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Google Sued for G-Mail Snooping

Written by Gary North on October 15, 2012

Does Google use its softeare to search your G-mail account, looking for patterns that will increase its ability to target afs? Two plaintiffs say so. They have taken Google to court.

I have never used Google’s G-mail except as a way for me to get access to my YouTube channel. I figured there would be no privacy.

But some people think G-mail is convenient. It is convenient. For Google.

Representatives from Google are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit waged at the company’s Gmail platform because the plaintiffs in the case cannot explicitly prove that their correspondence is being unlawfully monitored by the email service.

Brad Scott and Todd Harrington are the lead plaintiffs in a case that attempts to call-out the Silicon Valley search engine company as being in violation of California’s Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) because they believe Gmail conducts clandestine scans of emails for words and content, intentionally intercepting private communiqué as a result without obtaining the user’s permission. Google, on the other hand, maintains that only computers complete all the legwork and that no humans actually have their eyes on any emails, also insisting that neither Mr. Scott nor Mr. Harrington can back up their claims that any action from Gmail has led to injury.

Google admits that it does search content by means of “fully automated processes involve no human review of any kind.” These are used to screen spam and viruses.

The plaintiffs say this is the equivalent of wiretapping. It’s eavesdropping.

Google responded:

“Plaintiffs fail to articulate a single concrete injury stemming from the automated processing of emails sent to Gmail users. Plaintiffs instead rely on conclusory allegations that their privacy rights were infringed in the abstract.”

The ante has been upped by the Obama Administration. The President’s cyber-security executive order allows third parties (read: Google) to hand over this information to the federal government.

About 11 members of Congress sent a written letter of protest to the White House. We await the other 524 to add their names to the letter.

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7 thoughts on “Google Sued for G-Mail Snooping

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Google is a private company.

    Users freely contract with Google for the services Google offers.

    Users must accept that Google owns the servers, and therefore the information on those servers, and can do with that information what Google desires. Period. End of story.

    Want privacy from Google? Don't use Google's services. Pay for your email and remote storage.

    Google isn't the government.


  2. I agree most other email and search companies do the same. How else are they going to stop spam and malware in your email. However, I can see the hand over of information to the government being abused, much like the way it was authorized in the first place! Makes you wonder sometimes why we have a congress if all laws are going to be by executive order.

  3. May be true, but paying for your email and remote storage is not a guarantee of privacy either. But it is something we will have to live with in this age of information.

  4. Google's REAL 'privacy' policy is layman's terms:
    1. What information do we collect? Everything we can.
    2. What do we do with the information we collect? Whatever we want.
    3. How can you prevent your information from being collected? Avoid the internet.


  6. (Representatives from Google are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit waged at the company’s Gmail platform because the plaintiffs in the case cannot explicitly prove that their correspondence is being unlawfully monitored by the email service)

    Well step back and let's see what these two men do have. Allow them to present their case. If Google feels that there is nothing to the lawsuit then Google has nothing to worry about. Why is Google being so defensive if Google has done nothing wrong? Google to me is indeed the (Teacher's Pet) to the government. The informent against the user's that put Google where it is. Go figure.

    Read more: http://teapartyeconomist.com/2012/10/15/google-su

  7. Google's agreement with the user does not say it will read or snoop into anyones private commnication, in fact it says it will SECURE AGAINST this kind of activity. Because Google has been up Obama's rear since day one and wants to help him infringe on people's CONSTIONAL RIGHT, EVERYONE with a Google account should bring suit against them IN A COURT OF LAW. They will have to pay out MILLIONS to users and legal fees because they are in the wrong and this will either PUT THE OBAMA SNOOP MACHINE OUT OF BUSINESS or PUT THEM IN CHECK for engaging in this kind of behavior again!