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Police Can Track Every License Plate

Written by Gary North on October 5, 2012

Technology allows police forces or car-repossession firms to track every license plate in town. The scanning system assembles permanent data.

Police can track a license plate’s movements. The data storage is so cheap that departments can store everything.

Why would they want to? Because they can. Cheap.

The police say that only bad guys are at risk. If you have done nothing wrong, you need not worry.

As for your privacy, the good old days are gone. The price of tracking your movements is getting cheap, and will get cheaper.

You know companies track your cell phone’s movements. This will reinforce that tracking ability.

Here’s how it works.

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13 thoughts on “Police Can Track Every License Plate

  1. I have nothing to hide BUT thats a violation of my rights ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Twice when we reported a license plate number for something that happened, it turned out to be a stolen car and/or plates. So much for checking plates for someone who was in the wrong.

  3. Excellent, so no all any car thief needs to do is hack into this database and go car shopping. Oh I forgot, the trolls working for the Government are way to smart to let that happen….

  4. meant to type “so now all”

  5. It is not a violation of your rights, Mr. Slickzip, as long as your movements are not hindered; you do not violate the law; or cause someone else to violate the law. Let’s support the police for a change.

  6. No system no matter hown much it is technologically advanced is 100% fool proof. Give the police a chance.

  7. The is total abuse …… a stalkers dream!
    My personal movements are NO ONES BUSINESS!!!
    Vindictive person …..just a nosy person… a good hacker….someone that need cash….connected to law enforcement or one of these companies!
    Total nightmare!!

  8. They say only the bad guys are targeted but what they don't say is that to them everyone is a bad guy so they have the right to do whatever they want.

  9. Fine, when the police stop beating up and murdering people innocent of any wrongdoing, then covering up their crimes by falsifying the incident report and destroying the incriminating evidence recorded by bystanders, I'm sure we can start giving to the policemen's benevolent association again.

  10. Since prisons are now an industry, outfits like UNICOR are taking business away from private companies because they only have to pay their slave labor force 21 cents/hour, don't have to worry about OSHA regulations, benefits or 401k's. Judges own shares in companies like UNICOR so they have a huge incentive to always send more people to jail. Another reason we have so many "victimless" crime statutes that ordinary people can run afoul of and get tossed in the hoosegow.

    What we denounced regimes like Nazi Germany for doing half a century ago, is now standard policy in the US.

  11. If you've also noticed, in 10 years the TSA has never caught a real terrorist, so with all that time on their hands now they're stealing passengers' belongings, taking bribes to let drug-running "mules" through security without a search and seizing water bottles that might be used to make "explosives". This total information awareness is for no other reason than to create work for bureaucrats who don't serve any useful function in society.

  12. CEDRICWARD says:


    You must have not left your house for years.

    Read this, because it's THE TRUTH! http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3

  13. CEDRICWARD says:


    It's more to intimidate the public into becoming docile sheep who can be herded into the FEMA camps when the time comes to genocide the useless eaters and to make them fearful of all authorities who might harm them for any reason until then.