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Send Me Links to Government Outrages.

Written by Gary North on October 2, 2012

The Tea Party Economist is now the #4 libertarian website. Help me make it #3.

If you come across a story on government economic stupidity or meddling, send me a link.  I figure that the government is fair game. It spies on us. Why shouldn’t we spy on it?

Maybe you have spotted a great story on government waste. Send it to me.

Is the government planning another invasion on our rights? Let me know.

I would like snoopers across America. Day and night, Americans should monitor the nonsense.

I especially like local stories where some official got caught.

If it’s in the mainstream media, I may have seen it. But the Web posts stories that the MSM will not pick up.

Here are sites that are good about blowing the whistle:




Maybe you have a favorite.

Send me a brief summary and a link to the original article. Send it here: garynorth@garynorth.com

Put this in the message box: TPE Article.

If you want to be identified as the alert reader let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Send Me Links to Government Outrages.

  1. This way gary can sleep in until 4am instead of 3am everyday. hahaha

  2. give me a paid cell phone and more government cheese and I will vote for Obama