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Video: President Obama’s “Kill List” Is Constitutional, Says Republican Congressman

Written by Gary North on October 31, 2012

This video is what we would expect. A man asks a Republican Congressman about Obama’s kill list. The Congressman says the list is Constitutional. The man protests. The Congressman contemptuously dismisses him.

These people are contemptuous of voters. But should this be surprising? They are far more contemptuous of the Constitution.

Video cameras are these people’s enemy. Hooray for YouTube.

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38 thoughts on “Video: President Obama’s “Kill List” Is Constitutional, Says Republican Congressman

  1. Peter King….synonymus with HORRIBLE MORON AND DIRTBAG!
    I hope his re-election bid falls flat on it's face. Some other dirt bag politician can do his meaningless job. After all, what does it take to flap your yap without saying anything meaningful. Only one thing. You must be a liar. Most, if not all are….

  2. The Truth Seeker says:

    If scientists were televangelists, they would be suggesting that Superstorm Sandy was punishment for climate change not being mentioned in any of the presidential or vice-presidential debates. This marks the first time that the issue wasn’t brought up in the debates since Ronald Reagan ran for re-election.
    Whether or not Sandy is a direct result of climate change is debatable, unlike the science that shows that inaction to prevent a climate crisis is the “gravest threat humanity faces.”
    In the aftermath of a hurricane that’s estimated to have caused $20 billion in damage, climate is suddenly a hot topic of conversation.
    You remember that in his speech at the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney blasted the president for wanting to “begin to slow the rise of the oceans.”
    If scientists were televangelists, they would be suggesting that Superstorm Sandy was punishment for climate change not being mentioned in any of the presidential or vice-presidential debates. This marks the first time that the issue wasn’t brought up in the debates since Ronald Reagan ran for re-election.
    Whether or not Sandy is a direct result of climate change is debatable, unlike the science that shows that inaction to prevent a climate crisis is the “gravest threat humanity faces.”
    In the aftermath of a hurricane that’s estimated to have caused $20 billion in damage, climate is suddenly a hot topic of conversation.
    You remember that in his speech at the Republican National Convention, Mitt Romney blasted the president for wanting to “begin to slow the rise of the oceans.”
    Tuesday in Minnesota, President Clinton noted, “In my part of America, we would’ve liked it if somebody could’ve done that yesterday.”
    Clinton praised the president’s policies to transition to green energy and added, “In the real world, Barack Obama’s policies work better.”
    The politics of the electoral college make talking about fighting carbon emissions nearly impossible, as it could alienate crucial votes in the coal regions of Ohio and Pennsylvania. But it’s important to remember Barack Obama’s record. According to Time magazine’s Mike Grunwald – the author of the seminal book on the stimulus, The New, New Deal, “…he’s probably done more to prevent climate change than anyone else on the planet.”
    Who even comes close? Al Gore, maybe.

  3. Hey Truth Seeker,
    Go find out what the HAARP systems are all about and what they are up to. They exist and they are being used and they can actually alter weather patterns. As for your "truth" search, you don't really have the bigger picture. As a Marine Biologist, I am very well aware that the sea levels have NOT risen over the past several years,nor will they in the near future (despite local anomolies such as storm surges and the like). Here is the truth in a nut shell. The SUN is what heats or cools the planet earth. No invisible gas is going to appreciably heat or cool the planet unless it becomes visible and begins to block out the sun (in which case the planet will begin to cool). We are NOT killing ourselves with a n increase in carbon dioxide production. You need to follow the money to grasp the bigger picture. This is all a big fat concocted lie so that very rich people can continue to get richer and richer by charging us carbon taxes. Why do you think that they can charge us for something that will eventually spell doom to our planet? Why is there this loop hole in how to reduce carbon dioxide planet wide? Why do you think that just albut every powerful democrat and many republicans have so much invested in "green energy company" stocks and why do you think that they are pushing fuel prices higher and higher? They seek to make the alternative energy sources more desirable by making them more equal in cost. No real desire to save the planet. The ones who hype this nonsense the most are often the ones with huge "carbon footprints". You don't see the bigger picture. The globe is huge and select areas do heat up or cool over time and by just focusing on the areas that are heating up, you can create a picture of doom. I used to be a member of many environmental groups. I have dropped out of most of them because I got tired of their hypocracy on how things were made to look so much worse than they are. The polar bears, for instance are NOT endangered nor will they be dying off…even if the artic ice sheets do melt. You need to see the political game behind the "global warming" scam and see it for what it is. Enough with the "truth seekers" hype…unless you really want to see the ugly truth.

  4. This scum has no problem with killing innocent women and children and they target facilities where these people knowingly will mass and they try for total destruction, I'm not a bama fan but if your with this scum then you die.

  5. Rabelrouser says:

    Yes they have contempt for the Constitution, because they opperate by a completely different set of law's, the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC papers over the Constitution making it virtually null and void. The problem is, the average citizen has not been told; and from what I have seen and heard, does not even care to know.
    The fantasy that the Constitution still is the law of the land keeps these people from seeking the truth; and when confronted by that truth, they either can not answer or run away. Much has been published to verify this, along with years of research that backs it up, but it doesnt seem to be good enough for them.

  6. Rabelrouser says:

    CONTINUED: What do they want, someone to finally step up and say, "The Constitution is Dead?; is that what it will take to make them understand that they have been enslaved by government by contractual law. Do they need to hear the words that they work FOR the Corperation of the UNITED STATES, and are bound by contract to it?
    They sure dont seem to want to seek out the truth on their own, and then they get angry when a member of the corperate board says something is "Constitutional".Who is really "contemptuous"?

  7. King is just another in a long list of Congressmen who believe that the federal government has unlimited and unchecked powers. We will never save this country until we rid Congress of these arrogant people. What is even more outrageous is him calling one of his constituents a moron. I guess that he didn't learn that the government is supposed to work for the people not the other way around.

  8. dick Grace says:

    We shall see how much truth the "truthseeker" can handle. Not being a christian you most likely won't consider the words of the God that created the whole world and holds it together but I will give it a shot. If you read Leviticus 18 and Romans 1 you will perhaps see the reason for the climate issues we face. They are the judgments of God and for man to consider that he can abate the results of our wickedness, Al Gore, or any other self important savour of the world is arrogance and the sure road to destruction. In John 14:6 we are told what is truth and what is life. The answer "truthseeker" is in the word of God not the "science" and bloviating of Al Gore. There are four responses to the above truth they are found in Matthew 13:1-23. Some have the word stolen by Satan, yes he exists, some receive it and run from the ensuing battle, others are too busy to answer the call and others hear and do what they learn. Which will you be?

  9. G Randy.
    If you are truly a Marine biologist and you do not believe in human activity as a source of global warming, you should at least see the evidences all over the world of the other damages we are doing to our planet like polution, deforestation and such. The planet goes thru cycles of cooling and warming , but even thought we are supposed to be in a cooling era, how come we are warming up?
    You do not believe in Global Warming BUT you believe that Obama can control the weather? HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program may affect weather somehow, but not to the point of control.
    Who knows, maybe he is punishing Texas with a draught for being so dickish.

  10. Consulting my handy pocket Constitution Booklet (courtesy of the Tea Party) I failed to find where the a hit list of enemies in Time of War is prohibited by the Constitution. Due to the wisdom of the framers The Constitution is pretty vague in some areas and open to interpretation.
    Innocent people (including women and children) died in EVERY modern war. They died in WWII when we bombed cities, they died in VietNam, they died in Iraq and a kill list of specific people is probably more humane than invading a country killing hundred of thousands to depose a dictator.
    I believe the framers (as they had to agree to some pretty nasty stuff like slavery to get consensus) view the Constitution as a constantly evolving document and left some areas very open to interpretation.

  11. I despise RINO necons.

  12. Except none of what you just posted had any relation not only to this article but to facts or reality at large. The article is about the American public's decent into serfdom and disposable assets for the "ruling class", not about some delusional belief that the "world is getting hotter". The hottest days on record in most areas of the world are still held by days in the 19th century, the polar ice caps are not gone, polar bears thrive, and the production of "green" energy sources you cite actually cause more damage to the earth being made than they ever offset in their replacement of coal and nuclear. Which, oh yeah, they can never replace since it takes a solar farm the size of Nevada to provide the same power as one nuclear plant running at partial production. Shall we pave over the world just to light up the United States?? Wind, solar, and water are not energy solutions, they are energy gimmicks with limited usefulness on the small scale and no practical use in the large scale.


  13. Everyone wants to blame God for the evil or bad things that happen; when that doesn't go over,they blame satan. Everyone wants t point to scripture to prove that God is "punishing us for our sins." Well, at least two things come to mind: God isn't 'punishing' anyone; if He is, then He cannot be the loving, kind, generous, Creator that He really is. In the second place, the Bible states He is not the God of this World…so in this case, how could He be causing all these catastrophic events as a form of punishment.

  14. Addendum: And there is something else people often attribute these events to: it's the "end times" or the beginning of "armeggadon." If one believes this, then the Bible is untruthful when it says Christ told man that we wouldn not know the hour of His coming nor the time of day. You just can't have it both ways….I don't believe natural catastrophic events are God driven; I don't believe anyone can honestly say these are the 'end times' or the beginning of 'armeggadon.' Nature is programmed to cleanse herself–and she does…yes, people become victims to that cleansing, but so does everything else. People need to quit blamming God for everything wrong in this world; they can quit blaming satan as well–man is doing enough without satan's help.

  15. And who likes the incumbent adminstration and his cohorts? I certainly don't … and hope to see them eventually indicted, arrested, and convicted for their crimes.

  16. The US Constitution does not specifically address these "kill lists," so it neither approves nor disapproves of any politician making such a list. However, King has never been a very good Congressman–he is in office for the 'power' he feels it gives him and for whatever he can grind out of the taxpayer. He doesn't support the US Constitution and he doesn't care about the people of the USA….King needs to be replaced with a Constitutionalist just as obam?!? needs to be replaced in the White House….Vote Romney this time around, I did; you won't regret it.

  17. His frustration over dealing with 'gotcha' questions from 'journalists' is evident to me. As far as 'kill lists' go, it's not addressed per se in the Constitution. How this 'kill list' is utilized MAY be a subject for scrutiny, but the existance of such a list is not a problem. Let me paint you a picture. Little Johnny goes to the madrassa and gets a dose of 'Islamification' with a heavy inclusion of US Guilt (closely related to Liberal Guilt). He converts and decides to go and act on his 'convictions', travels to a foriegn country where he dons the accoutraments and tools of the Jihadist. Little Johnny may be a US citizen, but he is also now an Enemy Combatant. Stick his behind on the 'kill list', and send in the drones.

  18. he needs to go back to working for a living

  19. and we are led to believe that Peter King is a "good guy". More and more bizarre. thanks for the posting

  20. KD was not addressing that wing of bandits CJM

  21. duh, what "war" are we in? did I miss a declared war?

  22. Again, total confusion there. Yes God is kind and loving but also perfectly pure and just thus he must punish evil. Secondly, the God of this world system is the Devil but the owner of the world is God and Satan can do NOTHING without his permission.

  23. Nature is in total control of God who is not a blind watchmaker. You are correct on end times though, most of the end times happened in 70AD for anyone with half a brain.

  24. decent?

  25. I think the trolls who flood this forum with totally unrelated comments about HAARP, Yahweh, bible quotes, ALL CAPS, etc., are trying to obscure the fact that the Democratic and Republican parties merged 10 years ago and both support the same globalist agenda, except for a smattering of hot-button side issues like gay marriage and abortion that they hope will keep everyone distracted long enough for them to implement their true goals.

  26. Texas Chris says:

    Best comment on the thread. Thanks.

  27. Peter King is an example of someone who does not deserve to be a public servant. He represents what too many politicians have become. And he is what he accuses this polite young reporter of being – a horrible moran. Here is the email I just sent him. If you google him, you can send him a form email as well:

    Do you believe the U.S. Constitution is still the law of the land or something to be ignored?

    The video I just viewed of you calling a citizen politely asking about Obama's kill list in which you called him a "horrible moran" and walked away. While I don't call people names as a matter of routine, I believe you demonstrated to voters that you are a horrible moran.

    It is time for you to resign or be fired.

    Very sicerely,
    Dan Diviney

  28. Jim Haynes says:

    It is with much regret that I say that due to the fact that the majority of the populace is brain dead and unable to accept and realize any substance of factual data that is set before them. We, the United States is and has been set up to take a great fall by any means necessary in favor of the world elite aka banking and corporate interests.

  29. You learn this geology 101.

  30. Victor Barney says:


  31. bitterclinger says:

    Actually the Constitition DOES address these "kill lists"…. it specifically states that all people are guaranteed due process of law….. it doesn't say that the federal govt can decide you are a "terrorist"and then kill you

  32. Blair Franconia, NH says:

    We killed enemies on the battlefield all the time. Sometimes we killed innocent people. That's not going to change as long as we have wars.

  33. Rabelrouser says:


  34. Obama and his henchmen are using drones in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Pakistan to kill non-combatants. I guess that is allowed under the Constitution too, as that document did not address drones. Holder and company sent guns to drug dealers in Mexico–hundreds of Mexican women and children died. There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits the sale of high-powered weapons to the cartels, either. I guess you see the DHS and TSA watchlists as Constitutional. The "living document" propaganda is common among the true believers, and with the apathy of the sheeple, we will see the glorious Leader add random checkpoints, drones in our suburbs, TAC units terrorizing families over Sudafed purchases, CPS taking away homeschooled kids to state agencies, stepped up cavity searches and expanded watchlists. And we will continue to hear the same old Schmidt from the bureaucrats!

  35. Kill lists are a wet dream for the neocons–and the fact that these lists are kept secret with NO OVERSIGHT should upset the chickenhawks in the House and Senate. If you are so damned concerned about jihadists and terrorists entering the country, why did you cheer when the beloved Obama admin allows so many Islamists and illegal immigrants into the country (with ties to MS-13, Norteno and Sureno gangs)?

    Once again, the biggest cheerleaders for foreign invasions seem to be folks that NEVER SERVED IN COMBAT!! YAAAY Team America…

  36. Just a "repeat" of what took place in the '50's- -cold air and water in the Pacific – -warm air and water in the Atlantic and over the next 50 years, it will change again! Look it up, people have "short memories"!

  37. See comment above for enlightenment and edification. 🙂

  38. see how a person with an IQ of a moron reacts.rep. King is RIGHT its constitutional. these list are list of terrorist which had a shoot to kill orders. enemies of the U.S A…. omg. liberal media looking for cheap stuffs. or at list this reporter is really a moron. low pick up.