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When the Police Simply Disappear: A Case Study

Written by Gary North on October 23, 2012

I have a subscription website, Gary North’s Specific Answers. Members post questions and opinions. The subscription fee keeps out crazies and flamers. There are some amazing posts.

Recently, a lady posted this. I have not altered its punctuation.

┬áThe weird thing around here is: We live in the “country club” area
cops are just GONE—totally completely gone!
you could if you want never wear a seat belt or whatever and no one “catches” you
it used to be that my neighborhood (upperclass asian and euro american) was easy pickings for a calif stop or etc
cops are GONE
is this the default?
we have they say lost 400 cops out of 1400
the cops are under pressure for all the shootings/killings in the downtown area
you used to see them at starbucks etc getting easy money arresting an asian doctor or dentist for calif stop or brake lights out
they are just GONE
you could get away with anything here now!
i am cautious just in case
but they are just gone!!!
is this the start of a default??
you used to see them everywhere arresting for small potatoes now gone?
they had to get their numbers up arresting asians/euros to balance/ show they were not prejudiced?? against blacks/latinos
they have stopped arresting asian doctors/euro american nurses?
go figure

cops are just gone!
before you had to be worried is your insurance up to snuff
now they are just GONE

you could, if you want, drive as drunk as a skunk all over the 95120 area and NO ONE would catch you
law enforcement staff is gone!

visit the Central Valley of California
Fresno etc
i think it was on LRC that someone wrote a piece about how the rule of law is gone in Central Valley
almost everyone in central valley “ignores” all the rules and regulations!
they hitch up to the electricity illegally that sort of thing
no one gets charged
whereas in sf a law abiding person is charged hugely to the max for the smallest infraction
so look at central valley

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15 thoughts on “When the Police Simply Disappear: A Case Study

  1. Great. All these cops do anyway is hastle the citizens for money for the system. The wild west will be better anyway cause people will be carying guns everywhere and an armed society is a polite society.

  2. Cliffystones says:

    a "case study"???

    I'd love to see what a "rant" from this person looked like.

  3. Gene Poole says:

    Police should be privatized anyway, like schools and prisons. Who is this country club lady who thinks the government owes her free police protection? Let her pay for it – or else buy herself a new gov't.

  4. No one here seems to get the point: Neighborhoods with high income people who are paying through taxes the greater portion of the cost are receiving little or no police service!

  5. The writer NEVER even mentioned that it was a high crime area in the entire rant. Maybe the police are responding to real criminal activity elsewhere.

  6. fdcampbell says:

    I am confused. This rant is unfocused and incoherent. What is the point being made here?
    Area code 95120 is an upscale area of San Jose. I suspect that a 911 call would bring a very prompt and effective response. What is the problem here?
    Does this person want more cops behind billboards arresting people for "California Stops"?
    Side comment: San Jose is, politically, a very left/liberal area. The area is served by the San Jose Mercury News, a very "liberal" newspaper. Perhaps this person should write his/her complaint to the Mercury.

  7. This is true everywhere as they are cut by municipalities. Most are on highways trying to raise revenue with radar tickets instead of patrolling taxpayers neighborhoods. Defend yourself get a gun while you still can.

  8. Sounds good to me! I wish the cops in Los Angeles would disappear, too. They're never there when you need them, anyway. I'd rather carry my pistol with me, which I do, and who needs cops?

  9. If the 'San Andreas' fault drops LA into the ocean, would that help?

  10. Seminole Katz says:

    Thanks to this confused lady, she has opened her neighborhood up for criminals to " pick them clean ". Not only does she live in a Gun Free Zone, but now there is NO POLICE Protection ! The majority of the Police that the community can affort are in the High Crime areas. This is just one of the results of Liberal Economic Policies / Politics that has bankrupted California. California will go the way of Detroit or Chicago or Philadelphia or any other Democrat Governed City or State. California, you have made your own bed, now lay in it.

  11. Well, I think I have some idea of what this rambling rant was intended to convey. In any event, she is living in a decidedly liberal enclave of like minded folks … you know, Occupiers, students in left-wing colleges, harborers of, and enablers of drug addicts, alcoholics, the promiscuous, and the largely shiftless "entitlement" generation. So indulge me here … isn't it just a little curious that she is lamenting the lack of law enforcement? After all, she is living the life of a left-winger in their version of Utopia. It don't get no better than that!

  12. Yeah, I have heard of that place. The immigrants are violating every kind of municipal code and nobody does nothing, because according to liberals immigrants have special status and can do anything they want.

    If you are a law-abiding American citizen trying to do your best you are a target of the liberals and should pay for everything you do. You are just a no-good scum bastard to liberals.

    So America has to be brought down because we love God and country and rule of law, and the liberals say, HOW DARE THEY??? With pee cumming down their legs they shake their fist at U.S, no that wasn’t a tingle that was actual PEE Chris Matthews.

  13. Goes to show how well you can get along without a cop looking over your shoulder all the time . Cops don't keep the peace anyway. They write the after action reports.

  14. Police are paid with taxes. If they are privatized you will be charged for every call you make to them. The agencies could easily turn into shake down companies. You pay X amount per month and what ever else we say or you are out of luck for protection.

  15. ex ghetto nurse says:

    Reid, a close friend, ex NYPD told me a story, which i've seen corroborated in print. After the rioting (suppressed reporting by NY papers), in the late 1980's and early 90's, cops tired of the 'acting out behavior' condoned by the community 'activists'. When responding to calls from 'those' neighborhoods, they proceeded in text book fashion, But…with sirens and lights.
    Upon arriving, no suspects. As usual, witnesses saw 'nuthin'. Now imagine the same, leave the 'hood' rats to enjoy their diverse cultural activities. Patrol only where the police have a better class of citizenry and nonexistant drive by shootings, drug dealing, gang activity.