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Video: The Basics of 9-11 in 5 Minutes

Written by Gary North on November 1, 2012

It makes sense to me.

How about you?

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43 thoughts on “Video: The Basics of 9-11 in 5 Minutes

  1. There is pleasure in knowing they will all stand before the judge of judges, our Heavenly Father, they may think they have fooled everyone, most American's know the truth.

  2. delmar Jackson says:

    Why isn't anyone reporting this amazingly important story?

    Hurricane Sandy removes poem from Statue of Immigration

  3. Seminole Katz says:

    I guess it does give some comfort to know that there will be Judgement and either Eternal Bliss OR Eternal Suffering. I do not wish Hell and Damnation on anyone. The Day of the Lord is rushing nearer by the minute. Are you ready ? Jesus Christ is calling and Jesus Christ IS Coming back.

  4. Read Dostoevsky"s "The Grand Inquisitor," a chapter in his "Brothers Karamazov."

  5. No, it does not make sense. This "video" presents a bunch of disconnected factoids, and I still don't get the point it was trying to make. It also assumes people could possibly coordinate in a directed fashion, but forgets that everyone in our nation are now children of a completely tautological system of logic known as Darwinism. I don't wonder a bit that people don't coordinate well and are easily lead around with disconnected factoids – this is a reflection of the air we breathe. At least the Muslims have a connected tradition to draw on. And even if Islam's moral traditions are based on a false revelation, its intellectual tradition is deeply rooted in Aristotelian rationalism.

  6. scirel … I agree. This smacks of another wannabe "conspiracy theory."
    Most of them are offered by folks with overactive imaginations and too much time on their hands.
    The author of this is a whack job. Probably grew up with Rosey O'Donnell, in trailer park.

  7. read Operation Northwoods on gwu (george Washington University) national security archive site. http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20010430/

  8. OregonMuse says:

    The problem is, in a nutshell, Dr. North has never met a conspiracy theory he doesn't like.

  9. The point is for you to look deeper into the real truth and if you don't get the point, it is because you are uninformed of the facts on the subject of 911, you can speak all the fancy terms you want but it doesn't help you to look smarter when you don't even realize that building number 7 which fell that fateful day should not have fallen any more then building 1 or 2 the evidence is very clear to any clear thinking person.

  10. All the video does is poke holes — and in a very entertaining, succinct way — in all the shaky pillars of the Official Story given by the federal government that we are told we must believe. The 911 Commission report was a whitewash, but then, that's what all official commissions are, from the Pearl Harbor commission to the Warren Commission, right up to the 911 one.

    My personal favorite gaffe in the scripted media coverage we got on 9-11 was the BBC reporterette who was describing the fall of WTC Building 7 30 MINUTES BEFORE IT ACTUALLY FELL. The real hoot is that the still-standing Building 7 is still plainly visible in the NYC skyline behind her. All the BBC has had to say about it since (other than yanking the raw footage from their archives) is "Gee, that sure is a mystery".

  11. TPM, MM59 and OregonMuse: Cass Sunstein paging you to the white courtesy phone.

  12. Dr. North,

    I don't trust the government, and truly find much of what I've been told (and used to believe before discovering the Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell, and yourself) disturbing. But the "truth" movement suffers from shoddy logic and a lack of the critical thinking that is the heart the Austrian and Rothbardian movement. I am forever disappointed to see the confirmation bias at the heart of the entire "truth" movement going unchallenged, and is why I refuse to support Alex Jones.

    The one thing that has been crystal clear to anyone who observes the government is that they are utterly incompetent at everything they do, and it is only by sheer happenstance that they are ever in a position where they have done the right thing. Tim Weiner's book "Legacy of Ashes" really illustrates the CIA as a gang who can't shoot straight, as an institution. The coincidences and stretches of the imagination that you have to make in order to believe that "The Government" (which government? Bush's? Clinton's?) lied to protect (whom? Rumsfeld? Les Aspin? William Perry?) from an audit by killing 3000 people? (WHY?). Would a Republican Party that spent millions trying to remove Clinton for lying under oath cover up a DOD audit that may have made him look like a thief? Is the video saying that Rumsfeld stole that much money in the few months he was in charge? Why would the career denizens of the DC establishment that leaked secrets to the MSM throughout the Bush presidency not go for that red meat? Why did they go for the wire-tapping, instead? And if the only answer is "they're all in on it together!" then there is a serious problem with your argument. If you aren't looking at this through the skeptic's lens, you are doing the causes that mean so much to me, economic freedom, personal liberty, and mitigating the power of the state, a great disservice.

    Did the government fund al Qaeda, of course. There was a book about it called Charlie Wilson's War. Why the government is still funding them, and using them to funnel weapons to Syria through Libya and Turkey is a really good question, and should be asked of General Petraeus and his predecessor, Leon Panetta. The world does not operate in a way that would allow the information in this video to be true. It fails the sniff test, and should be called out as such.

  13. "It makes sense to me. How about you?" – The video does not make sense to me. It looks like something Truthers would produce and as if it is supported by Obama’s Communist Czar Van Jones who was dumped when he was exposed. The video goes beyond 9/11 to further conspiracy notions.
    I will never understand why people can’t accept the facts that 1) Islamic jihad terrorists inspired by Osama bin Laden 2) hijacked four airplanes, 3) flew three of them into buildings – a) two into the WTC towers, one of the towers that had been bombed in 1993, b) one airplane into the Pentagon – and c) another one crashed in a PA field due to brave passengers resisting the terrorists. People should be doing better things with their time than producing claptrap like the video. There is no point to it.
    9/11/2012 and the Benghazi, Libya tragedy interest me much, much more right now.

  14. The NWO-ists were behind this as it brought about the totalitarian HSA, DHS, TSA and enumerous executive orders, too many to comprehend and all that steal our freedoms! America, you have been had! You want to remain free, then you'll have to impersonate our forefathers – anything short of that and be prepared to live a life of serfdom and squalor!

  15. My Gosh – someone has it right! Bless you!

  16. Wow, if this is true then all the news media(foreign and domestic), everyone in all the intelligence agencies, all the NYC police officers and firefighters, all the U.S. Special Operations forces, the U.S. Air Force, the FAA, ATC radar operators, the airline crews, hundreds of Pentagon staffers, hundreds of eyewitnesses, the 9-11 Commission members and all their staff, at least two U.S. administrations, and God knows how many thousands of other conspirators were all involved in this act and it's cover-up? That's truly amazing!

  17. not all the firefighters, see http://firefightersfor911truth.org/
    not all the pilots, see http://pilotsfor911truth.org/
    not all the architects and engineers, see http://www.ae911truth.org/en/home.html
    not all the 911 families, see http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=2006101
    not all the 911 Commission members, see quotes here http://911proof.com/6.html
    not all scientists, see http://www.scientistsfor911truth.org/
    not all military, see http://mo911truth.org/
    There are more……

  18. a group of patients in need of intense treatment for paranoid schizophrenia, exorcism, or at least a shot on American Idol to get some attention, even if it is for an audition to have Randy cover his face while laughing uncontrollably.

  19. I get the impression he doesn't like the official version conspiracy theory. Perhaps "never" was a poor choice of words…

  20. Your comment would make sense if we had never seen a janitor sweeping a sidewalk simply because they were told to. Isolation and compartmentalization is a great way to get many people doing many different things for very noble reasons that have a horribly destructive ulterior design. Not saying that was the case here, but it can't be ruled out. Evil is most often disguised as great beauty on the surface.

  21. What's a "Truther"? Someone like the Bereans in Acts 17:11?

  22. Why are you so interested in the Benghazi, Libya tragedy? It seems to have many of the same elements with what transpired in 2001 – like the stand down orders, the involvement of Al Qaeda / rebels, the unholy alliance some faction of our government seem to have with them beneath a for-the-people outward hostility. Where do you think those factions of government draw the line? It's a trick as old as the hills to wound one of your own to rally the troops against an "enemy" – or for someone like the Rothschilds to support both sides of a war to prolong getting riches out of it. Some elements just play with higher stakes than others. What are lives worth to those who have chased God out of their souls, leaving room to unknowingly or knowingly do the bidding of the fallen cherub?

    Your instincts are right about the corruption part of it, but they're misdirected if you think only one side of the aisle can be guilty.

  23. Dean Palmer says:

    Tell Ya what:

    Only fools would believe the media reports. 9-11 was an inside job! With the Cold War over America needed a new enemy to impose peril and threat upon its property and citizens so as to garner media and public support for the government's agenda. The fear, uncertainty and panic caused by these "terrorist" attacks succeeded in getting everyone so wound up and scared that whatever the US government wanted to do (in the name of Homeland Security) to combat these awful terrorists would be met with approval by the general voting public. One of the most obvious results is the TSA at every commercial airport and the unlawful search and seizure violations of passengers and their affects whenever you want to fly aboard a commercial air carrier. In addition, the mass popular media was used to exacerbate the situation by sensationalizing and sound-biting the whole thing, in effect making the 9-11 disaster event a common dinner table topic. And now, with unlimited public money, resources and free reign, the government can pursue its agenda and operations in the Middle East and other third world countries with complete public support. In the end it was a very convenient way to get at the oil and to attempt to topple any foreign governments not politically aligned with the US.

    However, for anyone who has ever served on active duty in the US Air Force would know that within three or four minutes of a commercial passenger jet going off course, lights and bells go off in Air Traffic Control (ATC) centers all over the country. Basically all hell breaks loose because the aircraft have broken from their schedule and flight plan. Any strayed aircraft are immediately contacted by ATC radio and told to correct their course. If they do not respond, or if they don't immediately correct their course, then five minutes later the US Air Force and NORAD is now involved and F-16s are scrambled from the closest air bases to get up there to see what's going on and to render assistance if needed. So, where were the F-16s? There is no way those planes could have gone that far off course for that long without ATC and the military being all over it. It is obvious then that the military (via NORAD) was told to stand down. Someone in authority was on the phone to these squadron commanders telling them to just stay put. There is no other explanation as to why there wasn't a flock of F-16's in hot pursuit of these planes. They were told to stay on the ground.

  24. Dean Palmer says:

    -2nd part –

    And then there were the secondary explosions at ground level. Everyone heard them down at the street level. They sounded like charges going off to many witnesses who were right there on the scene. And we all saw the way the Trade Center buildings fell – so neat and clean – just like we've all seen in those films of professional building demolitions. They fell straight down! Great care was obviously taken so as to not cause too much physical damage to adjacent buildings and real estate. However, the side-loading and torsional stresses caused by 190 ton fully fueled commercial jet aircraft impacting a tall building would have made the buildings sway and twist from side to side. Damage and subsequent fire caused by the impacting aircraft would have collapsed the buildings – but not straight down! They would have fallen to the side in some complex way from the impact stresses and weight loading caused by the mass of the commercial aircraft and the violence of the impact. Only demolition charges placed at precise locations in a building's main load-bearing support structures and then detonated in exactly the right timing would allow a building to fall straight down so neat; so clean.

    And lastly, we all saw the videos of the aircraft impacting the Twin Tower buildings. 190 ton fully fueled heavy commercial jet aircraft impacted buildings constructed mostly of glass, plastic and tin, sheet rock, some wood, and a few I-beam steel support framing struts. These aircraft should have impacted the buildings with the heavy metallic parts of them (i.e., engine casings, landing gear struts, landing gear and wheels, etc.) tearing off and punching right through and out the other side. We should have found heavy steel engine parts and landing gear struts laying on the streets below or on roof tops 1/4 mile away because of the shear energy and momentum of the impact! At flight speeds, these heavy steel parts moving so fast, would NOT have stayed inside the buildings. Yet these parts were never found by "investigators" or the public. Very odd indeed. And after the buildings fell almost none of the rubble and debris could be identified as actual parts of the aircraft. So, what was it that really hit the Twin Towers? And how much of what we saw in the videos was "photo-shopped"? Modern video editing software could have easily "painted in" the aircraft and then the videos would have been aired by the news media for public consumption. It looked like commercial jet aircraft hitting buildings to me – but was it?

    So much of the 9-11 disaster doesn't make any sense if you look closely enough at the evidence and listen to the eye-witness accounts. A few very credible people (fire fighters, police, medical personnel, etc.) said that there were secondary explosions, and several of them had commented that they "never actually saw the planes" that hit the buildings.

    So what the hell was really going on? What did President Bush know about it before hand? Where were the F-16s? Answer these questions (and more), and you will know the Rest Of The Story.

  25. adamenochnoah says:

    I saw the whole 911 thing unfold on TV that morning after I arrived at my office. As an engineer, I found what I saw extremely troubling. Things were happening that defied the laws of physics. Things that cannot be explained in a pancake collapse such as steel reinforced concrete being turned into dust & buildings damaged on one side falling down into their own footprint at near free fall speed. A pancake collapse would have taken minutes not seconds & would have left the core center columns intact all the way to the top of the twin towers. When the top portion of the towers collapsed, there is only enough energy to take out the same amount of mass below it; not the whole building.  There are many, many things wrong from a scientific point of view in what you saw versus the Govt story of their opinion as to what happened. And this does not even address the 3rd Building # 7 that collapsed in the same way even though it was not struck by an airplane & had
    relatively minor damage. You can be sure something took those buildings down but it was not airplanes or fire. The buildings were built of enormous strength in order to withstand earthquakes, 200 mph winds, impacts from an airplane, and were for all practical purposes, fireproof.

  26. The first time I saw the current term Truther it was being used to identify people who believe in all manner of conspiracy theories related to the attacks on the U.S. of 9/11/2001.

  27. You're coo-coo for Coco Puffs.

  28. On the Colorado Public Broadcasting web-site you can watch a new documentary in its entirety, "Experts Speak Out" which features over 40 registered structural engineers, high rise architects and other professionals. Some of the experts in the documentary are listed below:

    Licensed / Professional Structural Engineers
    Steven Dusterwald, Licensed Professional Structural Engineer
    Kamal Obeid, Licensed Structural Engineer
    Alfred Lopez, Registered Professional Structural Engineer
    Casey Pfeiffer, Registered Professional Structural Engineer
    Jonathan Smolens, Professional Structural Engineer

    Licensed Architects
    Dan Barnum, F.A.I.A, Bachelor of Architecture
    Robert McCoy Licensed Architect
    Jody Gibbs, Registered Professional Architect

    Licensed Fire Protection Engineers
    Scott Grainger, Licensed Fire Protection Engineer
    Ed Munyak, Licensed Fire Protection Engineer

    With several hundred thousand views over the last month you are likely to be asked about it. Currently, it remains the third most shared video on both Colorado Public Television and National PBS. A direct link to the documentary on Colorado Public Television is: http://video.cpt12.org/video/2270078138

  29. So being a "Truther" is more a function of believing without discretion than it is simply seeking for a truth that is actually possible? Then I guess it couldn't describe the makers of the above video…

  30. Building 7? I thought Donald Rumsfeld told Mancow Muller that he had never heard of Building 7. It must not have really existed then…

  31. One of the only explanations that seem possible – even though it would have to be classified information and therefore nearly impossible to confirm – is the theory laid out in inquisitive form on Dr. Judy Wood's site, "Where Did the Towers Go?". Until it is known how the towers and numerous portions of cars down on the streets turned seemingly selectively into powder or molten metal, I don't think we can answer who did it and what their motives were. (Other than the fact that The Patriot Act had been written well ahead of time and was only waiting for the public to readily accept it – Problem – Reaction – Solution – which naturally leads to suspicion to be sure)

  32. Chris Sarns says:

    WTC 7 imploded [FEMA 403 report Chapter 5 p. 31] fell at free fall acceleration for about 100 feet [NIST final report on WTC 7 – 1A p.45] and landed mostly in its own footprint [NIST Progress report , 2004, Appendix L p. 33]

    These are facts acknowledged by the government agencies that "investigated" the demolition of all three buildings.

    What do those facts mean? Watch "Solving the Mystery of WTC 7" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZEvA8BCoBw

  33. Chris Sarns says:

    There was also a CNN report at 11:06, telling of a 50 story building going down at 10:45. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_E6RhuEQu4&eu

  34. Chris Sarns says:

    "The one thing that has been crystal clear to anyone who observes the government is that they are utterly incompetent at everything they do"
    The government has given itself more power and trillions to the 1% who pay for their campaigns.
    They convinced 69% of Americans that Saddam had something to do with 9/11 even tho that doesn't make any sense and there is NO evidence to support it.
    They have brainwashed Americans into respond like Pavlov's dog, parroting "conspiracy theorist" whenever anyone questions the official conspiracy theory. Most of these people don't know that "OBL and 19 hijackers did it" is a conspiracy theory by definition.

    They are as efficient as the Nazis because they are using the Nazi playbook.
    “Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” — Hermann Goering

  35. Jacob Steelman says:

    I recall seeing on CNN the world trade tower immediately following the first plane crashing into the tower. Some how there just happened to be a CNN reporter on a commercial airliner so their story goes with a camera man to film the plane crash. I recall the CNN reporter describing events as they were happening and he said that he could see what looked liked a helicopter flying around the World Trade Center immediately prior to the plane crash. At the time this was all very confusing because the day was perfect and one could not understand how a commercial airliner could crash into the World Trade tower. As I saw the second plane crash into the tower it became clear that this was no accident.

    While a part of me believes this was a set up by the USA government another part of me cannot believe a government job could be planned this well.

  36. Anonymous Coward says:

    This video only works if you were alive and remember the events they were alluding to with the short video clips. What is needed is a longer expository paper, or video, giving the background and full context of each of the clips in this video. Nobody who was born in the last 10 years will be able to understand any of this, without the more expository paper and video clips to support it.

  37. Your writing does not communicate well in your interpretation of my words about "being a 'Truther,." That pattern for you has emerged quite clearly. For me being a Truther is what I said it is. Your interpretation, as unclear as it is, seems to wander off in another direction. In other words your interpretation impresses me as unadulterated BS, and you do too.

  38. I am so interested in the Benghazi because we are about to elect a President, VP and others for the next few years, and Benghazi is emerging as a huge failure of our present, pretend president that resulted in the death of four Americans and destruction of U.S. property on U.S. soil overseas. I am also a retired military officer with combat experience and what was allowed to happen at Benghazi by our present, pretend president and the henchmen and women in his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime and its attempted cover-up are inexcusable acts of treason and breaches of trust with people put in harm's way by our present, pretend president.
    I assure you that you have not told me anything I have not heard before or do not know, and that I am not misdirected. I find you impertinent and well out of line presuming to lecture me and ask me the questions you asked. I respectfully suggest you learn a bit about the person you are posting to before you launch into a post like the posts you have made to me.

  39. "the Benghazi" = Benghazi tragedy

  40. The original commission report did not even mention Building 7. It took the government 7 more years to acknowledge it, but even then it never explained how a steel-framed skyscraper that was not hit by any plane on 9-11 collapsed into its own footprint in classic controlled demolition mode.

    Someone ran into Building 7 in the melee and set a few fires before it was pulled, but you have to suspend all laws of physics to believe this building "just fell", especially since it was built to much more rigorous construction codes because it housed government offices.

  41. Chris Sarns says:

    It is not necessary to be an expert or remember the events of that day. Just watch the videos. WTC 7 was obviously a controlled demolition. Free fall acceleration for about 100 feet is scientific proof beyond all doubt that all the supporting structure was removed in a precise synchronistic manner.

  42. Nemesis of Empire says:

    Obviously it’s a Satanic plot aided and assisted by DEMON-crats and nigs. The four billion followers of SATAN, a/k/a ISLAM, need to be eradicated by CHRISTIAN WEAPONS and the purity of HOLY FIRE. When you go to the polls, take your guns. The time to start the cleansing is now. The place is where the black satans gather to take your freedom without a fight. Leave them stacked in barricades and then go hunt down their nests and destroy them in the name of THE AVENGING IRON JESUS! THE KNIVES OF CHRIST SHALL SAVE THE WORLD! Tuesday.

  43. Mighty Mike says:

    Just shows that propaganda works. My oh my.