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16 thoughts on “Candidate Obama Promised a $2,500 Cut in Health Insurance Premiums. They Rose $2,400.

  1. I am on medicare and received by new new premimums from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Idaho the other day. When I first enrolled my premimum was $49.00, out of pocket $2500.00. The second year it went to $60.00 and the out of pocket $3500.00. This year it goes to $93.00 and out of pocket $4500.00 Not to mention that cost of medical services increased. So much for Affordable Care Act. At this rate of yearly increase I soon will not be able to afford any insurance. I haven't seen the Social Security increase yet.

  2. Since Jan. 2012 doctors are no longer taking medicaid patients, thanks to the cut in payments to doctors and hospitals,
    how much longer before it will effect medicare patients that the doctors will no longer accept medicare and the only thing
    available is government one-size-fits-all patient care plan, stand in line and wait for your number to be called.

  3. How true this is for many. Yet there are people that still believe obama is the answer and pelosi.

  4. Scotty Moore says:

    Me and my wife ( who is on medi-cal) recently lost her doctor of twenty-odd years, now we discovering that our transplant hospital will more than likely refuse us care….
    Then they expect the county hospital to carry the extra load…. I believe it will get worse.

  5. Just another one of Obama's BIG LIES…My Insurance cost have more than doubled!

  6. Our insurance premiums went up $200 a month beginning of this year. I’m afraid what they are going to do next year. Going to consider an HSA or HRA. Ugh

  7. its only just begun..we are all in trouble with obama care…

  8. once a liar, always a demondcrat

  9. Okay America, have you read and/or heard about the above….well, I didn't need to read this or hear this because I FELT it, my Insurance Premiums have doubled since this idiot made this (lying) promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Surprise. Employer paid health insurance is done. The fine for not providing it is low compared to the cost of any plan so employers will gladly pay the fine forcing employees to buy their own. It will be much more expensive and not tax deductible for the employee as the limit is now 2500.00 for 2013. The cost per year for your own plan will be far above 2500.00.

  11. Brenda, you should get in touch with SS because the increase came in January of 2012 & now you should get it all in one lump for all the months that they didn't give you to 3.6 percent increase

  12. Brenda, you should get in touch With SS because the raise happened in January of 2012 & now they owe you all those months it should be a nice little surprise Good shopping

  13. I asked my Dr. & he said he would probably end up having to see 50 patients a day, like some other countries

  14. Remember all those waivers oweblowhole passed out to the unions & other select groups

  15. Candidate Obama made quite a few campaign promises that have since been broken…or if anyone was paying attention to the Fine Print, could never be kept in the first place.

  16. Makes a little rise in deductable for those of us who like our current insurance rates who don't use our insurance that much look like a drop in the bucket. I like the medicare system and they have to pay out of pocket on a lot of things that we don't think they do, trust me, I have family members and friends on it. Obama care promises that IF we don't have insurance we WILL be FINED for not having any when the Obama care system is fully operational in the near future. Didn't anyone read that part of the deal that goer with the new law when it gets passed? Better catch up people before you go blind in the light of ignorance of the democrats. Or BROKE!