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$1 Billion in Foreign Aid to Go Down the Egyptian Toilet

Written by Gary North on October 1, 2012

Why does the Congress insist on sending payoff money to Egypt, which is run by the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Obama Administration has pledged this money. It now wants the first $450 million delivered. But this is getting opposition from at one Congressman, according to the New York Times.

The U.S. Agency for International Develoopment (AID) notified Congress of this payment during the recess. This was a seemingly well-timed announcement: no protests — either in front of our embassies by Muslims or from Congress. Smooth.

Fortunately, Kay Granger of Texas says she will do what she can to block the bribe. She heads the House Appropriations Committee.  “I am not convinced of the urgent need for this assistance and I cannot support it at this time.”

Or any time, in my opinion. The foreign aid boondoggle has been going on for over 50 years. It never stops.

Hillary Clinton, faithful spokesperson for Obama, says that American taxpayers owe more — much more — Middle Eastern governments.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking at a meeting of the Group of 8 nations in New York, said on Friday that the world needed to do more to support the governments that have emerged from the Arab Spring uprisings, including those in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

“The recent riots and protests throughout the region have brought the challenge of transition into sharp relief,” Mrs. Clinton said, without mentioning the assistance to Egypt specifically. “Extremists are clearly determined to hijack these wars and revolutions to further their agendas and ideology, so our partnership must empower those who would see their nations emerge as true democracies.”

I see. “They riot. We pay.” Conclusion: the more they riot, the more we will pay.

The Administration is also pushing for a $4.8 billion loan from the IMF.

But wait! There’s more! The Administration is trying to get $375 million in loan guarantees for crony capitalists who start ventures in Egypt. If these ventures work, they keep the profits. If they fail, taxpayers pay them off. A sweet deal.

Then there is $1.3 billion in military aid.

On September 21, Patrick Caddell, a pollster for the Democrats, gave a speech on the media bias favoring Obama. He discussed the blackout over the organized attacks on American embassies.

But I want to talk about this Libyan thing, because we crossed some lines here. It’s not about politics. First of all we’ve had nine day of lies over what happened because they can’t dare say it’s a terrorist attack, and the press won’t push this. Yesterday there was not a single piece in The New York Times over the question of Libya.

Twenty American embassies, yesterday, were under attack. None of that is on the national news. None of it is being pressed in the papers.

The money we have paid into the Middle Easy sinkhole has done no good. It should be ended. But it never is.

They riot. We pay.


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29 thoughts on “$1 Billion in Foreign Aid to Go Down the Egyptian Toilet

  1. Sgt. York says:

    Traitors the whole bunch of O'Vomit's cabinet. The dang Egyptians are starting mini wars in the mideast and kill our people in Libia and the fool wants to send money to them? Come on folks we gotta stop this foolishness befor they are knocking on out doorstep bringing sharia law and Islam to us. We are a free country not a fools paradise. Stand Up for America VOTE this Ya Ya OUT.
    VOTE R/R Or anyone but O'VOMIT

  2. DockyWocky says:

    It is shear insanity to shovel our money into the anti-American Egyptian maw. We already know where the Brotherhood is going to use that cash, and it ain't taking care of the usual collection of islamic paupers and social engineering. If there is any sanity left in the bureaucracy beholden to Barack Hussein Mohammed Obama, that cash will do wonders for us Yankee infidel dogs – especially the ones who will be fighting the Brotherhood's hoods all over the Middle East.
    Remember boys, you may be out of a job within the next 6 weeks. If you insist on handing out our tax dollars to dogs who always bite the hands of those who feed them, go ahead with this insanity – but be forewarned, we hold grudges.

  3. They Riot. We Pay
    They Riot. We nuke'em
    They'll get the message.
    Simple as that.
    Islam/Arabs/Middle East only understand what it has understood for the last 1400 years…a heavy hand. That is their culture. So stop looking at them through Western Eyes/Rose Colored Glasses. Go live there as I have. The are STUCK in the 14th Century. Get over it America. Hammer them. That is the ONLY thing they understand. Power speaks and is obeyed. Diplomacy is considered weakness, the sign of a loser.

  4. US Tax Dollars are being used to buy the weapons that are killing our people…India is buying Russian Subs??? NONE of these countries can be trusted and the joke is they are rich … they just don’t want to change their ways or their over populating their countries and I’m Sick and Tired of having to PAY for Their Choices!! If we stop supporting them then acquiring food will occupy all this free time they seem to have to attack everying in sight! It’s time ALL US Dollars were concentrated on the US! All the US Taxpayers Dollars Stolen from SS by the US Gov Elected Officials and sent to other countries while our citizens suffer is bullshit! Repay SS Funds to Legal US Citizens NOW!!!

  5. Heard this morning an interesting account from a journalist that interviewed the guy who got O'Blamo into Harvard. Apparently the money for his education came from a Saudi prince who lived in Texas, Abdul Sheif Monsour, (Not sure I spelled it right) the guy who tried to give money to Juliani after 9-11 and was turned down. Also, most of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudi Arabians. This stinks of Saudi influence, after all, O'Blamo's education was paid for by them, he bowed to them, he supports whatever they tell him to support. No surprise there.

  6. I like your logic and solutions! Very neat, simple and a definitive solution to the savages.

  7. Keep OUR money home. If they don't like us, our Constitution freedoms, our liberties, our way of life…………….screw 'em!
    Pay for your own with your own camel dung.
    We don't need or want you.

  8. I'm with you Steve. This wollowing in sorrow at the feet of those pigs makes me sick! And the very idea of this administration wanting to send them more money?? FORGET THAT! Isn't it ironic that the money WE send them is paying for the killing of OUR servicemen & women?!! And our Ambassador!! My gosh, how STUPID do we LOOK to them! It disgusts me the way the squatter in chief bows to these war mongering mongrels!! But then it shouldn't surprise me, he's been kissing their collected AZZES the whole time he's been in office!

  9. Bob Marshall says:

    It was our government that placed these Muslims in power in the first place. It was George Soros who funded the drafting of their Constitution. it was Kerry and John McClain who brought major American corporations in to survey Egypt.

  10. I guess he is paying off his student loans to them, with our money.

  11. If they are going to burn the US flag let's send them a partially burned check.

  12. The US only gives money to Arab governments that agree to deprive their own people at the expense of the US and Israel. Failing that, the US covertly tries to overthrow Arab governments that put their own people's interest ahead of the US and Israel. That's why America is so hated in the Mideast. It sure ain't because of our "freedoms".

  13. How about our government stop the insanity & let them get their money from the oil producing countries called OPEC as they have trillions of our dollars anyhow & continue to receive billions every month

  14. @ Bob M
    I knew Hollywood and Bruce Willis would be exposed eventually. Thanks for the heads up.

  15. It would appear to most common sense Americans that the "obvious need" for assistance is here in the U.S. AND I thought we were "broke and borrowing money", therefore how can giving EGYPT (Muslim Brotherhood) aid be justified? A simple answer is, it can not. Someone should tell Obama you can't buy friends OR perhaps they are "his" friends and that is why he wants the 450 Million sent to them now!

  16. Seminole Katz says:

    Imagine this: 1941 – F.D.R. invites the Japanese Naval and Army Staff INTO the White House for consultations AND offers the Enemy, American Tax Dollars borrowed from Nazi Germany and Congress is SILENT ! Our so-called leadership is INSANE, aiding the Enemy during time of war. Obama's Administration won't even call it what it IS, The War On Terrorism ! Prosecutions are overdue.

  17. El Kabong says:

    'Why does the Congress insist on sending payoff money to Egypt, which is run by the Muslim Brotherhood?'

    Because Obama IS a Muslim terrorist.

  18. Jim Jones says:

    Ummm, I don't think it makes any difference how or why this money was promised…..do we not understand this country is BROKE. So we just keep spending, so we just keep paying, and among those we pay the Muslim Brotherhood, what is the matter with this. We are BROKE folks, B R O K E, do you not understand, WE DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY, PERIOD, WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS OR ANYTHING ELSE WE ARE DOING, W E A R E B R O K E, what part of BROKE do you not understand.

  19. The Executive Branch does not control the purse strings, theCongres does. Have the Congress just say NO to the Kenyan Critter.

  20. Pinky Lee says:

    I hope that you remember that a while back Obama signed and congress aproved the counting of the votes in Spain by a company partly owned by Soro and the other communists in that country. How honest will the count be? It's almost too late not to realize that Obama will be reelected aand from then on we must learn the Muslim language and laws.

  21. Pinky Lee says:

    How would you vote if you were threatened to be killed, or a suit filed against you ? Would you say no and be shot at, or your plane bombed? Look at history for the last thirty years and you will see what has happenes. Even a criminal in prison admitted killing a buerau of prisons executive to get Hillary Clinton off the hook. The lesiban and White House guard were either killed or came up missing at the same time.

  22. If the voters of those in the Dem senate, Listen to the news, no doubt the senate members would be voted out.They ok what ever Obama wants, giving Americas wealth away, borrowed from China frist.

  23. El Kabong says:

    Trouble is, they don't have the balls to say no.

  24. "Hillary Clinton, faithful spokesperson for Obama, says that American taxpayers owe more — much more — Middle Eastern

    My opinion is that the world should pay its debt to Middle Eastern governments, because the American people don't owe them anything. Where are the fine nations of Indonesia and Kenya in all of this? Saudi Arabia is the richest nation in the world, when cash reserves + effort expended to get them is figured in. Let the arabs help themselves. They'll be doing it with our money that we paid for their exhorbitant oil. Let them pay with our money that they already have.

    Hillary and Obama can go to Saudi Arabia personally to oversee this project and exhort the Saudi's to ante up their "fair share."

  25. Why should they worry about overpopulation? All their excess population they send here, and Obama and Hillary roll out the red carpet for them, and promise to support them for life with foodstamps, rent subsidies, and free healthcare. The ones who remain in these third world countries get the jobs that our companies send overseas.

    Immigrate to India and just see how excited they are there to have you apply for your old job that was sent there. You know what response you would get, while at the same time Indians are flooding the workplace here.

    Unlike the Indian government, which has muscled U.S. states that banned foreign outsourcing, the US government does nothing to pressure foreign governments to worry about America jobs.

  26. You mean if we can vote this YA YA out. The voting system has got as crooked as the supposed to be president in the W.H.

  27. CaptTurbo says:

    I could not be more disgusted with our elected idiots then I am about them continuing to send our tax dollars to our enemies!

  28. Bob Marshall says:

    60%? What is wrong with the other 40%? I guess they have been brainwashed.

  29. The 1978 Camp David Accords stablished a quid pro quo agreement between the United States and Egypt. Egypt agreed to protect and secure the Philadelphia Corridor, which goes into the south of Gaza in Israel, and to keep it from being a flow-through of arms and weapons — in return for eonomic assiastance from the US. Egypt has a contractual obligation to protect the south of Israel, and the United States has an obligation to continue the funding to Egypt.