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Los Angeles: Welfare Cards for Illegal Immigrants

Written by Gary North on October 22, 2012

Y’all come!” That’s the policy of the Los Angeles City Council toward illegal immigrants.

The City Council has voted to create special cards for illegals who want free food. After all, a man has to eat.

Los Angeles is not alone. This card for illegals is an idea whose time has come. Judicial Watch reports:

“The L.A. mayor says his key goal is to help illegal immigrants in his city access banking services with the new ID cards. Several municipalities across the nation already offer illegal immigrants official government ID cards to facilitate life in the U.S. New Haven, Connecticut became the first to offer undocumented aliens the cards in 2007 and a handful of others soon followed. In California, San Francisco and Oakland offer illegal immigrants the perk and in New Jersey both Princeton and Trenton issue the cards to illegals.”

So far, the Feds have not created a national ID card. This is good. But cities have a fetish for cards. Everyone is supposed to get a card issued to him. So, if you can’t issue a card for people who are legal, issue one for people who are illegal.

This is not entrapment. It will not be legal to trace anyone’s background. No racial profiling, please. Comprende?

The cards will be photo-ID cards. These will let card-carriers get welfare services or open a bank account.

Yes, open a bank account. After all, just because a guy is too poor to buy food for himself or his family should not keep him from opening a bank account.

One report says that an L.A. councilman told a local newspaper that the ID cards will allow illegal aliens “who have been living in the shadows to be out in the day of light.”

I mean, we want illegal immigrants to have the right to participate in civic life. Don’t we?

Next step: voting.

The mayor has not yet signed this into law. It is expected that he will.

Already, Los Angeles County spends about $400 million annually on illegal aliens. Then add welfare and food stamps (federal SNAP cards): $440 million. Toss in another quarter billion on jail costs.

Red ink adds up.

The welfare state wants everyone signed up, regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin — including national citizenship.

I keep thinking of a rewritten song: “North of the Border, Down Mexico Way.”

Continue Reading on www.judicialwatch.org

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23 thoughts on “Los Angeles: Welfare Cards for Illegal Immigrants

  1. Of course they need a checking account, where else can they safely stash their welfare, unemployment, rent assistance, disability, ETC checks safely. Their state is sinking and they keep bailing water in rather than out. What a bunch of intellectuals in charge.

  2. jmsmaxwell says:

    Can any one explain how a Criminal Illeal invader from a foreign nation receive any benefits at the expense of American Tax
    Payers. If you go to their country you would be in jail befor the sun hit the ground and your stay would not be pleasant.
    You would be fed very little and without your family bring you food, clothing and any necessities you might need you would
    probably not live out your sentence. Now based upon that some misguided freal liberal wants to give ID cards to these
    Criminal invaders who are draing the resources that should go to American Citzens and destroying the local budgets. Our
    nation is in a recession bording on a depression due to excessive touchey feel good brainless ideas from Liberals and those
    who want to destroy the very nation that has given so much to the world at the expens of our own ciizens. There is a
    serious flaw with the liberal mindset and politicans who are so corrupt mentally that they want to give away our nation also
    on ever level of government. It is time to restore sanity to our nation and especiall to our government and hold the politicans
    responsible for their acitons.

  3. Everybody wants something for nothing. That's just the freeloader mentality at work. The people that should be benefitting from the social safety net (citizens) are being stripped of their opportunities by the freeloaders (illegal aliens). They will continue to work for slave wages so that Americans can't even get a job sweeping streets or flipping burgers. Passing this law in encouraging them to keep pouring over the border, and importing their misery. CA politicians have all got ther hand in the cookie jar hoping nobody will notice that they are a bunch of crooks.

  4. CA is the worst State in the Union and is followed by NY and IL….everyone of them are processing "State Laws" that are clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Unfortunately, the Federal Government is wearing blinders thanks to the communist Senators and communist Administration now holding office. The FBI does have authority to step in when the DOJ refuses to uphold the laws of this Nation…but they, like the current legislators, are afraid of the so-called "president" and his crew of communist/nazis. People are getting fed up with the shenanigans CA, NY, and IL are pushing on the LEGITIMATE CITIZENS of America and will push back, using legitimate means, to end this nonsense. The day of reckoning is near—and those who are bent on destroying the United States will rue the day they decided to become obama's accomplice in crime. We don't have to resort to violence–we will use the Constitution and Declaration of Independence to our advantage.

  5. I can't wait for the big quake to move the coastline from LA to just outside LasVegas – – This is beyond absurd, as always – how can the citizens of LA let this happen – wait – they are all illegals from somewhere else ?? And it's illegal ALIENS, since they are mostly not immigrants – immigrants have some sort of approved status, which is the normal. lawful way of entering this country ! ! But who follows laws these days – not the legislators of CA . .
    It is truly the land of fruits and nuts !

  6. If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn't vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what "Change" was and now we know and I'm glad I didn't vote for him.

    How can the people of CA let this nonsense keep happening? The people with sense are moving out because of the taxes. The rest are stuck there and will be taxed to the poor house. When everybody in the state is collecting welfare, snap, etc., the state will be bankrupt. It is already happening in some of the cities. How long before the state will just implode? The rest of the country will be expected to bail them out. If we do that, we are crazier than even I thought.

    independent voter

  7. Texas Chris says:

    "Next step: voting."


    And yet, California can't seem to grasp why they are bankrupt? They can't figure out why all the illegals come there?

  8. Isn't it funny how they spend 400 million & the budget deficit by a strange coincidence is 400 million too, they lie to get the benefits & as soon as one of them get pregnant they run down to the
    Welfare office to get these benefits that should be for legal residents & ciotizens

  9. LarryFrom10EC says:

    Is there any way the other 49 states could secede California?

  10. Public_Citizen says:

    It is so easy to get a photo-ID that even illegals in LA can get one issued by a government agency.
    It is wrong to require the presentation of a photo-ID when attempting to vote because it is so difficult to get one and it is a form of discrimination.
    What am I missing here?


  12. Delmar Jackson says:

    Stop voting for washington weasels.
    Go to numbersusa, find the immigration voting record of all your candidates, vote for the best one,regardless of party,ethnicity, or mental health, becasause if they are truly wanting to reduce immigration, the media will have made them out to look like they are bat shit crazy anyway..

    wash, rinse, repeat.
    get off the couch, stop whining on forums, educate and vote!!

    No More WEASELS!!

  13. When will our Government learn that "you take cae of your own first and foremost"? Of course many of us wonder if LA and the whole state of California is actually a part of the United States of America anymore!

  14. Having been born in Los Angles I have a interest and curiosity about the city and state of California . As I watched the goings on there the question that has been raise in my mind has been , is it the air or , the water ? People cannot be this far out in lala land by nature , there must be something that causes this odd thinking and behavior . They complain about the drain that illegal immigration puts upon the welfare system then turn around and provide incentive for more illegals to come , collect more city and state aid , take jobs away from legal residents and Americans who want employment and are unable to find it .

    I have to agree with a previous poster and ask , 'is California and the city of L.A. still a part of the U.S.A., or was it traded back to Mexico for something to be named later ? I certainly glad my parents decided to relocate to another state and not raise me in that nuthouse !

  15. I have no problem with feeding them.. as long as you put them in chain gangs first so they have to earn what they are costing us. Work them so hard that they want to swim home for some rest.

  16. Why would they need to stash it? They send most of it back to Mexico anyhow. The money gram and wire services love illegals.

  17. Those that give money to INVADERS are traitors to the USA.

  18. Until We The People have had enough this will not stop. Our tax money is going downthe rat hole and the politicians will continue to do this unlesswe vote their sorry butts out of office.If they want a taxpayer revolt it’s coming. You guy’s elected gov. moon beam and now you will all be bankrupt.That is why businesses and people are moving out of the state. Pretty soon Mexico can have it back because that’s all that will live there.

  19. Hope the S a fault drops off real soon?

  20. our voting system is very sloppy and full of fraud and you can't discount all the section 8 folks who will auto vote for Obama and there are more every day soon America will be a 3rd world country Obamas pay back to America for allowing slavery and other social injustices

  21. They fail to mention that it is the legal residents & citizens that are the ones going to pay for this program, is there no limit ton what these politicians will do? Pandering to illegals is illegal isn't it? I hope that both houses & the office of POTUS is under GOP control & they keep their promises of reigning in Sanctuary cities by refusing to send the money to back to them until they dismantle these policies. We have to pay for our own poor to exist, but do we have to import or let in anyone that makes it across the border & then take up residency & get public benefits. I for one am really tired of working & getting so little of what I workd for so it can be redistributed to those that simply will not work

  22. Well obama sent two of them to the supreme court to vote in step with his agenda

  23. Gather ALL illegals and send them back to where ever. Then send a bill to the offending country(ies) and tell them we mean to collect.. This is UNFAIR for tax paying people of the USA to pay for illegals (medical, food and whatever)! When are the people of the United States going to wake UP!?? Or just absorb Mexico,straighten it out and tax it just like any other state in the Union…..