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This Woman Has 30 Free “ObamaPhones”

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2012

It’s an election year, so it’s time for free cell phones!

Yes, my friends, you canĀ  get free cell phones if you are in the right demographic group.

Do you pay income taxes? Sorry, but you don’t qualify. You must be in the group of 47% of voters who don’t pay income taxes to qualify.

Here is a video of a Baltimore TV news broadcast.

My thanks to TPE subscriber Angela Norton for this heads-up.

If you find anything this choice, send me the link: garynorth@garynorth.com. Mark it TPE Article.


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70 thoughts on “This Woman Has 30 Free “ObamaPhones”

  1. Freeloader!

  2. spoiledd48 says:

    something else us tax payers are paying for, this is the 47% romney is talking about, ,not our vet, or people on s,s,d, its the ones that dont want to help there self, an take advantage of the goverment,taking away from the ones that really do need it, vote romney

  3. that is our government.

  4. I couldn't finish watching this. Once again people of color are ripping the rest of us off…….just like when Obama handed out those $400 checks a woman of color was asked where the money comes from. She said she did care. All she cared about was getting her check. Hey folds why can't we call it what it is. Programs to take away money from earners to give to the largest voting block for Obama…people of color.

    If you don't like this post then get off your butt and go to work. And please explain to me why one of the phones this woman of color had was a BlackBerry which requires a data plan to use it!!!!!

    Call me what you want but NO apology is forthcoming. This person of no color isn't go to the back of the bus. Rosa Parks already addressed that issue in the 60's Civil Rights Movement.

  5. she didn't care NOT she did care….sorry but this video really pissed me off.

  6. Mainer1776 says:

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  7. How these people know how to use a blackberry, when they can't even vote unless they mark an X under there name.

  8. this infuriates me. btw, that white phone shown a few times? that's what I had before my current phone. I remember it cost me $100 at the time, discounted.

  9. They can get cell phones but can't get an ID card to vote? Incredible how selective their abilities are.

  10. no photo ID required

  11. Democrat plantation living does that to you, it strips your mind of any common sense.
    Instead we have them standing in line for obama cell phones, instead of the employment line.

  12. The word free really ticks me off!. When I had lifeline, it wasn't free, it was a discount and only on a home phone which I had to buy myself and pay a share to use. Expecting us to provide a free phone and monthly minutes is going too far, esp when I'm given to understand that you can dial 911 on any cell whether it's got minutes or not. Give them all used donated phones for that and tell em to use their own dime to get minutes or a pay phone to socialize. The buck's gotta stop somewhere and this is a darn good place to start!

  13. DISGRACEFUL and will be continued after Nov. 2012 if nobama is voted in again

  14. smdares44 says:

    Eliminate all N's and Muslims!

  15. You are exactly correct. How sad for these people. Seems they are just one notch above a dog in the ability to take care of themselves.

  16. We all must march on Congress, when it returns, and scream to legislate "no universal line charge on my phone": alternative, we vote them out. Then march on the new Attorney General director's office, and scream at him to stop this ?executive order? which started this government handout. Or, we can sit on our laurels and let our government be taken over by a more intelligent terrorist muslim!! The time to stop analyzing, discecting double talk is over – after the debates!

  17. It takes a little ambition and intelligence to get a photo I.D., It takes neither to get an "Obamaphone".

  18. give me a paid cell phone and more government cheese and I will vote for Obama. May God Bless America if Obama is re-elected

  19. I think it's about time the "poor" start paying their "fair share."

  20. 1940voter says:

    Time to thin out the breeding stock with a free sterilization program–Public contributions excepted

  21. You got it. This is Obama's core constituency up close and personal. And if anyone thinks otherwise, they're not paying attention.

  22. 30 phones? Is she selling drugs?

  23. Seminole Katz says:

    Here is just another " well managed " Government Give-away of YOUR tax dollars. Just how well will ObamaCare work ?

  24. This does describe the Obama administration better than almost anything could ever prove the Incompetence better than anything. The Organized crime behind everything that Barrack Obama does each and every day the slide of hand tricks he does the words that come from his mouth like "FREE" but the stupid people that believe they are getting something for nothing. These idiot people can't see that in jest a few months they will be paying ten fold the market price for everything that Obama is giving to them "FREE" and even Hollywood is so stupid they are falling for the lies of this pile of Donkey Dung Barrack Obama.

  25. Seminole Katz says:

    @ mark : This " WAS " our Government. Time to take it back !

  26. Plus they can get a new phone every day. They only get one id, I hope!

  27. US Citizen says:

    The media will blast Romney about his remark on the 47% (Which happens to be true) but obama and biden get free rides everytime they open their mouths. I hope Romney does the right thing tonight in the debate. obama needs to be exposed for what he really is. Lier, traitor, illegal, divider, racist, ( i would say a few more but i'm trying to be nice)

  28. This is just more pimping for votes by the current "administration"!!! What a disgusting waste…..unbelievable the freeloaders we have in our society, and they are enabled by the dictator. No wonder the deficit is well over a trillion dollars and the debt more than $16 trillion. My God….when does it end???? When other peoples' money runs out???? Just like Europe…. We'll be voting Romney/Ryan and they will begin to repair the horrible damage done to our country by this incumbent!!!

  29. In my 50+ years on this planet I have always tried to help anyone in need. Unfortunately, I cannot recall a single instance when the person I helped was better for it. They took my assistance as an invitation to do less for themselves and ultimately became even more dependent on others. It is sad, but the fact is that it is human nature. Our government providing all this assistance is just promoting reliance on government and an inability to do things for one's self. Our politicians know this, however, because they use it as a means of buying votes with OUR money so that they can stay in power.

  30. All these people voting for Obama because he gives them free stuff are what Joseph Stalin called "useful idiots". In Stalinist Russia these were people he used to gain power, then once he had consolidated that power, they were the first and the easiest to be eliminated.

  31. Weare right to really not want another term of Obama matics. Look at what he's done to us! We are so far in debt and we'll Never get out and if we reelect him we'll screw ourselves. But I see him winning and I can't stand that thought! Speaking of the cell phone thing, those 47% are the ones on welfare, black, white hispanic, they all take our money. They are lazy, have no desire to go anywhere with their lives and probably have been on welfare for Years. They should have to be taxed, show proof of looking for a job, Any job, be drug teated, welfare should treated like a job and "free" benefits like these phones stopped unless they are needed for health reasons. We need to get rid of our govrnmnt

  32. I have a friend who was paying for her phone service and when she found out about this, she cancelled her paid service and got a "free" phone as did her three adult children, her sister and brother, their combined 8 adult children all got them, most of them cancelling their paid phone services. None of them working. All planning to vote for Obama cause they might lose some of their benefits if the Republicans get control. Her family has had four generations of most of them being on welfare. They know every possible way to game the system and how to get every benefit available some of which they really are not even eligible to receive. Her daughter has been caught selling food stamps to get drugs, they slapped her hand and didn't even penalize her. She was turned in for child abuse for beating one of her kids while on cocaine,(she failed the drug test after selling $100 worth of food stamps to buy some crap that was supposed to eliminate the drugs from her system), and all they did was put her on probation for six months with random drug tests. The third of her five children, by four different daddies was almost born in jail where she was serving time for bad checks, they let her out to have the baby, and the baby was born jaundiced from all the drugs she had used during most of the pregnancy, but no one checked the baby for drug residuals. It is really crazy what they are able to do and get away with and stay on welfare. The daughter goes into various training classes to remain eligible for welfare and then drops out before finishing and then starts another, so that she won't have to actually work and can still stay on welfare. One time she was on drugs so much she couldn't go to school or work even part time so they had a distant relative lie to the government and say she was working 20 hours a week for him at minimum wage so that she would be eligible for food stamps, medicaide for the kids, WIC and whatever they call that program where a relative gets paid to sit for your kids so you can work. She was getting all that and just staying stoned constantly. And selling the foodstamps and WIC and her mom was having to get by feeding and caring for all the kids. I would often buy the babies diapers and formula cause the mother wouldn't come around with food stamps or the WIC stuff and my friend didn't have enough of her own food stamps to feed them all. I don't get food stamps and had to use my own money to buy the stuff for the babies. She did at least get her tubes tied after the fifth baby. And she is finally, at age 35 or 36, slowing down on the drug use.

  33. BTW – I have tried to explain to them that all that "free stuff" isn't free, it is provided by tax dollars paid by people who actually work, but I don't think they really care. And if you talk about the redistribution of wealth, they are all for it. Let other people work and then pay for them to sit around and do little. Her adult sons, age 25 or 26, sit around and play computer games all day and night. Their father, who is a millionaire, buys them all sorts of nice stuff, provides them a car, lets them live in one of his rental properties free, for that whole family it is easy come, easy go. Their father paid for the sons first semester of college and then he realized that if they only put down their mother's income (they are long since divorced) that the government will pay for them to go to school with that Pell Grant stuff. He is Arab, and like most Arabs, they also know how to game the American system. He is the one who finally got them registered to vote and told them to vote for Obama if they want to keep receiving all those goodies. They are registered, but I doubt they will make the effort to actually go vote. Too much "work."

  34. What do you expect from an arrogant, narcissist, marxist, muslim ghetto scum. He too wants his "free stuff"!! It cost us taxpayers $1.3M just to haul him, Muchee and the two (2) kids around on vacations and on get aways for the past three (3) years. Therefore, he is worse than the ordinary individual who stands in line to get their free stuff, as he is costing us a lot more–tax payer money, seeing the U.S. become a third world country, that no other country or their people respect, his multiple lies, etc., etc. If by chance he is reelected, another 4 years of him and this country will be set back three decades. However, if reelected, the Democrats won't see the inside of the WH for many years and will be paying for this one huge mistake–Obummer!! As well, Congress could become 100% Republican as numerous tax payers are going to hold his eventual tenure agains the Democratic Party.

  35. or Buying them

  36. and some of the 47% are unemployed BECAUSE of Obama.

  37. Drug dealers love these free cellphones too!

  38. Obama is continuing to buy the moron vote. What else did we expect, especially you idiots that voted for him last time? McCain/Palin was a disastger too, but nothing like what we have now.

  39. By the way, it is racist to show blacks ripping off the Obama system. Just ask any liberal.

  40. This is absolutely true, just study history.

  41. Years ago I worked with an illegal who not only was proud he was illegal but had several ID's in his wallet. Claims all his driver's licenses were legit too. Did the boss care? Nope……boss' answer to all this was "we're not here to enforce immigration laws and how do YOU know he's illegal"? This despite the fact that the guy admitted proudly of being illegal.

  42. Trading phones for drugs?? heh.

  43. Like going to the DMV.

  44. How is Obama taking credit for a government program of any sort even legal? It seems like a quid-quo-pro for votes. If government (taxpayers) money is given in the name of a candidate, it should be considered a campaign expense. The blind FEC should be all over this, but since only republicans could ever be charged with a violation (no democrat ever seems to be charged), expect that graft and payoffs will continue. If a repub gets in office, then declares the welfare, social security, student loan, etc checks to be “Bush loans” or “Bush most generous benefactor payments”, or whatever, there would have been hell to pay. Fortunately, he and all repubs have more respect for the nation than that– Obama is completely without shame.

  45. What percentage of These people are black. Just wondering.

  46. Rose-Marie Noa says:

    I applied for food Stamps & got a free cell phone which I didnt want & dont use & now they are going to take it away from me because I seldom use it!!! It's a piece of s—t anyway !!! Certainly not a Blackberry! Of course I'm white so maybe that's why!!!

  47. What percentage of people who have Obama phones are black. Just wondering.

  48. God bless you for helping those innocent babies. What goes around comes around. You will be blessed; those freeloaders will not.

  49. Just checked my cell phone bill and mine has two Federal -universal service assess fees-LD and non LD for a total of $5.54 per month. That's $66.48 per year and I've had a cell phone for 12 years-that's $797.76 for 12 years!!!

  50. Wapitiman says:

    'Excepted' works, but the word I think you were looking foe is 'accepted'. Close, but no cigar.

  51. Wapitiman says:

    Oops, 'foe' should be 'for'. Me arrogant? Why not! After all, I haven't made a misteak in years!

  52. keepersleeper says:

    I'm an American of African descent and I want Obama to LOSE! Your racist remark was unnecessary and you'd be surprised how many people of all races dislike Obama. Don't do what Obama does: Play the race card to turn people against one another, when in fact, they share the same concerns. Check your racism, smdares44…it works against everyone's best interest.

  53. We badly need a new mattress…we have yet to utilize one of the village idiots 'programs'…I might write to him and ask if he would start a program for replacing mattresses of eligible citizens….but then, we wouldn't be considered elligible…we work, pay our bills and vote Republican!

  54. War is coming…

  55. And don't doubt that she is willing to vote 30 times for each of the 30 phones she has. Without photo ID, who could stop her?

  56. My neighbor has lifeline and you are right. Its on landline and only a small discount. No frills such as long distance, ID, Call forwarding, etc. Btw she is a widow, a senior and living on a small Social Security check and she doesnt qualify for a free cell phone. Go Figure!

  57. And if Obama is re-elected we will need all the help God can give us!

  58. How are they really getting free phones?? Or is the welfare they use to buy these phones? Disgusting!

  59. They're not Obamaphones. The LifeLine program started in 1984 under Ronald Reagan – providing home phones. It was expanded in 1996 under Bill Clinton. The first cellular service was launched in 2008 by TracFone, under George W. Bush. They're also discounted phones, not necessarily free. The amount discounted is minimal (appx $30 rebate for a phone [or half the cost, whichever is cheaper], and $10 rebate per month for the actual service), but as anyone knows, you can get a free phone with a 2 year contract from any cellular company.

    Gary, you are full of bullshit, as usual.

  60. Can’t you folks see what BO is doing? Why are there 25 more million folks on foodstamps ?? Why have illegals been given the right to vote? BO is using our tax dollars to do nothing but buy votes and he thinks the federal treasury is his private cash cow. He’s never made a deal in his life except for the 1/2 price house he was given in Chicago by Rezko. You think BO is dumb for doing some of these types of things but he’s doing nothing but what the liberal dem’s have done forever. WHich ever one will Gimme, gimme the most and I’ll vote for them. Look at the numbers 46 million folks on food stamps, why does he want more on food stamps. Buying votes so he can declare martial law, disband the results of the elections and make himself king for as long as he wants. After all just prior to the final results of the election that put him in the WH, he said I’ll be ready to rule on the first day. We didn’t elect a ruler, we elected a president who’s sworn to up hold the constitution, hell he’s done nothing but trample on the constitution with
    his 932 executive orders. Remember he said if he got tired of waiting on congress to do what he wants, he’d do it by executive order. Look what he’s done on his way to destroying the country that was the greatest. A book by Buchanan says it, Suicide of A Super Power. We’re in a hell of a mess, thanks to BO, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ramming through all BO wanted.

  61. Does the word Hitler mean anything to anybody. What we have is an american Hitler in the WH. Hitler if you recall, slowly took over the economy, health care, started his own army and look at the results of what he did. Too many things happening to similar to be chance, the WH knows what it is doing and doesn’t one tinkers damn about anything but himself and power. He lied his way into politics and a large number of people still think he was a foreign student by the photo ID and his student card that was shown on the internet recently. How else could he get into all the schools he claimed except by folks greasing the skids to put somebody in the WH that can be controlled. No wonder he bows to the saudi king on his apology tours around the world.
    Makes you want to puke–and who’s paying for all his flights around the country doing fundraisers, instead of being at work at the office taking care of our country. He’d rather go on Letterman than meet with Netenyahu about the Iran threat. Obama I believe wants there to be some sort of national crisis so he can say that things are so bad that only the government can fix it. Government is the problem not the solution and it’s the government against the people now. Government accounting office figures show that there has been 1.4 BIllion dollars spent on vacations, trips, housing and entertainment since his election. ANd we’re not dealing with a rational person here in the election ahead of us. He’ll do any and everything to stay in power, because he has no credibility to go on except his lies about what he’s gonna do. Why didn’t something happen during the last 4 years, and only now at elections are all these things being promised again. Does he think all of us are really this dumb. Call your congress people and raise hell while we still can.

  62. Lee Hutcheson says:

    Are you aware that this past Wednesday (Oct. 3rd) a secret meeting took place in Doha, Qatar between a representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Obama administration representatives. In these secret negotiations, the delegation urged the Iranian leader to announce a halt to enrichment, even if only for a week or two, before the Nov. 6 election, promising that the Obama administration would quickly remove some sanctions on the Iranian central bank and oil industry, with further collaboration after the election.
    If Khamenei goes for this farce, the regime can gain an invaluable reprieve from the sanctions and the Obama Administration counts on this guaranteeing the election for Obama. The losers of course will be the American, Israeli and Iranian people.
    For more information see: http://www.wnd.com/2012/10/october-surprise-obama

  63. We’re in a hellofa mess B/C there are too many IDIOTS in this country
    that voted him in and still support him. The GIMME crowd. They’re voting for the hand that is feeding them. They’re too BRAINDEAD to see through his B/S.

  64. Well Mainer 1776, with the hood they obviously live in they need at least one phone in every corner of the crib they live in because the thugs, rapists, muggers, dope dealers, the drive bys and all the other perils of life in the black ghetto, one has to be able to get to a phone asap, it's a matter of life and death. I do understand your frustration .

  65. Actually, I think they are one notch BELOW a dog. Perhaps a PIG.

  66. I hope you CHOKE on the cheese…and if you don’t, I would be happy to SHOOT your worthless a** if I got the chance. Then see how much FREE cheese you could eat.

  67. Mandatory monthly drug testing to receive welfare. I and my wife must go through random drug testing to keep our jobs. If we have to do it, why the H don't they have to?

  68. rightsright247 says:

    Only in AMERIKA

  69. I concur that smdares44’s racist comment was inappropriate. Besides, there is only one “race” on this planet … Human. Within the Human race are all the beautiful and diverse ethnicities that God created.

  70. Shame on you.