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The Powerless UN Proposes Worldwide Taxes. Again.

Written by Gary North on October 4, 2012

The United Nations Organization is where Third World bureaucrats long to be assigned to. They live in New York. Their governments pay huge salaries to them: tax-free. They live in expensive apartments for free.

What do they do for a living? Pretend they are important. Pretend that anyone cares what they do. Pretend that they can tax people.

They can’t tax anyone. But they have grand visions of what they could do if only they were allowed to tax anyone.

They will soon discuss taxing the rich to give to the poor. The means? A tax on carbon.

They want to lay a tax of 1% on all billionaires.

They want to tax airline tickets.

But they have a problem. National governments want these taxes. They will not let the UN get independent of subsidies from other national governments.

A honcho in the economic of the Third World has big plans, pie-in-the-sky plans.

Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs, who also serves as an UN assistant secretary general, suggests that global excises include carbon taxes and other green-friendly initiatives in order to find a way to tackle the ever-present issue of climate change.

“We have to make a technological transition that’s quite deep to new energy systems, new transport systems, more efficient buildings and that can be back loaded,” Sachs said to the media earlier in the week at a Climate Week NYC conference in New York.

Mr Sachs remains a prisoner in a fantasy world.

At the Climate Week conference, Sachs said he has no problem putting global taxes on the books to clean up the planet and put future generations at ease.

I have a problem with this. How about you?

Fox News now reports that “an around-the-world tax” that’ll require rich countries to cough up $25 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions could bring in as much as $250 billion a lone to be used on other members states. The proposed billionaire-tax, Fox adds, could collect upwards of $50 billion annual.

No nation will agree to this unless it thinks it will get in on the loot. No nation will let the UN pocket the money.

These bureaucrats are living the good life. There is no reason to let reality intrude. They hold lots of conferences. Lots and lots of conferences.

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9 thoughts on “The Powerless UN Proposes Worldwide Taxes. Again.

  1. CaptTurbo says:

    I'm sick, tired, and disgusted with the UN's meddling in the USA'a affairs. We need to get out of the UN and banish them from our soil.

  2. Throw them all the hell out of their free residences. Make their leaders of their countries pay like the rest of us. If they put their socks on 1 at a time they are no different.

  3. I have been saying this for years . The UN is totally worthless as a world body and needs to be disbanded . They cause ten times more problems than they solve . This is no longer the world body it was in the years of Dag Hammaershold , but a mob of elist third world countries who think they are saving the world from its self . 90 % are so pro communist in ideology and actions they should all have little red stars tattooed on their foreheads . It is time for the UN to find a new home in a new country and get the hell out of the US . They should be told to leave or , start paying rent on the building and grounds they occupy . A building built for them by the taxpayers of America . And the United States should also remove itself from this body and its rule of absolutism . In short order this body will realize just how empty and worthless they really are and either they will shape up or collapse entirely . Yes the alleged diplomats to the UN ( in many cases spies and or aggitators ) are over paid and they live the high life in NYC at the expense of their governments while doing little actual work . They like the perks available to them here in America . It would be interesting to see how they would enjoy the perks in Mombasa or perhaps Cairo or Bengazhi for instance

  4. Carbon tax: the ultimate goal of the "Global warming….no, wait…climate change" propagandists whose dream is a tax on every human being in the world for the crime of….being alive. "Saving the earth" is merely the rallying cry of the true believers.

    They ignore the calls from independent researchers to see the raw data and computer models on which they base the lie that humans are the cause of global warming (even though the earth is in the middle of a cooling period with record-breaking snowfall all over the globe). That alone exposes the basis for the carbon tax as anti-scientific. But then, when all your funding comes from governments who salivate at the thought of another tax, this is how politics trumps the scientific method.

    The brokerage houses that were going to be trading in and making billion$ off of carbon tax credits were set up years ago, based on a business model created by none other than Ken Lay of Enron infamy.

    The author Robert Heilbroner wrote years go that with the fall of the Soviet Union, all those true believers with a totalitarian mindset needed a new cause to advance their goal of one world government, and that they would all hop to the environmentalist movement. How right he was.

  5. dick Grace says:

    Get us out of this madhouse. Let them pay their own bills, etc.

  6. The Big Easy says:

    All we have to do,is to STOP the MASSIVE FLOW of money from the AMERICAN TAX payers going to these barbary coast cutthroats.Without our money,there is no u.n.,and then they would 'self-deport'. Then we would have BILLIONS more for the AMERICAN CITIZENS that truly are in need,we should always take care of our own CITIZENS first and foremost .Why is it that we have to PAY for the rest of the world—–let the wonderful dear leaders of those countries take care of their own citizens,instead of just STEALING the money from the likes of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.And why are WE giving VERY LARGE SUMS OF MONEY ( BILLIONS OF DOLLARS ) to the very gubermints that are MURDERING AMERICAN CITIZENS—————The big question is ,just what side is the white house on????????It seems to be OUR enemies !!!!!!!!!!!
    Our money going to MURDERS and TERRORIST,and we the AMERICAN CITIZENS have to go to the 'back of the bus'.And this is the puke that wants 4 more years of MISERY for ALL the AMERICAN CITIZENS,while he goes on many,many more vacations,golf games,fly overs in AIR FORCE ONE,fund raisers at some 40 THOUSAND DOLLARS a plate,and you pukes that voted for him,live off food-stamps,welfare,section 8,w.i.c.,obummmer-phones,unemployment, etc.,etc..

  7. Let's hope that Romney/Ryan win and will pursue kicking the Useless Nuts out of New York AND then proceed to set up an organization with the United States and their Allies and Friendly Nations with the purpose of promoting Safety for all it's citizens foremost and then consider Aid to only those that deserve it based on whether or not they promote Democracy!

  8. Look, guys, we know that if O'Bama the Magnificent gets in office again, he will be on this band wagon, so let's be real. . . let's 'excise' O'Bama and that should take care of the problem.

  9. Excise in Unelect, so the king of crazytown doesn't misinterprete it.