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Catholic-Owned Business Gets Injunction Against Obamacare’s Pro-Abortion Coverage

Written by Gary North on September 28, 2012

Obamacare requires companies to offer insurance plans that provide contraceptives and abortions.

A family business owned by Catholics have sued the government on the basis that the requirement interferes with the family’s freedom of religion. It imposes a fine if the business does not pay for such health insurance coverage. The law gives owners a choice: submit to an unacceptable ethical provision of the law or else go out of business.

A judge has issued a temporary injunction against the Administration. The Administration is appealing the judge’s decision.

This case might go to the Supreme Court. That is what the appeals process points to.

I hope this goes to the Supreme Court. I hope the Court forces an exemption from the provisions regarding sexual reproduction services. But I am not optimistic.

A lot of the Congressmen who voted for the bill, including Pelosi, are Catholics. The hierarchy of the church did not excommunicate them. So, how will the business owners prove that a significant religious issue is at stake? Because the Roman Catholic Church refused to enforce its laws, the federal government will insist on enforcing its law.

This is a major problem. If the authorities of a church do not enforce the church’s official views, then its views are not taken seriously by secularists, who have the upper hand in civil courts.

We have seen this in the battle over legalized abortion since 1973. No denomination/association teaches that abortion is murder and then excommunicates members for getting abortions. No church excommunicates physicians and nurses who provide abortions. So, the civil government gets the message: “Abortion is not murder in the opinion of churches. It’s not even a felony.” This is a correct conclusion.

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4 thoughts on “Catholic-Owned Business Gets Injunction Against Obamacare’s Pro-Abortion Coverage

  1. On the contrary, the Catholic Church automatically excommunicates anyone who either gets an abortion, commits one, or helps someone procure one. There is no pronouncement by a bishop because it is automatic, in Latin, Latæ Sententiæ ("as soon as the offense occurs"). It is canon #1398, and abortion is one of eight sins for which automatic excommunication occurs, and only a bishop or a priest he gives the authority to, can receive the person back into the Church.

  2. Doug in Brightn says:

    So, is Pelosi someone who helps procure an abortion? Mich. Gov. Granholm vetoed bills that would make abortion less ubiquitous, and still received communion when she attended Mass. Some excommunication. Her own parishioners were even outside the parking lot protesting. The law will stand and be expanded, unless it's a violation of Muslim law as heresy. . . or Romney is elected.

  3. Romney's election, IF it even hapens, won't change a thing….. he's too much like the kinyun…….

  4. Nobody truly thinks abortion is murder. Imagine there were a million murders a year of post-womb children…