knew better than Yahweh by their rejection of Him, His sovereignty, and His morality as codified in His perfect law and altogether righteous judgments (Psalm 19:7-11). Then repent again and vow to never again be involved in promoting and furthering this humanistic (the Preamble), antichristian (Article 6), and polytheistic (Amendment 1) system.

    Consider all of the wasted time, effort, and money that could have been and should have been used toward re-establishing a government of, by, and for Yahweh (as in 17th-century Colonial America) instead of, by, and for the people. Just think what could have been accomplished for the kingdom (here on earth as it is in heaven) had those same resources been put toward furthering Biblical government instead.

    It begins with identifying our national idol. Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared with Yahweh's morality as found in His commandments, statutes, and judgments. Take our Constitution Survey at http://www.missiontoisrael.org/constitutionsurvey… and receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective."

  29. C.B. Coker says:

    Another 4 years of disaster. The kids in this Country are the ones that will suffer. The USA will be no more as we know it. All we can do is pray to our Dear Lord for help and forgiveness.

  30. Southern Girl says:

    There will not be another presidential election as Obama will declare himself ultimate ruler and abolish the constitution of which that process has already started with his circumventing Congress and issuing executive orders. I feel hopeless today….

  31. A pro-gay-marriage Muslim?

  32. AMEN – And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake YAH shall be consumed.

  33. Marsha, are you absolutely positive that obama will not get another term?

  34. Robert Alexander says:

    That's what happens when you have a Country that loves not God and certainly won't obey Jesus.

    Truth TOLD - ALL Christians who proclaim their loyalty and obedience to their Yah the One God Creator who is the WORD who came in the flesh as christ – YOU – I am speaking to you – YOUR ONLY CHOICE in the vote was to WRITE-IN a Godly Candidate or Jesus, or to NOT VOTE – HOW – just how could you vote for ONE of TWO antiChrists – Tell me!!!

  35. David Hodges says:

    You think he'll rise on the third day?

  36. The idea I presumed was to first see if we could vote him out of office. But since that's proven ineffective, now we should resort to "Plan B." Namely: the House should conduct a DEPORTATION hearing, since a non-U.S. citizen is NOT entitled to impeachment proceedings. If the GOP doesn't quickly go see the Wizard to get COURAGE to do so, the Republic is lost and our Constituition irreparably rendered impotent.

    Too many things affirm that we have allowed a foreign national to usurp the presidency. Not only the fake birth certificate amateurishly created using Adobe layering techniques, but also:

    1. Obama's father NOT a U.S. citizen.

    2. Dual citizenship while Obama lived many years in Indonesia as Barry Soetoro, since U.S. law says that anyone who obtains citizenship in another country automatically invalidates his or her prior U.S. citizenship.

    3. Obama's own family members and officials in Kenya have attested to his birth in Kenya.

    4. Although Hawaiian law in effect at the the time Obama was born allowed foreign births to be reported as having occurred in Hawaii, the fact that Obama has failed to provide a genuine birth certificate patently proves that his mother didn't bother to obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate for her son born in Kenya.

    5. Why Obama is using a social security number from a Connecticut man born in 1890 who died in Hawaii when Obama was 15.

    6. His selective service number is bogus.

    7. Make Obama show us his school records and other records he has been hiding.

  37. P.S. Please see this tutorial video guiding you step-by-step to prove to yourself that the document Obama foisted on us as his birth certificate was an amateurishly done fake created by Adobe layering techniques: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9StxsFllY

  38. No, this is what happens when too many pray to God asking him to deliver us from Obama, while do nothing to oust him. As the old Christian saying goes, "God helps those that help themselves."

  39. Romney = RNC

  40. TED, did your check from Cass Sunstein bounce or something?

  41. Thank you Mr. North for providing us the perfect scripture for today. May God bless us in the upcoming years, He is our only hope.

  42. I'm going to find a Church that agrees with me and immediately join it. I need new friends. Lots of them. I need a place to learn leadership and fellowship. Most of all, I need people to work with when these knuckleheads in DC crash the economy.

  43. We can only hope so!

  44. America is being judged because of the rejection of Yahweh. Unfortunately, most cannot see this. Christianity has become so socialized, that Christians now love man more than God! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

  45. AMEN! Thank you!

  46. I'm going to start loading up on British .303 ammo. I see BO ending the presidential term limit, disbanding congress, suspending the constitution and setting himself up as dictator for life. Actually before this he has to first disarm all of us so I guess I'll be going out in a blaze of bullets sending his UN and other "citizen army" my ammo one round at a time.

    It's over……….no more bill of rights, no constitution and no more elections. This is the last one. We now await BO's ascension to dictatorial power with no recourse.

  47. "Recount" is something the dems do till they get the results they want.

  48. BO + dem party=CPUSA

  49. I have a friend who says she had a dream about BO way before the first campaign that he became president. Also that he was fatally shot and then got up.

  50. Because they are being "educated" by marxist proffesors in our colleges and schools who are determined to help Kruschev fullfill his goal of "burying us from within".

  51. Those of you who did not vote for Romney because of so-called religious reasons or political pay-back are partially responsible for the fact that we may end up with a dictatorship – gridlock will not stop Obama – he will use executive orders – only getting the populace to wake up and demand impeachment will stop it.

  52. I feel the same way. It will start with completing the dismantling of the constitution and bill of rights, then gun confiscation, then the FEMA camps.

  53. Forget the "four years"……this is the last election we will ever have. BO is in for life now.

  54. The young people were responsible for many of the votes that returned him to office. They just don't have a clue, all fun and games.

  55. There's nobody in the Senate or Congress who have the balls to do anything. I just wonder what the hell he has on everybody.

  56. Bob Marshall says:

    Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger "Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race." The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infants is to kill it. Adolf Hitler_Mein Kampf…"The demand that defective people be prevented from propagating equally defective offspring…represents the most humane act of mankind." While there have been 54 million abortions in the U.S. since Roe vs Wade although abortions were quickly legalized in Nazi Germany there were only 500,000 performed each year. In Nazi Germany under Hitler education was nationalized. like in America any mention of God was disallowed. once the Nazis took control they implemented gun control legislation. Parents who resisted Nazi anti-Christian indoctrination had their children taken away. in the U.S. they are just under go indoctrination in our public schools. under Hitler, society became highly militarized. Obama called for a civilian force as powerful as the military. in Nazi Germany the prisons were packed. The prisons in the US are overflowing. Under Hitler there was no freedom of speech. Paranoia was standard operating procedure. Today, we have the corporate controlled news media spreading propaganda.

  57. Romney / obumber is the same thing! Oh wait a minute one is Rep and one is Demo. That’s about it

  58. Romney / obumber is the same thing! Oh wait a minute one is Rep and one is Demo. That’s about it.

  59. Why? That is what I cannot find out? Why would Congress be afraid? It can't be Obama himself. It would have to be the puppet master behind him. Soros and his Corporations? Who and/or what? Or is it Satan and all the power of Hell?

  60. That was my first thought. He has done this country plenty harm through his executive orders. What's going to stop him now? Nothing!!

  61. Impeached and tried for treason. We don't want him shot as that will leave him a martyr and this nation doesn't need that kind of martyr.

  62. Yes, exactly what I think.

  63. I feel hopeless, as well. My son said to me, "Do you feel as miserable as I do?". I think that is the feeling of the majority…..so, tell me, how did 0 win? I cannot believe the coal miners in PA and OH voted for this guy, or those in the oil industry, or those in the medical field, etc, etc.

  64. And when the auto industry goes defunct (that which Obama recently said was back 'on top of the world') guess whose fault it will be? George W. Bush.

    I bet we are not done hearing the Kenyan Marxist blaming Bush for things.

  65. Exactly. As the head of the Executive branch he is supposed to see the laws carried out. But laws he does not like he declares to be 'broken' and ignores them, and signs executive orders for what he wants and can't get through Congress.

    My idiot relative still cannot see anything wrong with him. He will make sure Romney pays the same tax rate as his secretary and that will solve the deficit. I think that's how they see the whole thing.

  66. When the unemployment (reported version, lower than actual) hits 10% or when gas goes to $6 a gallon I will loudly and persistently proclaim in front of family and friends that anyone who could not see this coming under Obama and voted for him was and is an IDIOT. That means several of my own close relatives. I suspect they got a buydown on the mortgage of their too-expensive home that they bought, gambing on turning a profit. Meanwhile in my modest home we fight to stay above water and now get to help pay the bills of the better-off who got a big gift from Obama.

  67. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    If I had the money, I'd buy the Congress and the White House. Since I don't, my next best thing will be one of the 11 million + people sitting out the next rigged, Venezuelan election in 2016.

  68. I agree. He should be impeached and put in prison along with Clinton, Holder, and several others. I want our country back.

  69. No, it's people like you who think (?) that voting for evil A or evil B is the solution (how's that been working out so far ???) or that by some miracle the populace will wake up and demand what is right are the ones responsible. That populace you put so much hope in is just as bad a condition, if not worse, as that congress!

    "The prophets prophecy falsely, the princes rule on their own accord and My people love to have it so."

    And what makes you think this morally bankrupt, loaded with sexual perverts and pedophiles congress would do so, even if that miracle somehow came to pass ??? You need a reality check.

    If you really want to change things, read and take head to the comment above by Ted Weiland. Turning back to The Almighty is the ONLY solution.

  70. Chachy and Randy,

    Here's a comment I left on an article by Don Schanzenbach "Christian Moral Choice—Whom Do We Fear?" that bears repeating here:

    "You’re not alone and there’s a remnant out there that haven’t bent the knee to Baal.

    You’re right about this: 'Morally, and spiritually speaking, this is us. Many of our own travelers toward the Celestial City will spit in the face of God and vote for a man He has told them, in very certain terms, to reject. They will vote to be ruled by an idolater. What will be the judgments of God Almighty if we do this thing?'

    And these are 'the good guys'.

    The judgments have already begun. All one needs to do is look around.

    From being on the brink of WW III to the massive weather events of the last decade to the massive animal, fowl and fish die offs over the past few years to The Gulf of Mexico disaster, which is connected to the current calamity in progress in Assumption Parrish, LA that keeps moving closer to collapsing the dome cavern containing 1.5 Mil. barrels of liquid butane (believe me, that’s no light matter what’s going on there and has the potential to, among may other things, trigger the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which could literally divide this country in two [or 3 ?: Rev. 16: 18 – 19 perhaps?]) to being on the brink of total economic collapse, etc., etc., etc.

    As some of us in The Body feel somewhat helpless and wonder what to do about the condition of the almost total depravity and wickedness (taught to us by those who hate us and hate our God) we find our nation in and how to reverse it, one can’t help wondering if He’s about to just 'level the playing field' so to speak.

    Perhaps we should be getting ready do all the things His Body is supposed to do, sooner rather than later.

    For The King of kings And His Will On Earth As It Is In Heaven."