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Big Bird’s Payoff: Sesame Street Got $1 Million of Obama’s Stimulus

Written by Gary North on October 10, 2012

You may have seen Big Bird’s cameo appearance in a video promoting President Obama.

Poor old Big Bird. He is a national icon. Yet here is a Presidential candidate who has him in the cross hairs.

I can understand Big Bird’s concern. Sesame Street got $1,000,000 out of President Obama’s stimulus bill. Job creation: 1.5 jobs.

Big Bird would hate to see those 1.7 jobs cut.

This money was in addition to the usual annual subsidy from the government.

Without government subsidies, Big Bird might be grounded for good. No more Grover, either. No more Oscar the Grouch.

(My guess is that Oscar is going to write in “Ron Paul.” That’s what we grouches do.)

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6 thoughts on “Big Bird’s Payoff: Sesame Street Got $1 Million of Obama’s Stimulus

  1. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Get rid of the whole gang of Characters, let them Mooch off the Liberal Millionaires after they Pay their Fair Share of course TAXES. I am sure we will continue to Live with out giving them one more dime.

  2. Sell the SS franchise. It makes half a billion in merchandise every year. Set it free to keep its own profits. Free the bird.

  3. Waist and more waist! Romney has it right to cut this crap spending and get America back. If this show wants to stay on the air then they need to get out there and ask for donations like other networks. The real problem is that the backers would be the ones that expect the government to pick up the tab and us, the middle class pay the bill when it comes in the mail..

  4. How are they able to keep their tax free status? I thought they were not allowed to be political! The new fuhrer must go!

  5. Romney is the illusion of an alternative to Obama (or "OVOMIT" as another poster routinely refers to him). If Mitt was serious about change (I've been hearing that catchphrase in every US election since I turned 18), he would go after the Federal Reserve, which has brought this country and millions of Americans to the brink of bankruptcy.

  6. Russia, and China are a threat….Romney is right. We are in a Biblical war between Ishmael, Esau, and the serpent seed.

    Let's face it, the enemy within will do anything to win. As my husband says, vote for the crook of choice.

    I will vote for Romney before an enemy such as Obama. What other choices, that can win? and not split the vote? Romney has a better personal life, which is important.