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Travel Photos: Almost No One Can Identify the Country. Can You?

Written by Gary North on September 26, 2012

I came across some remarkable travel photos recently. The man who posted them claimed that almost no one can accurately identify the country.

See if you can. Click the link.

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9 thoughts on “Travel Photos: Almost No One Can Identify the Country. Can You?

  1. Fraud, at least one of the pics is from Califonia. #24 http://www.keesphotos.com/gallery/1680669_gmPVN#!…

  2. Robb Moffett says:

    Since you said europe, I guessed Turkey, I was close.
    I don't think Obama is in as big a hurry to fight another war for isreal as Mitt would be. That may be the only positive thing I can think about Obama. pat Buchanan does not think Iran is close to getting a nuke, and Isreal is supposed to have hundreds of them, plus 3 submmarines capable of launching nukes. I actually like Iran better than the Saudis and pakistan.

  3. That Iran must be a wonderful place to live and Die! Surrounded by all that beauty it's no wonder Islam is such a peaceful religion.Same thing in Kalifornia all that beauty has produced such beautiful, logical people. What am I missing here?

  4. What is more revealing than anything is when Ahmadinejad began his UN speech yesterday, the Israeli ambassador got up on cue and stormed out, scowling at the cameras for maximum melodramatic effect, BUT THE US DELEGATION DID NOT LEAVE. As long as I've been around, Israel has been able to yank Washington's lease and our delegates have always obediently followed. It may just be election year pandering by Obama, but that was the most loud-and-clear message the US has ever given Netanyahu that we will not follow him into Iran….at least before November.

  5. And last I heard Iran was not in Europe!

  6. Well, I would probably scowl too if some country wanted to wipe me off the face of the earth! And of course Obama siding with the Muslim countries, what do you expect? I would have been surprised if the US delegation did get up and leave. Kissing Irans backside is not going to make a bit of difference to them, as they see us as the the same as Israel.

  7. Yes, amazing how a Muslim leader can offer an insult on the holy day of another religion, but Islam refuses to take minor insults from nobodies.

  8. Iran has not initiated a war in 200 years. Israel and the US are invading and attacking other countries non-stop. Iran has signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty; Iran allows IAEA inspections; all 16 US intelligence agencies have said Iran is not building a nuclear weapon.

    Israel — on the other hand — has nuclear weapons (despite their official denial of the last 40 years), refuses to sign the NNPT, refuses to allow IAEA inspections, tried to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid S. Africa at a time when it was the US's enemy….the moral is, Iran is complying with international law and Israel is not.

  9. Brando Donovan says:

    Switzerland 🙂