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16,000 Dead People Were Claimed as Beneficiaries for Government Handouts

Written by Gary North on October 16, 2012

I wonder if they also voted?

This figure has come out in the wake of a series of investigations by the government on fraud related to Obama; 2009 stimulus law that spend $840 billion. You must remember that law? It was shovel-ready.

So far, there are 1,900 investigations going on. Most of these are nickel-and-dime stuff compared to $840 billion: a hundred thousand here and there. But occasionally a choice one comes up, such as the veterans who claimed 16,000 dead people as dependents. Readers can understand that story.

So far, there have been about 600 convictions.How much money was involved? Only $11 million, says the government.

When the government spends $840 billion, the amount of provable fraud is limited by the number of inspectors.

For instance, the Energy Department inspector general reported last week it discovered the California energy commission collected two duplicate payments under a stimulus program that costs taxpayers $678,000 and and it recommended the money be repaid.

I see. It recommended. As in suggested. “Pretty please pay it back.”

Fat chance.

The Health and Human Services inspector general reported recently that a Louisiana group that received stimulus funds for Head Start programs for children had inappropriately spent nearly $1.2 million in federal funds to construct a new building that wasn’t approved by federal officials. The group is contesting the finding.

Of course it is contesting the finding.

The Energy Department inspector general also warns in its most recent semiannual report that the Western Area Power Administration, which received $3.25 billion in borrowing authority to help build transmission lines under the stimulus law, is at risk of losing significant money on a transmission project for wind power in Montana that it funded.

“WAPA has significant financial exposure on the project … encountering significant delays and cost overruns,” the IG warned.

No kidding! Waste! Will wonders never cease?

And a former superintendent of a Montana construction company was charged last month with making false statements regarding the quality of work his firm performed on federal bridge project in Idaho that was funded with $21.6 million in stimulus money. The company used “nonconforming anchor bolts” for parts of the construction, and tried to conceal it. The bolts had to be fixed, delaying the project.

I see. Bad bolts.They matched the real nuts who voted for the stimulus.

If the 1,900 investigations turn up fraud and waste of $1,000,000 per incident, that’s a grand total of $1.9 billion. This is out of $840 billion.

You get the idea. Peanuts.

So far: $11 million.

When government gets this big, there is no way to track the fraud with the minimal resources allocated to tracking this fraud.

The government is not interested in discovering fraud. It is interested in keeping the Keynesian ship of state afloat.

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10 thoughts on “16,000 Dead People Were Claimed as Beneficiaries for Government Handouts

  1. Heads will roll…. The people finding these LITTLE things and making them public are interfering with the funding of the DNC, union officials, and big democratic donors. Who the he&& do they think they are? This has to be the most corrupt regime in the history of the country. Wake up people, total destruction of capitalism is the goal, and it is in sight.

  2. The Big Easy says:

    These 16,000 'dead people' I'am sure WILL BE VOTING in this next election,and to be sure it WILL be for the democraps.Just like the voter fraud that is going on in N. H.,and other states that do NOT require PHOTO I.D.'s for voting.They also allow for the voting in 2 states at the same time,mail-in voting.———–but of course the d.n.c. says 'there is no voter fraud going on' ,YEA RIGHT ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. Texas Chris says:

    What? Fraud in a government handout program?

    Say it ain't so…

  4. Met a lot of nice, elderly U.S. expatriate couples when I lived south of the border.

    I'm sure that for a number of them when one spouse died the other quietly had them buried locally, with no report of the death to the consulate, so the SS check keeps coming (via direct deposit).

  5. They need to throw all of them in jail and make them work for minimum wage to pay it off.

  6. Say it ain't so says:

    Do a google search for this: Ahead of Election, Obama Stops Releasing ‘Stimulus’ Reports

    There is so much fraud, they don't want anyone to know of it.

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    Unlike many citizens, the dead vote in every election. Some of them vote several times, and oddly enough they all vote Democrat.

  8. Bob Marshall says:

    The government has gotten so big only because millions demanded it. More and more entitlement programs mean larger government paid for with higher taxers on those who pay taxes. 100,000,000 receiving some type of assistance from the government? That is nearly one third of the country. Politicians know it is political suicide to talk about cutting back on Medicare or Medicaid or raising the age at which seniors draw Social Security. These things will have to be done eventually if these programs are to survive, but when? There is plenty of government waste in other areas as well. Just not to this extent. We have a congress with no backbone. The Dept. of Injustice, a Supreme Court that interprets laws on what they feel they mean and not necessarily based on the Constitution. A president who has ignored the Constitution in at least 16 instances and uses executive orders to by pass congress.

  9. as long as the main stream media continues to cover for this administration fraud in every sense of the word will continue

  10. in WI we have billboards all over telling people it's a prison term and stiff fine for voter fraud. Nobody cares, nobody ever gets a stiff fine or jail time when they are caught.