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85% of Americans Reject Darwinism

Written by Gary North on September 27, 2012

The Darwinists have failed in the United States. They have controlled the colleges since at least 1885. They have controlled the public schools, K-12, since at least 1925. What has it gotten them? Not much. Around 85% of Americans reject Darwinism, according to a Gallup poll. The poll’s summary:

Forty-six percent of Americans believe in the creationist view that God created humans in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years. The prevalence of this creationist view of the origin of humans is essentially unchanged from 30 years ago, when Gallup first asked the question. About a third of Americans believe that humans evolved, but with God’s guidance; 15% say humans evolved, but that God had no part in the process.

This story is all over the Web.

The central core of Darwinism is not evolution. People believed in evolution before Darwin and A. R. Wallace published their article in 1858. What the two promoted was evolution through natural selection: no guiding hand in evolution prior to the appearance of mankind. (Wallace later abandoned faith in their jointly discovered doctrine.)

Here is the central core doctrine in the humanists’ grab-bag of ideological commitments, and after more than a century and a half, they have failed to persuade more than 15% of the American population. If that is not a failure, then I cannot imagine what failure is.

Notice that the latest poll shows an uptick in the percentage of people who hold the “young earth” position. That is a 15% increase. It is back to where it was in 2006.

Across the nation, non-Darwinists are quietly saying to the Darwinists, “We aren’t buying it.” This has bugged the Darwinists for a century.  One of them cries out in agony,

Teaching creationism rather than evolution in the schools is favored by a large number of American citizens. In a CNN/USA Today Gallup poll of 1001 adults conducted in March 2005, 76% would not “be upset if public schools in [their] community taught creationism,” but only 63% would not “be upset if the schools taught evolution.” Only 22% would be upset if creationism would be taught, while 34% would be upset if evolution would be taught. Other polls yield similar statistics.

In 1959, at a symposium celebrating the 100th anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species, the eminent geneticist and Nobel Laureate H.J. Muller proclaimed “One Hundred Years without Darwin Are Enough!” (Muller 1959). Fifty years later, Darwin’s theory of evolution is far from universally accepted by the American public and activists throughout the country are advancing creationist or “intelligent design” alternatives to explain the origin, diversity, and adaptation of organisms, seeking that these “theories” be taught in the schools. Our educational system and society as a whole are best served when we teach science, not religious faith masquerading as science, in the classrooms. It is pathetic that at this point in history we need to proclaim that 150 years without Darwin’s Origin of Species are enough.

As online education grows in popularity, the Darwinists’ #1 arena of indoctrination will decline in influence.

As the K-12 public schools continue their long decline of academic performance, the Darwinists will lose their leverage. They have bet the farm on the public schools. This bet has failed to pay off, decade after decade. The Darwinists have used confiscated tax money from anti-Darwinists to get in control over the minds of American children. They have failed on a scale that is historically unprecedented. They have no fall-back position.

The reason why it has never bothered me that Darwinists control the public schools is simple: When you place your faith in government-run anything, you will lose the war. Darwinists have become reliant on an institution that is getting inevitably worse. They like to imagine that have scored victories by keeping rival views out of the public schools. They control the steering wheel of the Titanic. But some of the passengers are moving toward the lifeboats: the Internet.

How many K-12 home school curriculum programs are based 100% on Darwinism? The next one will be the first.

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51 thoughts on “85% of Americans Reject Darwinism

  1. Poor evolutionists. They are like Islamicists. They can't tolerate any competition whatsoever.

  2. Wow. 46% of USA subjects, er, citizens, think humans are 10,000 years in the making or, rather, since having sprung full-blown? Did those folks express any views as to why God made us all such insufferable jerks? His amusement maybe?

  3. What Darwin evolutionists do not realize is their theory is the same as a religion. Religion promotes the outer look and behavior to kill the inner truth, as with evolution it looks at the visible to kill the microscopic truth of intelligent design.

  4. Neither can the Christians…..

  5. shortyshappy says:

    Hope God is reading about this poll, too! Maybe there is some "hope" for the human race after all.

  6. The belief in Evolution is a THEORY, while every, I repeat every religion is absolute truth? So which religion is right? Do you even understand anything about science? look up the definition of THEORY. You’ll notice Science is always refining THEORIES as more information becomes available while the ABSOLUTE truth of any religion has no room for refinement. Anything that provides a dissenting opinion to a religion such as islam or christianity is attacked. Exactly like the attack on Darwinism. The real diehards can’t even accept that the planet might be older that what the bible states.

  7. My hope is that home schooling and fundamentalism will erode the technical and scientific base of American imperialism to the point where we can no longer support our endless wars of aggression. Yes its pathetic and appalling that so many Americans are this backward and parochial, and yes it dooms the economy. But America and the world will benefit enormously from the collapse of the American war machine due to mass ignorance and superstition. That's the upside of primitivism. So by all means Tea Partiers. Visit the Creation Museum. See Adam and Eve frolic with the dinosauers. Believe! Believe!

  8. Speak for yourself!

  9. ev-o-lu’-tion n A theory propounded by Charles Darwin (1809-1882) in The Origin of Species (1859) explaining the diversity of life forms on planet earth. “Theory” in scientific parlance (as opposed to “hypothesis”) means “a set of observations that are verifiable by repeatability.” It’s called a theory because a scientific theory is always subject to modification as new data become available. Thus, based on DNA research in the 1980s, Darwin’s original proposition that modifications occurred through random mutations and survival of the fittest was replaced by intelligent design (the observation that DNA proactively and automatically modifies itself to restructure the organism in such a manner as to obviate any survival threat). Evolution has, ever since its introduction 150 years ago, been under fierce attack by religious fundamentalists because it contradicts the Babylonian myth of creation found in the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible. — from a Conservative Dictionary by G. E. Kruckeberg

    We are not really interested in indoctrinating people with the truth, only in finding it. — G.E. Kruckeberg


  10. Kurt Malerich says:

    Read the Scientific Proof of Creation in Dr. Walt Brown's PhD 'In the beginning’. He obliterates the false theory of evolution and the old earth theory with pure science and lays to rest the flawed theory of evolution. You will never again have any doubt about creation or have any problems blasting the ridiculous theory of evolution in any discussion with ‘evolutionists’. He has challenged any or all evolution theorists to debate him and none will do so as their theories are so full of holes they would make a Swiss cheese company proud.

  11. You're as big a crackpot as he is. brown won't even publish his malarky in other Creationist journals.
    Why? See "crackpot," above!

  12. Tea Party, you are off your rocker and you just lost a fervent member of that faith!

    To me it is obvious that if in fact 85% of the US population believe in a bible that was written over a period of more than 100 years a couple of thousand years ago, rather than the facts of evolution of the universe — then they deserve Obama and need to wake up

  13. Fair enough. If not all, how about many including those across the seas?

  14. From Wiki:
    Brown also has repeatedly claimed that no “evolutionist” will engage in a written debate with him, but has been accused of discouraging or avoiding such debates. An abortive attempt at such a debate was held in 1989 and 1990 in the pages of Creation/Evolution, the National Center for Science Education journal, before Brown refused to continue. Joe Meert of Gondwana Research, a journal promoting research related to the origin and evolution of continents, had a supposed signed contract for such a debate with Walter Brown in 2000. It has been said Brown disputed the terms of the signed contract and it did not take place. Brown has mentioned on his website that the actual reason for the debate not taking place was that the debater wanted to add religion and since Dr. Brown is not a theologian, he wanted the debate to be strictly science. According to Georgia State University biology professor Fred K. Parrish, who was “tricked” into an April 1985 public debate with Brown, Brown debates around the U.S. and has a set of preconditions (such as Brown speaks first, the debate moderator sits on his side, etc.)

    This guy is a nut job that is busy selling books. I’ve seen some many like him that refuse to do a full scientific debate and insist on absolute control of what gets into the debate. That’s not how a real debate is done except in politics.

  15. Ken Hendrickson says:

    Government schools should *never* be called "public" schools. They should always be called "government" schools, because that is what they are.

  16. Yes, Les, Darwinian Evolution is a theory (and there's no need to shout). As someone who does indeed understand quite a bit about science, I am of the opinion that the theory is wrong. The essence of the theory, i.e. random selection via genetic mutation, is a crock on its face, similar to the poppycock that states that an infinite number of monkeys pounding on typewriters will eventually rewrite all the great human literature. They would never even write one intelligent sentence, because they are not intelligent. So … belief in a preposterous idea is quasi-religious, wouldn't you agree. Now, ID is not creationism, it posits that the overwhelming evidence points to intelligent design — we just don't know (yet) how that happened. But I keep asking the question, without ever getting a straight answer from the Darwinists: If there is such a thing (and there is) called the genetic code, who or what was the coder?

  17. I'm not anti-science by any means, but Darwinism like any other theory should be subject to the scientific method. It should be subject to refutation, amendment and updating like any other theory. The way a 150-year-old theory is clung to with fanatical closed-mindedness tells me its believers are not scientists.

  18. Actually, there is no statement of how old the earth is in the Bible, it is theory in itself that the earth is so many thousands of years old, as opposed to billions. In fact, the Bible tells us in Genesis that the earth is older than light, was created before the sun and moon, and doesn't mention the theory that the "days" of creation were 24 hour days, an impossibility since there was no sun to measure the days by until the fourth act of creation.

  19. I've heard that 85% of Americans don't believe the Gallup Poll.


  20. Milo Milosovich says:

    “Darwinism” as you call it is subject to the scientific method. Can you say the same of so-called “Intelligent Design?”

  21. Never said I believed in "intelligent design". It's not an either-or proposition. There are people who believe human-caused global warming is scientific fact. When any group tries to shove one fixed view of the world onto everyone else, that is not science.

  22. On his deathbed, Darwin admitted that he was wrong. And, anyone with any common sense, knows that there's just no way our universe was a 'coincidence'. And, if evolution was a fact, why aren't we still evolving?

  23. So the stupid are winning, and we think that's something to celebrate?

  24. No he didn't. That's just a Christian myth

  25. You don't actually know anything about biology, do you…..

  26. Gene W 1938 says:

    Part 1
    Evolutionist: Since the original Biblical text was inspired (authored) and preserved by God Himself (albeit scribed by man), it has His authority on any subject and it exceeds any other document or reasoning. The Bible has over 1000 historical and 450 messianic [precisely and clearly fulfilled] prophecies yielding a statistic exceeding 435 digits if each Biblical prophecy had a 50/50 chance of being fulfilled!

  27. Gene W 1938 says:

    Part 2 The mass [weight] of the universe divided by the smallest known particle [a quark] can not exceed a 90 digit number. Add the complexity of some 40 individuals writing the Bible over a 1500 year period, with inerrancy and perfect harmony; the Dead Sea Scrolls verified the Old Testament text existed centuries prior to Jesus Christ; more than 25,000 archeological excavations filled warehouses and museums with artifacts with no evidence contrary to the Bible; dozens of clearly stated scientific facts not discovered or validated until centuries later; unique and clearly symbolic celestial constellation [set in space and motion before man existed] being in absolute coincidence with the prophesied events of the messiah’s conception, birth, Magi visitation and death proves God [the Creator of this universe] exists and had absolute foreknowledge of His Son Jesus Christ. These statistics [and volumes more] prove it is impossible for mankind to claim Bible’s authorship without His supernatural intervention.

  28. Nope, we are responsible for being jerks He had nothing to do with that. Hope you have a better day.

  29. Nik I am sorry that you won't open your eyes to the possibility of there really being a God. I've studied humanism and agreed with the SCOTUS that is is a religion after all. Unfortunately its "God" happens to be man and we have let ourselves down so bad it is rediculous. I know the lines of religion causing wars and the deaths behind them. I would counter that politics have used religion to promote its view to initiate war. We can look at the Mideast now and go back and forth as to whether it is political, religious or both.
    Scientifically darwinism does not really hold up very well and there are journals and books that do an excellent job of proving that using scientific methodology and references that are verifiable.

  30. I should add that home schooling really is the best way to make sure Christian children get taught the truth every day about God's creation. –Debra

  31. What about the Homocreationists, who believe that they are "gay" because "God made them that way?"

    Do the Darwinists ridicule Homocreationists, or do they just reserve their derision for Creationists?

  32. My major as an undergraduate was biology, and I don't believe evolution, either.

  33. The Ptolemaic Theory worked just like that. When it was formulated, it fit absolutely all teh astronomical observations recorded up until that time. Then, as astronmers kept looking, they found evidence of more and more complex movement that they explained by epicycles, and epicycles within epicycles. Finally they couldn't patch up the theory with idiocy any more, so they ditched it in favor of something else.

    Evolution is the Ptolemaic System of the 19th century.

  34. Actually, deserving Obama and being a Christian are two different things entirely. It could be argued that when Christians apostatized from heir religion, men like Obama were sent as punishment. I can hardly imagine what they have done this time, given the degree of punishment that Obama represents.

  35. And compare the Bible to the Koran. All the older copies of the Koran that had variant readings were destroyed, because, unlike the Bible, the Koran was claimed to have been delivered complete and perfect by direct communication with God. Since the book didn't live up to its rep, the variants had to be destroyed to prop up the claim.

  36. @Debraj.M.Smith: Hone schooling is about the only way children learn the truth about anything.

    The basics of up and down, and tit for tat are denied in the public school system.

  37. Not true. In the vast majority of Creationist or Intelligent Design literature I have ever read, watched, or listened to, the Darwinist case is plainly and accurately made with ample long quotes from notable Darwinists, and are then criticized. I have never seen a Darwinist accurately or fairly present opposing views.

  38. Are you really that unaware of what Christians believe about the cause of sin and human depravity?

  39. The order of creation in the Bible is incompatible with the views of modern cosmology, which is to say that people like me who believe the Bible don't believe modern cosmologies beliefs about the age of the universe and stellar evolution. There is not 'impossibility' that the days of creation were 24 hour days unless you have non-biblical assumptions, and there are plenty of places in the Bible where the days of creation are normal days. Either believe it or don't, but please don't try and twist the meaning of words to read in your own meaning.

  40. On the contrary nik, Darwinism stunts scientific investigation. Take for example the myth of 'Junk DNA' which assumes on Darwinian faith that the ~98% of DNA which does not code for proteins are the useless vestiges of evolutionary processes. This view, like many other past Darwinian beliefs about vestigial organs, has recently been overturned by the ENCODE project which found that ~80% of 'junk DNA' is used to control gene expression for 157 unique cell types in humans, and who concluded that the remaining ~20% will almost certainly be found to have function for the 900+ cell types which were not part of the survey.. Intelligent Design theory is much more useful in seeking to understand how extremely complex organisms work.

  41. So convincing with your name-calling and bumper sticker eruptions.

  42. God may have set natural selection in motion, but you cannot deny its presence. In the origin of species, Darwin uses human selection to demonstrate how natural selection works. Lets take a look at how this works: Lets look at the Shih Tzu, you don't need to be a scientist to realize that the shih tzu would not survive without its master (humans), it is incapable of hunting or finding food, and would likely die out if all human somehow were removed from the planet. What we have done, over several generations, is breed the shih tzu to have traits that we desire: smaller size, limited aggressive tendencies, and an overall passive nature. We do this by taking the two smallest dogs with good temper from a generation (hopefully unrelated by blood) and breeding them, then we take the two smallest dogs from the next generation and repeat, over and over, and we get the traits we want (Note that we don't continue to breed the dogs with traits we don't want for example a dog that bites its master ). The cow is another example, corn, sugar cane, bananas. All of these agricultural products have been under human selection for a long time (ie several generations). Darwin's natural selection simply claims that if humans were not selectively breeding for traits that are desired, nature would. If a wolf would be more likely to survive if it had bigger teeth, any wolf pup's with bigger teeth would be more likely to breed, and its pup's with larger teeth would be more likely to survive and breed. I can watch this happen in a laboratory growing bacteria in a day (because a generation for bacteria is about 20min vs several years with wolfs). Antibiotic resistance arises because the bacteria who don't have antibiotic resistance die (when their host is taking antibiotic therapies), leaving antibiotic resistant bacteria alive to continue breeding. God may have created selection (either human or natural), but we cannot deny that it is in place, it would be a disservice to him.

  43. Cedric Ward says:

    These comments simply confirm how truly stupid religious zealots are and how much closer we are to extinction as a species.
    I won't live long enough to see it happen, but I can only hope it happens soon.
    If there is a god that created this mess, (s)he must be truly embarrassed by now.
    And if that last sentence is true, it further proves that (s)he is not a very competent god, obviously one of the criterion of being a god in the first place.
    You people are all fools.

  44. Don't worry Cedric, our God is a VERY Just God and your "hope" WILL happen. Quit blaming God for your evil actions against your fellow man. "All heaven beholds with indignation, human beings, the workmanship of God, reduced to the lowest depths of degradation, and placed on a level with the brute creation by their fellow men. And professed followers of that dear Saviour whose compassion was ever moved as he witnessed human woe, heartily engage in this enormous and grievous sin, and deal in slaves and souls of men. Angels have recorded it all. It is written in the book. The tears of the pious bond-men and bond-women, of fathers, mothers and children, brothers and sisters, are all bottled up in heaven. Agony, human agony, is carried from place to place, and bought and sold. God will restrain his anger but a little longer. His anger burns against this nation, and especially against the religious bodies who have sanctioned, and have themselves engaged in this terrible merchandise. Such injustice, such oppression, such sufferings, many professed followers of the meek and lowly Jesus can witness with heartless indifference. And many of them can inflict with hateful satisfaction, all this indescribable agony themselves, and yet dare to worship God. It is solemn mockery, and Satan exults over it, and reproaches Jesus and his angels with such inconsistency, saying, with hellish triumph, Such are Christ's followers!

    These professed Christians read of the sufferings of the martyrs, and tears course down their cheeks. They wonder that men could ever possess hearts so hardened as to practice such inhuman cruelties towards their fellow-men, while at the same time they hold their fellow-men in slavery. And this is not all. They sever the ties of nature, and cruelly oppress from day to day their fellow-men. They can inflict most inhuman tortures with relentless cruelty, which would well compare with the cruelty papists and heathens exercised towards Christ's followers. Said the angel, It will be more tolerable for the heathen and for papists in the day of the execution of God's judgment than for such men. The cries and sufferings of the oppressed have reached unto heaven, and angels stand amazed at the hard-hearted, untold, agonizing suffering, man in the image of his Maker, causes his fellow-man. Said the angel, The names of such are written in blood, crossed with stripes, and flooded with agonizing, burning tears of suffering. God's anger will not cease until he has caused the land of light to drink the dregs of the cup of his fury, and until he has rewarded unto Babylon double. Reward her even as she rewarded you, double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double.

    I saw that the slave-master would have to answer for the soul of his slave whom he has kept in ignorance; and all the sins of the slave will be visited upon the master. God cannot take the slave to heaven, who has been kept in ignorance and degradation, knowing nothing of God, or the Bible, fearing nothing but his master's lash, and not holding so elevated a position as his master's brute beasts. But he does the best thing for him that a compassionate God can do. He lets him be as though he had not been; while the master has to suffer the seven last plagues, and then come up in the second resurrection, and suffer the second, most awful death. Then the wrath of God will be appeased."

    See Amos 5:21; Romans 12:19; Revelation 14:9-10, 18:6 http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/gc/gc34.htm

  45. All that your post demonstrates is how much atheists hate everybody else, and approve of the theory of evolution, not because of its exactitude, but because it is the only explanation extant that enables them to pretend that they know everything.

  46. I was really offended by your post, but then when I read Andrea's, it occurred to me that, even though I reject your thesis, I can understand how you came to those conclusions.

    Andrea the religionist will be just as happy about the demise of humanity as you will be. But you claim to be an unbeliever and she a believer. Now isn't that a fine kettle of fish for all?

  47. I'm sure that the Obamaloids are beside themselves.

  48. Sølvrev1 says:

    LOL, "Only in America"

    How the heck did You guys manage to plant a spaceship on the moon…?

    Greetings from Norway!

  49. "85% of Americans Reject Darwinism"

    It's called "evolution" and 100% of biologists accept it as fact because the evidence is powerful and overwhelming.

    The alternative, magical creation out of nothing, is a childish fantasy that has zero evidence.

  50. Paul Nordin says:

    We should recognize that we do not yet have all of the answers. Be patient, continue to do research, trying to find the truth, not faith. Faith is misguided "truth". But love one another, do no violence, try to eliminate war from our human behavior, etc. There are many truths in the bible but the bible does not have all of the answers. And if there is a God, why did He or She so badly manage the Garden of Eden? One of the things about a God is that He or She is infallible.

    Have a good day!

    Paul Nordin