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60% of Amerticans Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media.

Written by Gary North on September 27, 2012

What’s that? You say you don’t trust the mainstream media? You are not alone. A Gallup poll reveals that 60% of Americans say they don’t trust the MSM. This percentage is rising.

Prior to 2004, Americans were more trusting of the MSM than now. Before 2004 in presidential election years, trust was higher. In the 1970s, it was 72%

The decline this year is heaviest in Republican circles. Only 26% trust the MSM. Among independents, it is not much higher: 31%. But Republicans were equally distrustful in 2008. The big decline has come among independents.

In September 2008, 43% of Americans said they were paying attention to national politics. Today, it is 39%.

Republicans say they pay attention: around 48%. It was 50% in 2008 and 38% in 2004.

Democrats are interested in key swing states.

The MSM thinks it is crucial for democracy. It isn’t. The following is self-puffery.

On a broad level, Americans’ high level of distrust in the media poses a challenge to democracy and to creating a fully engaged citizenry.

Then we are told this: ” Media sources must clearly do more to earn the trust of Americans, the majority of whom see the media as biased one way or the other.” As John Wayne said in The Searchers, “That’ll be the day.”

Then there is this: “At the same time, there is an opportunity for others outside the “mass media” to serve as information sources that Americans do trust.” Amen!

The MSM is losing ground. This is very good news. The Establishment is losing its leverage over the supply of information.

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11 thoughts on “60% of Amerticans Don’t Trust the Mainstream Media.

  1. What are Amerticans???
    Don't you hate it when you make a simple spelling mistake in the headline banner?
    It was good for a chuckle so thanks for that!

  2. how can one trust a group of people that present lies as truth? how can one trust the MSM when they report more on the how one candidate is not qualified and let the other one slide on what is clearly disqualifying? how does one trust a media that misrepresents and distorts truth to look like something totally different? how can one trust a media that asks really tough questions of one candidate but never asks tough questions of the other? how can we trust a media that is obsessed with the tax returns of one candidate but never questions why the other spent millions to seal his school records?

  3. Rabelrouser says:

    I rarely put much importance in the media ( or the polls) in general; they all are following an agenda to create a thought process in the general public. This is exemplified by the political tribalism we see in the people, where they (the media) become the thought process of the people.The dumbing down of the American Citizen is almost complete, and there are too many examples to list. People have lost intellectual integrity, they have become intolerant to factual information that goes counter what they are told to believe / think. Then is there no wonder why this nation has the problems it has? They know they are being lied to, but they continue to spout the same lines (lies) they hear, and will not investigate the facts for themselves. Truth has become a casuality in an effort to control the people and create a serfdom in the American Plantation.
    I agree, democracy needs the media, because of its mind controlling nature to the need of a majority to lead. But a Republic requires intellegent, free thinking individuals who seek the truth to understand the root of the problems. I guess we no longer have a Republic.

  4. Sixty percent, that's all… no wonder the country is in the state that it is; and the anoother reason is because the term mainsrteam keep's being inprperly used instead of the STATE-RUN media that they have become! We essentially now have a Pravda West! They are an arm of this Muslim-Marxist and his communist regime – let's call a spade a spade. They dispense propaganda rather than news and that is why these leg-crossers and empty suits can be so jovial about the so-called reporting that they do; they are assured a overpaid salary and a lavish life style as long as they spew the propaganda and not rock the boat. It should be obvious to the other forty percent!

  5. 60%? Only 60%?? That's way too low.

  6. Very true. The corporate owned top-down networks and print media are experiencing the same cognitive dissonance as the institutions that were threatened by Gutenberg's moveable-type printing press. The interchangeable CNNNBCCBSABCFOX networks (the big daily newspapers are mere dinosaurs that haven't grasped their total irrelevance yet) don't realize that the internet has fundamentally and permanently changed how information flows through society, and they cannot control it anymore.

  7. I prefer their more circulated name : "THE LAME-STREAM MEDIA"!

  8. Proves that they do not proofread.

  9. Jack former Marine says:

    Thank God I don't have any stock in MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC because I'd be angry with the executives of those companies for losing the public's trust with their lies and distortions of the truth, selling Obama and all his lies at being the truth, lost advertising revenue, and causing the stock to dive.

  10. Bob Marshall says:

    What is wrong with the other 40%? Are they not capable of critical thinking?

  11. I agree. The libtards may love to hear the pro-Obumbler lies, but I doubt all of them believe of trust the talking heads. Not even democraps could trust the psycholiberal loons on MSNBC.