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LoonieLand: School to Put Video Cameras in Trash Cans to Monitor Tossed Veggies

Written by Gary North on October 8, 2012

Obama’s Adiministration requires school districts to serve veggies and fruit in school lunches.

Kids do what we would expect: they refuse to eat their veggies. So, they toss them into the trash.

A local school wants to have proof that this is happening. It does not want to supply hated food. It needs proof, supervisors believe. So, it will spend $75,000 to put video cameras in the trash cans. The cameras will record the veggies.

But who will edit these videos? Who will assemble the data? This will no doubt require a veggie garbage specialist.

Some parents see this as the first step in a crusade against parents who have kids who toss their veggies.

“Because no matter what they say, they are going to try to identify the kids throwing the food away and then social workers and courts will get involved,” wrote one local resident. “If your child doesn’t eat his school lunch, you will face punishment. Think I’m wrong? There are cities and states that punish the adults if the children are truant or get in trouble with the law in any manner. Your kid threw away a carrot? Go to jail. This is what we are coming to.”

These parents are paranoid. This is a good sign. If I were this paranoid, I would pull my kids out of school.

Wait. I forgot. I never sent my kids into the public schools.

And do it goes. The nanny state is like the Blob. It keeps spreading.

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23 thoughts on “LoonieLand: School to Put Video Cameras in Trash Cans to Monitor Tossed Veggies


  2. Looks like the seller of the cameras has found a new way to force a profit. Is there no end to the nonsense going on in public systems? No matter what you do or how many times you document it, you can't change human nature. Even an attempt to control it would prove impossible because some civil rights group would call it a hate crime because it discriminates against those who do not like carrots! Good grief, folks. Will someone please stop the ridiculous madness and stop enriching these fools who have managed to get on the good side of someone with the power to give them the business. Why do you think voters keep voting against increases for school districts. Show us where the school (not the Administration) actually benefited from more tax money.

  3. You tag-team trolls from the Romney campaign just crack me up.

  4. In order to get the biggest bang for the buck, they cut the broccoli stocks right to the bottom which makes for stringy stems (I hate), beats I detest and esparagas (sp)as well. So shame on me (I'm over 60). I love most but not all vegetables. Don't we have bigger problems to solve? So let them pick and choose to reduce waste.

  5. More STUPIDITY from the Kenyan Critters Regime. And if a kid doesn't eat his veggies, what do the Morons plan to do about it?? I mean those Clowns can't even run a FREE Cell Phone give-a way program right. Hey Stupid you don't need a camera, just take the lid off the trash can a look in.

  6. Well, you liberal nuts do bring them out now, dont you! Guess they just can not stand the stupidity. If the parents had been taught in school the basics of life, instead of feel good programs, their children might not be like they are today. But hey, thats what a progressive is all about isnt it? Seems they will have to deal with it now. Romney has nothing to do with this.

  7. Are you saying that you agree with that school spending that much money on checking what goes into a trash can?

  8. Ah, commonsense is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you.

  9. The cameras at the trashcan are for intimidation, their reasoning being if the students know about it, they wont throw it away. Good luck on that one! Meanwhile another school system goes broke. Wonder why?

  10. That would be a Republican way. The camera is the Democrat way because they like to spend money.

  11. The Big Easy says:

    @-dan———–COMRADE———-And you 'mo-bummmer ZOMBIES' are aiding the flea-infested flea-bagger food-stamp pink-slip giving 'ELITIST' what's in charge in the white house now,to DESTROY the AMERICAN way of life.Just a small look at what the puke has done so far,increased the gasoline prices to some $5.00 a gallon,it was $1.78 when he got into office,SHUT-DOWN the Canadian pipe line,which WOULD have created some HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF GOOD HIGH PAYING JOBS for the AMERICAN CITIZENS, then you have where they send SEVERAL THOUSANDS of HIGH POWERED AUTOMATIC WEAPONS to the mesican drug cartel so as to get OUR Brave Border Agents MURDERED so as to gain support for the ELIMINATION of the SECOND AMENDMENT,then you have where it is FACT that the regime in the white house, WOULD NOT give Military support to the Ambassador before the TERRORIST INVADED the Embassy,ABDUCTED him, ,SODOMIZED him,DRUG him through the streets,MURDERED him and those 3 others that had come to give him some help,and what does the flea-infested flea-bagger say,'IT WAS JUST A BUMP IN THE ROAD',then you have the B.P. oil rupture in the gulf,where there were some 30 other countries that wanted to go in and use their oil-skimmer ships to suck up the oil,separate it from the sea water and ship it to the refineries,and what does the flea-bagger do,he gives them the 'JONES ACT' and 'THE FINGER',then the oil got to the shore,which caused the MURDERS of all those air,land and sea animals,and the LOST UNTOLD BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in revenue for all those states from Texas over to the Carolinas,then you have where he was for 'traditional marriage',and now he is for homo-sexual 'marriage',and before he was for 'pro-life' and now he is for 'PRO-DEATH',and what about mandating FREE condoms for kids as young as 14 ( without their parents knowledge) and also have a ABORTIONS AFFAIRS OFFICE in the pubic schools,and what about that wonderful peaceful a- rab spring,now he is backing that TERRORIST group the muzzslime bros that are MURDERING their people and OUR CITIZENS as well,then you have the case where the Arizona people try to CLOSE the Border so as to keep OUT all those ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS from coming into the UNITED STATES ILLEGALLY,ROBBING,RAPING,MURDERING our CITIZENS,STEALING OUR TAX DOLLARS for THEM to have such as FREE TO-THEM, well-fare,food-stamps,schooling,health-care,incarcerations,housing,transportation,etc.,etc.,and what does the flea-infested-flea-bagger do,he sues the state for trying to do WHAT THE FED WILL NOT DO, C L O S E THE B O R D E R S , then you have ALL those ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS having MILLIONS of little ILLEGAL ALIENS for the AMERICAN CITIZENS to GIVE their TAX PAYER DOLLARS for their FREE welfare,food-stamps,health-care,schooling,housing,incarceration,etc.,etc.,also they CONTINUE to STEAL jobs from the BONA-FIDE AMERICAN CITIZENS.and what about ALL the TAX PAYER DOLLARS that went to such as the stimulus,son of stimulus,wall st.,the banks,car co.,the u.a.w.,the teachers unions,planned-parent-hoods,pubic radio and t.v.,insurance co.,GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.,solar panel co.,wind turbine co.,the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS GIVEN to the TERRORIST OUTFIT A.K.A. the muzzzzzslime bros,the u.n.,pockeystan,all the other stans,etc.,etc..———-And for you 'mo-bummer ZOMBIES' this is O.K.—————-What a bunch of pukes————————YOU must be one of 47% that get money from the gubermint (A.K.A. THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS ).——-COMRADE, go get a job and PAY your TAXES,then you will know what WE the TAX PAYERS are going through right now.————-What a puke——————————

  12. Maybe if schools didn't have to provide free and/or inexpensive food, if parents packed their own kids' lunches, this stupidity wouldn't be necessary. As a teacher, parent and taxpayer, I HATE seeing twelve or more trash cans full of FOOD, not just styrofoam dishes & plastic forks, after each meal is over & done with. (This is in an elementary school with 300 students.) Maybe if government would get its stinking nose out of our business, we'd regain the common sense we've lost and learn to live our own RESPONSIBLE lives again…

  13. Pain in the keister to read, not going to finish. You need paragraph breaks, honey, and one topic.

  14. You hate it, don't you Stan, that we've got you Romn-obamists pegged?

  15. Texas Chris says:

    Sad how they can't see how similar they are, the Rombots and Obamabots.

  16. Texas Chris says:


  17. Texas Chris says:

    The issue is not the veggies, or the preparation thereof, but the fact that all of the community pays for public schools, kids get little education, parents have no say, and ISD tyrants run amok.

    Get government out of school if you want real education.

  18. Texas Chris says:

    The Republican AND Democrat way are both tax-funded, and that is the crux of the education dilemma. We know government healthcare is a bad idea, but we trust government schools? Why?

  19. Texas Chris says:

    Part of it is silly wasteful spending like this; part of it is extracurricular spending like sports and clubs. But it all comes down to the fact that public schools are tax funded and union organized, and therefore inefficient.

  20. Texas Chris says:

    When I was in high school (89-93) we left at lunch and went to local restaurants. Shocking, I know, that prisoners were allowed to leave the penitentiary.

    A private school where I live now recruits several fast-food chains to bring in meals to sell to students every day.

  21. Protest these lying, fascist scums from robbing every last shred of our freedom. Nothing they say related to truth. Don’t let them force GMO Monsanto foods down your throat.

  22. And……..if the students know about the cameras in the trash cans, they will just steal the cameras.

  23. When I was in high school (53-57) we were not allowed to leave the school. The principal would sit in his car at the only gate where the driveway met the street. Prisoners? We thought so at the time, but at our 50th reunion 5 years ago, we all had a lot of laughs telling stories about this kind of stuff. Did any of us suffer from what was done back then? No.