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Undercover Videos: “How to Vote for Obama Twice”

Written by Gary North on October 11, 2012

In 1960, John Kennedy won the Presidency based on his strong showing in Cook County, Illinois.

After the election, black comedian Dick Gregory offered this line. “I’m from Cook County, where your vote really counts, and counts, and counts.” He was correct.

The same games are being played across the United States.

Conservative prankster James O’Keefe engineers one of his legendary exposés on camera. He was the man who in 2009 pretended to be a pimp. He took a woman he said was under age 18 to several ACORN welfare activism centers. He got advice on how to set up a prostitution ring and avoid paying taxes. He recorded these sessions. They were posted on YouTube. The resulting publicity led to the de-funding of ACORN by the federal government. It soon went bankrupt.

Here, his team interviews Obama campaign centers on how to vote twice.

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11 thoughts on “Undercover Videos: “How to Vote for Obama Twice”

  1. j naujokas says:

    Now I want him to go to a Romney site and do the same thing……………see what happens.

  2. Seminole Katz says:

    ACORN lost their funding from OUR tax dollars, BUT branched off into several other equally dishonest organizations and are still operating. Shut Them Down !

  3. Every person should work at one of the largest tax preparation firms. Make sure you prepare in a store that is NOT open year around. You will be absolutely overwhelmed by what you will learn – not about preparing taxes but what you are told by the public. After that, nothing will surprise you.

  4. The dumbcraps are going to destroy America. They will stop at nothing to get the Obummer in! Vote once and be counted. These idiots are so retarded and dumb. They should get jail time. What happend to our system?????

  5. One of the BEST ways to vote for him over and over and over–is to simply not have to present a photo ID. Harried and nervous poll monitors will be unlikely to demand ANY proof of who you are; especially if the person behind him is "in a hurry to return to work" and "Knows him–he's my neighbor".
    YES–I've seen this happen more than once in just the few minutes I spend each election at the polls…

  6. JohnSeiler1 says:

    In his recent book, "The Passage of Power," Robert Caro also details how in 1960 LBJ threw Texas for JFK. As with LBJ's prior elections for the U.S. House and Senate, which Caro also detailed in his earlier books.

  7. If it could be done, Soros & Axlerod would have done it. Only through fraud are the Social Demlcrats able to elect comedians like Al Franken.

  8. Yes. LBJ was as crooked as they come. Was well established fact in the 50s and 60s.

  9. Texas Chris says:

    If he came to my GOP office we'd report him and have him arrested. Same at the polling place where I judge.

    that being said, I like what O'Keefe is doing. It needs to be done.

  10. Vote early and often, right? And, if you're dead, or an illegal alien, or an incarcerated felon, or an out-of-state commie union member, vote, vote, vote.

  11. Susan Ramsey says:

    Acorn come back as SEIU don't be fooled the demo's are not going to get rid of there source of votes. When they can't wake up the dead people they will resort to any tactic.