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Food Stamps for Illegal Immigrants from Mexico: Their Sacred Right

Written by Gary North on October 2, 2012

American taxpayers have a moral obligation to feed illegal aliens. Soon, they will have a legal obligation.

Anyone who says differently is a fascist, racist pig. Comprende, amigo?

It began with Bush.

This from from the Daily Caller.

Department of Agriculture personnel in the Obama administration have met with Mexican Government officials dozens of times since the president took office to promote nutrition assistance programs — notably food stamps — among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.

Writing in response to Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions’ July request for information about the USDA’s little known partnership with the Mexican government to educate citizen and noncitizen immigrants from Mexico about the availability of food stamps and other nutrition assistance programs, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack defended the partnership as a way to curb hunger in America — and the continuation of a program formed under the Bush administration in 2004.

“The Mexico-U.S. Partnership for Nutrition Assistance Initiative is just one of a wide range of USDA partnership activities intended to promote awareness of nutrition assistance among those who need benefits and meet all program requirements under current law.” Vilsack wrote to Sessions in a letter obtained by The Daily Caller.

Since the partnership began, Vilsack wrote, USDA personnel have met at least 151 times with officials from the Mexican government “to discuss nutrition assistance programs as well as to provide program updates.” Those instances included 91 meetings with embassy and consulate staff in 25 U.S. cities; 29 health fairs in 19 U.S. cities; and 31 roundtable discussions, conferences and forums in 20 U.S. cities.

Roughly 30 of these meetings and activities occurred under the Obama administration, Vilsack’s letter revealed.

For more details on this outrage, click the link.

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35 thoughts on “Food Stamps for Illegal Immigrants from Mexico: Their Sacred Right

  1. truthzzzz says:

    It is called pillaging when an invading destroying army eats the food of the invaded country.

    Every Mexican president for decades has sent this army across the border with his blessing, help and encouragement.The army is meant to send loot back to Mexico and to conquer the invaded country.

  2. Great idea. The minute the Democrats come up with new giveaways for illegal aliens, the first people they contact is the Meixcan government, which then provides maps and directions to Miexcans wanting to sneak into the US. The maps show how to evade the border patrol and how to file for welfare.

    If the Germans had thought of this in 1939, and could have gotten the Allies to cooperate, the officials of the reich could have saved all the money it spent on the Wehrmacht, and simply bought country estates with the money, because, after all, those countries would have ended up full of unassimilated Germans in no time.

  3. Frank Klafs says:

    nothing like sedition by our gubberment

  4. Delmar Jackson says:

    Bush was our first mexican president.

    by the way, you wrote
    "American taxpayers have a moral obligation to feed illegal aliens. Soon, they will have a legal obligation. Anyone who says differently is a fascist, racist pig"
    You left out, nativist,xenophobic,anti immigrant,white supremacist,bigot.
    or as i like to call them, my fellow americans who simply want less immigration and our laws enforced..

  5. delmar jackson says:

    Dr North,
    can I thank you again for having immigration content on a libertarian site. Most libertarians I know think massive immigration is a good idea as it will bankrupt the system and cause an end to social entitlement programs. You may be alienating a lot of open border free trade globalist type libertarians with any mention of the harm massive immigration can do. Thank you for helping on this issue. Immigration is connected with every other issue and is the one issue no one is allowed to debate without being demonized.
    Immigration is a great way to dumb down the electorate and gain more control.it is working.

  6. This is more "administration" pimping for votes…and don't tell me illegal aliens can't vote…they have more phony ID than the average citizen's ID….This "administration's" immigration "policy" has just resulted in the death of another Border Patrol agent early this morning, off the highway between Bisbee and Douglas AZ. Three agents were responding to an alarmed sensor on horseback when one was murdered, one was wounded and one was unhurt!! This is all the information being released right now…..We live about 20 miles from this area…..the people of AZ and other border states are not safe….the moron running "homeland security" says the border is "as safe as it's ever been"…..and I guess that's true because it's unsafe and always has been. When illegal aliens are encouraged to sneak across the border, all Americans are in danger. We must rid ourselves of this "administration" in November….vote Romney/Ryan and these issues will finally be addressed in a sane manner!!!!

  7. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    This didn't 'start' with Bush. This has been going on for a VERY long time. And, NONE of our presidents has since Clinton was elected have done anything to stop it, but kept making it easier & easier. It's ridiculous. The average American can get NO help when they need it, because the illegals are taking nearly every penny of it. And, that's also why Ca. is almost bankrupt~illegals get everything for free out there.

  8. Texas Chris says:

    Immigration is not an "issue", it is a symptom. Welfare is the issue. Redistribution is the issue.

    Without SSI, HUD, WIC, Medic-X, food stamps, free education and healthcare, the immigrants who come where would be workers, not mooches. Republicans, in stead of Democrats.

    That being said, does it seem like there are more Mexicans in the US than in Mexico? Or is it just me?

  9. It's called the "Re-conquista movement", something my mexican American former buddy says that doesn't exist. I have to disagree with him especially when people like Bustamonte and other mexican activists verify this in their own speeches. Through shear numbers the plan is to retake the southwestern states for mexico, but they don't realize that if that really DOES happen and mexico takes it over they'll not be able to manage it. The southwest will turn into Tijuana pretty fast.

  10. Remember too, our "comrade" Brown has his own "dream act" which now he's giving free tution to anchor babies for college. So now illegals and their children get to go to UCLA for free.

  11. Dodie1990 says:

    The illegals are invaders plaiun and simple. No other country would put up with this nonsense. Cut their benefits immediately. No welfare, food stamps, free medical/ Many will leave. Good. We never should have allowed all the illegal invaders

  12. I would bet that Romney will find a way to stop this! Vote Romney/Ryan to replace this idiot we have as President now!

  13. robin saunders says:

    Every tax-paying American must have a right to weigh in on this, prior to it's implementation, or the word for it is "stealing."

  14. oldgringo says:

    Gonna be a lot of headless bodies lying around!

  15. And my legal born son had to pay $100,000 in loans for his college degrees. NOT FAIR.

  16. This has been going on for years . Now it is epidemic as illegals flood across our southern borders . Many of these illegals believe that not only are they entitled to everything thy manage to get ( read Steal) from the American Taxpayers , but that they are taking back their land . Reconquest as they put it . They see themselves not as illegals , but rightful occupants of America . Imagine the surprise when I interrupted one such conversation between a couple of what I have to suspect was a young illegal and his pal . Both were cowed when I told them my people ( the Native American People ) were the rightful occupants of the American Southwest and California , and it was their ancestors that came and stole those lands from my ancestors . And then asked them where the Spanish language came to Mexico from or did they think that Montezuma was born speaking it . Most of what floods illegally across out borders are so ignorant of their own countries history that they believe anything they are told about their right to American aide . I have to believe that they receive some form of instructions on how to go about getting food stamps and medical care from those in the community they end up in along with fake ID's and documents . I am all for being helpful to my fellow man but this is not help it is theft . Many poor Americans are unable to get the help they seek due to these parasites . Now if that word makes me a racist , so be it .

  17. To hell with Mexico and their illegal immigrants, they're not the American people's responsibility…Let Mexico take care of their own and leave America to take care of their own, we already have enough people of our own on welfare. A novel idea: for every Mexican that crosses the border into the U.S. how about WE the American people charge Mexico ten grand per head for rounding them up and sending them back and should that same person come across the border again charge mexico an additional 5 grand each time (in other words the charge would go up in increments of 5 grand per illegal entry). We had to fight them to get their asses out of Texas and lost some real American heroes in the process, now our stupid Government wants us to support every ILLEGAL who crossses over into our Country…..HELL NO. . . what say you AMERICA?

  18. sure it's fair after all you had the privilege of being born so you must share with those not so fortunate (toung planted firmly in cheek )

  19. one lesson reagan learhed was if you make a deal with dumocraops make then uphold their end first or they never will

  20. the only way romney can stop if is if we give him a republican congress unless you want him to act like obozo and go around congress and that has to stop.

  21. when we faught (what good is spell check they can't spell either) the mex/amer war our army was in mexico city we should have stayed there ,then we wouldn't have this problem

  22. SURE let poor Americans living in the mountains STARVE but feed illegal mexicans ,,,,,,,,,,

  23. Los Angeles already looks like a border town

  24. Americans have Lost their Minds…or Was Asleep…
    The American Senior does not qualify for Food Stamps–who worked to put all the Money into the System during their Life Time with Blood –Sweat and Tears.With the Promise from the Gov. System that they may apply for Benefits when they need it! The Imports Who come here get anything and everything they want–not investing one Dollar! While the Big Dollars went to the Crooks in Washington ,D.C. who worships the Dollar more then their Country. The Peasants (us) were sleeping because we trusted our Gov. to Lead and Direct and look after us! We must remember D.C.Crooks are just that –Con Artist–Sales People -Actors who Lie–Cheat and Steal to get what they want! We Sleepers –allowed the Fat Cats in D.C. to get "RICH" from the System. I do not believe The Offices were not intended to be occupied for more then One Term. By giving them too much Power- We the People Slept while they wrote themselves above all and everything Programs for Whom? Not We the People but all for Them! They gained more Power as We allowed them to get away with more and more Bad Behavior These Folks are Serial Offenders who do the Dirt directly in front of us and we have looked away. SOOOOOOOOOOO I guess it is TIME that we all look in the "MIRROR" and had a Stern Talk with ourselves –saying enough is enough! (it may be too Late..the Monsters inside have a Strong Foot Hold) The Quickest way to Water down a System of People that used to be on one page for "OUR" Country is to bring in Imports to Dilute it. Which is what The D.C. Crooks did ! Go To Wal-Mart on any given day..on every aisle is a different Language with someone on the P.A. System trashing the English Language–trying to Sell us something! I do not go there because all I see is Big Ships weighed down in the Water with their Toxic Products arriving in USA–leaving with Nothing of ours! Wal-Mart has put all of the Mom & Pop Stores that resembled USA and Home Town "OUT of Business!" WE the People know this but yet go there often because it is Cheeeeeep…just like our Gov…we were Cheeeeep too ..gave us Peanuts ..rocked us back to sleep with more Lies! IT WORKED! How did we get to no choices on who to Vote for? How did we get to our Choices narrowed down to Two People we would never think of Voting for and have no Choice? The Serial Crooks in D.C. has tainted everything they have touched . If they did not like a Law –They Changed it..while we slept! The Media are Crooks that are being bought off as well –how are we to know any "Truths"? All Dirt swept under the Carpet…but the Lumps are telling on them. We stepped over the Lumps but now they are tripping us up. So we either get off our Whiny Butts and do something—or it will certainly be too Late! We have lost everything -our Money –Our Land–Our Food–Our Rights–Our Everything we earned–Pretty Soon –Our "VOICE!" Now Our Life –The Death Panels –this is the Reward we get after investing in the System for the Fat Cats in D.C. while they sold us down the River while we slept. End Result–no Country–no Money– no Life! They are Coming to take it ..Ha! Ha! Gives new meaning to — you snooze–you Lose! Now –hopefully before it is too Late ..we need to think about "HOW" to fix the Mess that we have been jolted awake to ..a corrupt World that has been attacked from within for many years now! By the D.C. Crooks whom we hired to Protect us..what a Joke!
    I feel that it will not do a lot of Good to Vote because that is Fixed as well! Since we have out sourced to another Country as well . (what I have read) Do we have a Snow Balls Chance in Hell or What? HELP! Wake up and Fight! I have only pointed the finger at "We the People" only "WE" can Change anything

  25. If Spell-check doesn't work, use the one in your head–or maybe it doesn't either.

  26. Or try the original spell check…..A DICTIONARY!!!

  27. I was just in a McDonald’s today and I was in Prince George co Maryland and not 1 person behind the counter or in front of the counter exept me spoke English this is really pissing me off if they are going to be here speak our language English I do not go to lowes or homedepot any more for anything because they are in America and there sign are in Spanish I was born here in America and if you want to cater just so you can stay rich off the illeagles then you do not need my worthless American dollars go get you paceos

  28. Boxerbuddy4 says:

    Yes, I know because my son has been looking for work for almost two years and is having a hard time because illegals take the jobs. He doesn't speak Spanish and isn't Mexican so he can't even get a foot in the door. Some people have been downright rude to him because he wanted a job and wasn't illegal. These are blue collar jobs that Americans used to do.

  29. Not just Ca – GA too – food, rent, utilities, medical – birthing over 3,000 per month at just one hospital in north Atlanta – for free – 723 students of 829 in one elementary school are undocumented – the parents march and pass out petitions to convert official language to Spanish – and they think they should be able to vote since they are here – they do not think they should obey our laws, eg traffic, auto insurance, zoning requirements re number of adults in one household – and if personal property is in view, eg lawn equipment, it is theirs for the taking. Why do we have to pay for their large families ? They each have 4, 5 ,6 children, mom is expecting and she doesn't have to work outside the home. We came from immigrant stock; but legally. We love diversity – but this is insanity.

  30. Peole please stop saying it won’t do any good to vote or that you’re going third party ….Y’ALL are how obama got elected in the first place…..please don’t do it to the rest of us again!!!
    My family was here before the US and we helped to found it along with million of other and we are being IGNORED and that has to stop!!!
    One of my ancestors died defending the Alamo and he is rolling over in his grave at what has been done to Texas and the other border states!! Texas should have NEVER Allowed the breakup in it’s Territory in order to Join the US…WE would not be going through this mess right now!!
    We have allowed too many legal immigrants and allowed them into Public Office and Our Government and it has ruined the US!!
    The Illegal Aliens think we OWE Them ALL of these RACIST GROUPS !!! Yes a LOT of US Churches work against the LEGAL US Citizen that was actually born here (lawyers…phony doc…jobs…welfare system) Yep they are really doing this!!
    We have to elected AntiAmnesty People

  31. Ah-hahahahaha & the morons in Communist infested california can go without gas to feed those illegal mexican pigs… $20 a gal gas…:P

  32. Being called a Racist by a communist is now a badge of honor! Time to k*ll every last one of the invading bastards & anyone aiding & abetting them. Past time to make Andrew Jackson proud of his American descendants…

  33. NOT! If you (you personall, NOT the goverment) can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em… Your irresponsibility is NOT my fault!

  34. Dodie1990 says:

    We need to demand that this insanity stop now. We should shoot the illegals rather than feed them. Have we gone completely crazy? Mexico is using the U.S. as a dumping ground for their garbage. it must stop.

  35. I guess racist pig,I say no way jose