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Maria Bartiromo: Beyond Mere Incompetence. Legendary.

Written by Gary North on September 26, 2012

The woman, once known as “money honey,” abuses the privilege of not knowing her trade.

She got a 30-minute interview with the founder and CEO of the largest hedge fund on earth, Ray Dalio. He rarely gives interviews. She got it because the Council on Foreign Relations invited him. Then it invited her. Why?

She begins her introduction with the longest string of “uhs” and “ums” that I recall ever hearing. An interviewer should never resort to these verbal stutters. He or she is supposed to be mentally in control. It’s mind over tongue. Not in her case.

She asked a question. She would not let him answer. She thinks he needs her help in answering a simple question. She gets him talking, and then she interrupts.

Talking heads are supposed to be more head and less mouth. The key to this trade — I was in it for over 20 years — is to get the person being interviewed to talk cogently on important issues. If an interviewer can ask questions that the viewers would like answered, that is great. If the person interviewed gives cogent answers, the interview is a success.

When he said that he owns gold, that was news across the Web.

Watch this for five minutes. You will be appalled.

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4 thoughts on “Maria Bartiromo: Beyond Mere Incompetence. Legendary.

  1. I thought the exact same thing when I saw this interview. It's like "let him finish a sentence!' He clearly get's frustrated, and wants to explain how the "economic machine works". Does he know the economy is not a machine? When he says we are flying into "air pockets", does he know the economy is not a plane, with inanimate objects as its constituent parts? Does he understand the economy is a dynamic system made up of individuals with their own goals and ambitions?

    No, he thinks it's a "machine" or "plane" and guess who he wants to be in the captain's seat? Here's a hint: It aint you.

  2. She's gorgeous. If only we could get her to shut up…

  3. I got it: the interviewer is part of the D-cup-bimbo brigade the networks erroneously believe is going to win back all the discerning thoughtful viewers & readers they have lost to the alternative media. If she had let Dalio complete a sentence and follow through a logical train of thought, it would have been processed by everyone else present and created an insurmountable expectation in Mz. Bartiromo. She would then have had the burden of formulating an intelligent follow-up question, but that would require her to know something about the subject under discussion.

    The network news readers can hold their own if the topic is salacious tabloid gossip and Hollywood celebrities, but they're instantly out of their depth when it's a pressing issue of national importance. Nothing but teeth, hair, makeup and wardrobe.

  4. Good grief. Where did they find this woman? She should be sacked and sent to a Toastmasters course.