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Video: Home Brew Unregistered Handguns Are Almost Here.

Written by Gary North on October 26, 2012

This guy is looking for a $20,000 investment. If he and his buddies pull this off, gun control is over . . . all over the world.

He proposes a wikiweapon. It will be a CAD/CAM file that will be on the Web. You can download it and build an unregistered handgun.

The plans can be on Web servers in 190 nations.

Hey, Brady bill fans! How will you enforce the law?

This guy knows exactly what he is doing. He calls on others to steal his plan.

He warns governments that the day of unarmed citizens is about to end.

By the way, it’s the end of tariffs. He says this. Borders will mean nothing when you can download plans to make goods that are imported.

This is my kind of video.

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11 thoughts on “Video: Home Brew Unregistered Handguns Are Almost Here.

  1. It will never work. The resins used for these so called printable guns is not stronge enough to be safe. And you will still have to have the maching equipment to finish the project.

    This guy is dreaming.

    A digital file. Cool. But who has the machinery to turn it into a gun?

  2. Lineman, you are thinking of the present, not the future. Also the plan probably involves using easy to get parts for the barrel and then using plastic for to hold it together.

  3. john hamilton says:

    you can already buy all the parts without markings to legally make a handgun. that has never been illegal. and most states dont require registration. the ONLY federal requirement for a homemade firearm is that it have a serial number on it

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    How many times have home made weapons been used in mans quest for freedom from those who would subject them to an ultimate controlling structure?
    The old "zip gun" comes to mind.
    But intellegent man rejects governance of suppresion before it becomes reality, ignorant man has to try to fight off its chains though what ever means he can conjure up. Both seek only peaceful independence.

  5. As an engineer I especially like when someone like lineman tells me something will never work. Then I find a way to make it happen anyway. Hmmm.

  6. I don't know about other countries, but here in the US we have enough existing guns, and enough gun owners, to out-number any army in the world including Red China. But the 3-D printer is a great idea. Just like the internet–it let's the genie out of the bottle, and oppressive gummints (is there any other kind) will never be able to put it back in.

  7. Dick Snell says:

    Mat, you know its always the technicians that make any engineering project actually work! 37 years of Instrumentation-Dick

  8. Texas Chris says:

    I do. I can machine in my garage everything but the rifling and the springs. Springs are cheap, and you don't need rifling in a short-range pistol.

  9. I don't know if I'm the only one to notice this, but this young man is both extremely intelligent and articulate. I assume he's one of the developers of the idea? This bodes well for our future–I wonder how many like him are out there? I had just about written his generation off. My bad.

  10. Polygon rifling!
    You can do that I'll bet.

  11. Remember what the young man says.
    He is not building it for retail or to own forever.
    This gun only has to work ONCE!
    Then you leave with the overlords weapon and leave it.
    You need another you print another.