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More Bicycle Sales in Italy Than Car Sales

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2012

Car sales in Italy are back to where they were in 1964. The economic slowdown is worse than most people imagine.

Think about a modern nation in which more people buy bicycles than cars. This is Third World status.

There is no way to sugar coat this. This is not a desire to get more exercise. This is a capitulation to an economic setback not seen in half a century.

Italy’s government is close to bankruptcy. It may go into default before Spain does. The investors who think Italy’s bonds are safe are fooling themselves. The population is in bad shape economically. There is no recovery in sight.

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4 thoughts on “More Bicycle Sales in Italy Than Car Sales

  1. But man, do they eat well!!!

  2. Are we the going to be next? With the way things are going these days 47% who aren't paying any taxes maybe we are. You know who those 47% are guys? The ones on welfare and yes we do pay for that. I think the system is really broken and these lazy sit all day guys or do whatever should pay taxes just like us. I think this would help the national debt, let them give back instead of take. They should have to go to school learn to speak english. Where I live near Chicago they have schools that don't teach kids English they teach kids in Spanish Only! This is wrong on so many levels. They need to learn our language, get jobs, not only people of color, people who don't speak our language there are plenty of white "lazy" people who are also doing the same thing, people of color just get the most attention. I think the people who don't speak English are the biggest disgrace to our country though, shame on us, we all complain about that and those of us who are able and can help should step up. I wish I spoke Spanish, but the parents of these kids should want to better their kids by putting them in schools where they will learn Elglish anyway.

  3. I'm in total agreement that people on welfare should be drug tested and have to prove they are looking for a job just like I do when I have a job, apply for any job and also when I'm on unemployment, I have to prove I'm looking for a JOB and keep a record of the places I apply to and unemployment offices do check and call the places whenever they feel like it. So I ask you are we next to be the country buying more bikes than cars? You think about it decide who you want in your public offices

  4. Don't worry about the Italian auto workers. Obama sold a stake in Chrysler to Fiat, so that now Fiat can use Chrysler dealerships to peddle Italian-built cars in the U.S.

    The U.S. is the answer for everything.
    Too many people? Send them to the U.S.
    Not enogh jobs? Get a US politician or businessman to send you a couple hundred thousand.
    Your mosque falling down? Get the US government to repair it for you.
    You kid doesn't have money to go to college? The U.S. government will give your kid a scholarship, even if he doesn't live in the U.S., isn't an American citizen, and isn't even going to go to a school in the U.S.
    Your subjects hate you because the economy in your podunk country sucks because of Shariah Law? Blame the U.S. and have your people attack the U.S. Embassy, and leave your palace alone.
    U.S. not sending you enough money? Have one of your people elected president of the U.S. to ramp up aid.