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10 thoughts on “Carlo Ponzi, Alias Uncle Sam

  1. Victor Barney says:

    Our BIGGEST WORRY WAS WHEN OUR "WOMEN ALONE" PUT GEORGE SOROS, THE PROMISED HEAD OF OUR DESTRUCTION VIA THE 60's 'CHICAGO"-BASED MARXIST TERRORIST GROUP KNOWN AS THE "WEATHERMEN" as our RULER via Barak Obama with the PLAN TO USE THE UN TO RULE OVER U.S. VIA ONLY 'BLACK" NATIONS IN THE U.N. How many out there KNOW that Bernardine Dohrn of this SAME terrorist group EVEN sponsored Charles Manson out in California? It seems to me that our MARXIST SCHOOL SYSTEM created by Thomas Dewey in the 1940's(( I beleive it was(?))has been very successful. In fact, I recall Krushev(sp?) of the USSR in the UN predicing that our grandchilden in the 60's as being marxists too! Duh! Damn those torpedos!

  2. Interesting the number of "experts" who ostracized and criticized Rick Perry for even suggesting the "P" word in the Republican debates.

    I guess about the same number who castigated Joe Wilson for his "You Lie!" comment.

  3. Rabelrouser says:

    He also stated that America would fall into their hand like an over ripened grapefruit.
    What most dont realize is that he was claiming our economic collapse, not a physical / military type take over.
    What i wonder about is the citizens, who when presented with these truths about our governments own ponzi schemes, stick their heads in the sand or cover their ears and shout LA LA LA LA . Can real truth be that upsetting to them?

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    Yes Virginia, those programs are nothing more than elaborate ponzi schemes! Even though you will steadfastly hold out hope that they will magically be rescued, they can not be. By their own structure, which you fail to reconize, they are designed to create collape through a false, fiat money/ debt / currency. But as long as you have your misguided faith in the lie you have been told, the money is considered to have value. Regardless of denomination, the paper and processing/priniting of our evidence of debt "notes" cost more than the face value-.01 per note.
    Every problem has a root cause, and then only the symptoms are the clue to the bigger problem. In this particular case, a debt financial system created by the Federal Reserve (Root Cause) created the over burdening debt / unbrideled spending (symptom); and it was created by lying to the american people and promising them more return for their "investment's".
    But they only invested into a lie.
    I guess that they are too ashamed to admit that they fell for it. Why else would they not want to fix it?

  5. Inohuh Freeman says:

    I guess the kicker is that you shouldn't bring it up during a campaign. Once you're in, in whatever capacity you serve, then you bring it up and keep bringing it up until someone (eg. Congress, Governors, The People) listens.

  6. Rabelrouser says:

    I also guess that is why, when they are confronted with the truth of being duped by their own government, they turn their head and refuse to listen. I guess they have no outrage left in them. They merely stick their head in the sand, and / or cover their ears and scream LA LA LA LA LA ; like they do when the government continues to put over burdening controls on their lives daily through statue laws and regulations. But the jokes on them!
    The coming death of this false economy will cause them more pain than they ever experenced, and they will wail WHY????
    The short answer is: You didnt, or wouldnt listen; you, by your inaction caused it.
    Remember, I am just the messenger.

  7. Inohuh Freeman says:

    Part of the problem, too, is that we don't seem to be able to opt out of Social Security. It's more a tax than anything now since it comes out of my paycheck without my permission. But if we could quit paying, the elders who are using it now would suffer since the Congress stole the money long ago and the funding is running about two generations behind now.

  8. Victor Barney says:

    Do you mean the coming "CASHLESS SOCIETY," which ONLY LASTS 3 1/2 YEARS? Interesting info. though, thankyou! I still say that your "wonder," however, is controlled by our 74%er's(i.e., our WOMEN & Blacks), who both are GATHERER'S & just LOVE being GIVEN THINGS without HAVING TO WORK FOR IT! Again, just saying, what is,is…

  9. Solution: Get out of debt. Buy and sell in cash when possible. Keep your cash out of the banks and volatile markets. Invest in your own business, gold, silver, and arable land. Have water (and purification equipment), food, medicine, and other supplies in storage. And ride out the storm. Worst case would be you end up with a thriving business, land you can lease for profit to farmers, liquid wealth, and some food you can donate to charity just before it expires.

    Or you can pay into a system that has a history of corruption, instability, and inflation…all with the promise of Social Security benefits that provide just enough to keep you living in poverty until you’re 90 years old.

    Your choice.

  10. Thomas Dewey ran against Harry Truman for president in '48. JOHN Dewey was the advocate of "progressive" education which laid the groundwork (long before the 1940's) of schools as indoctrination centers rather than centers of enlightenment.