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3 thoughts on “Free Morning-After Pills in New York City High Schools

  1. Ken Hendrickson says:

    Government schools should never be called "public" schools. They should always be called "government" schools, because that is what they are. Proper language is important.

  2. Long time Goldwater conservative who finds birth control cheaper than a lifetime of taxpayer supported welfare and free medical. I wish all those religious zealots who hate reproductive choice and favor unlimited population growth would step up and pay for all the extra people they wish for. As usual they want the rest of us to pay for their religious preferences. Well, birth control is still far,far cheaper and I will gladly pay for it rather than huge welfare and free medical.

  3. Too bad the government was not handing out morning after pills when Stanley Dunham was conducting a survey to find out how the endowment of African males compared with her father's.