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New Jersey Says “Get Lost” to Non-Union Alabama Crews.

Written by Gary North on November 2, 2012

The state of New Jersey has sent Alabama crews packing to New York. The crews had been invited by a New Jersey municipal government to help with post-Sandy recovery. No deal, said the state.

Unions don’t like competition. They make sure that government money goes only to union crews. Emergency? Tough luck. “Get lost.”

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17 thoughts on “New Jersey Says “Get Lost” to Non-Union Alabama Crews.

  1. I say "screw 'em" if they don't want the help, let them suffer.

  2. delmar Jackson says:

    Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama's four years

  3. WhiteFalcon says:

    Tells you what unions think about the public doesn't it. Unions should be banned when they cross state lines, and there should be a Rite to Work provision in the Constitution so that it can't be changed by some dim witted commieonazicrat party idiot.

  4. What a mistake! As an Alabamian who has been through many hurricanes, these guys are the best! You could have learned something.

  5. TruthorDie says:

    No non-union shops should allow union people to buy their products. This attitude can work both ways !

  6. Where are Chris Cristie and Obama on this?? Oh that's right. Obama is out campaigning, in Las Vegas I believe!!!!!

  7. Paul Brown says:

    In an event as severe as Hurricane Sandy fellow Americans have offered and been asked to help, and the unions say "no" because of self-righteous greed. What morons!

  8. NYC and NJ are among the biggest whiners when they are hit with weather that "deprives" them…and they have the gaul to turn away good samaritans who took the time to travel there and help. It took one storm to offer the liar in chief the oppotunity to compromise Gov Christie–more proof that the liar in chief uses people for his own self gain. If the liar in chief had not gone to NJ, perhaps the greed-barons would not have been so willing to spit in the faces of those who offered their assistance in time of need. Oust the liar and chief and let's get some REAL MEN in the Oval Office and Blair House.

  9. Those union morons can't learn anything they are like Obamabots they can only do what their leaders show them. They are to damn stupid to stand up and get rid of their leechs that steal money and give it to Obama and his jihadist bunch to change our constitution and bring in this Sharia law crap

  10. The liar in chief is out partying on his late night excursions–probably has a hangover at this time. As for Christi, you have to wonder if refusing non-union assistance isn't part of the FEMA bargain.

  11. And you wlll stop this in what way? Not a very realistic solution. Perhaps it is best to limit what unions can do and put them in their place. Unions should have NO say in politics or who gets to help in catastrophic events. Best solution? Dissolve them and make them illegal.

  12. Unfortunately, I think you are correct.

  13. Seminole Katz says:

    Hope those fine gentlemen from Alabama EARLY VOTED before they went up North to rescue those Yankees. So N.J kicked them out and they are going across the river to N.Y.C. Hope the unions treat them better there. Union Smunion !

  14. HorseTeethSam says:

    I was on another blog where somebody was really going off & saying that "unions would NEVER do that" – that unions would be grateful for the help, no matter what the membership status of the giver. Wow. Some people are utterly deluded. I've been around union thugs my whole life. Let me tell you, they'd gladly cut off the arms of any non-union "scab" (as they refer to them) who tried to do work in a union shop. I have never in my life seen such hate, such vicious, violent behavior as I've seen from union people.

  15. HorseTeethSam says:

    It's what they do. I've seen it.

  16. Fact Checker says:

    Here is the link. Chris Christie, other officials, and even the Decatur Alabama utility workers who first claimed they were turned away have corrected the record. Non-union workers ARE welcome.

    "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the Alabama crew got “bad information” and non-union crews are welcomed in the recovery effort.

    Decatur Utilities later issued a statement on Friday that said: “To be clear, at no time were our crews ‘turned away’ from the utility in Seaside Heights.”"

  17. How about if we (NY/NJ) stopped our federal tax dollars from going to your poor RIGHT TO WORK state? SCREW YOU! No one is stopping these most appreciated Alabama work crews from helping out up here.