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$70,000 to Run an Official U.S. Video Response to the Anti-Muhammed Video

Written by Gary North on September 21, 2012

The U.S. State Department spent $70,000 to run a TV ad in Pakistan featuring President Obama ad Mrs. Clinton. They assure viewers that the U.S.. government does not approve of the anti-Muhammed video that is posted on YouTube.

There are rioters in Pakistan. Pakistan is the only nation where the State Department ad is being aired.

Protests have tapered off in many countries, but in Pakistan on Thursday, more than 2,000 people tried to reach the U.S. Embassy inside a guarded enclave that houses embassies and government offices.

Riot police used tear gas and batons to keep the stone-throwing demonstrators away from the enclave, and hundreds of shipping containers were lined up to cordon off the area. The government later called in army troops to protect the restricted areas when it appeared that police could not handle the situation. . . .

The demonstrations are expected to grow on Friday, the traditional Muslim day of prayer. The Pakistani government deemed Friday a national holiday so people can demonstrate peacefully against the film.

When you think about how cheaply the producers of the video was made, and how much havoc it has caused for American foreign policy, you get the idea of the leverage of the World Wide Web. If getting more bang for your buck is what it’s all about, the producers did very well.

We are reminded once again that the leverage is shifting toward the little guy, the guy with a message that has not been filtered through the New World Order. The American foreign policy establishment has had a major setback. No one seems to know who produced the video, or for how much money. But its presence on YouTube has undermined years of work by the State Department. We think of Libya under the present regime or under Khadaffy, and we long for the good old days. The West toppled his regime by funding the rebels. Now look at the results.

The West’s New World Order brigade thinks it can manipulate foreign governments to the advantage of the Western establishment. Then, without warning, comes a cheap video that undermines years of careful planning and hundreds of millions of dollars in clandestine funding. This is the lure of all central planning. The planners cannot foresee events like the riots fostered by a privately produced video.

The State Department is trying to put out fires. Too late. The fuses are lit.

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14 thoughts on “$70,000 to Run an Official U.S. Video Response to the Anti-Muhammed Video

  1. We should have Obama pay for this out of his so called Peace Prize of a million dollars he got. Just think, ever since he got that money, we been in nothing but wars. And he has the nerve to talk about President Bush. This guys a real joke.

  2. This just shows that these rioters are nothing but ignorant savages. It is disgrace that our government is pandering to these animals. Tolerance!!!! Why should we be tolerant towards these people? These riots are a prime example of why Islam is not a peaceful religion. I know of no real religion that supports any of the radical beliefs of these savages. There is no reason to be sending any foreign aid to any of these muslim countries.

  3. Remember a few years ago when some Morons decided to destroy our stockpile of "Napalm" // Well they did, and now we are going through this stupid stuff in these 8th century middle east ghettos. Napalm would be the perfect solution to dealing with these savages. Like we used to say in "Nam", Crispy Critters.

  4. We demand a refund from the Obama Administration (if you can call it that)!

  5. Amen!


  7. Groveling before the animals just made me physically ill.
    This administration is not just a horrible joke, it is a disgrace.
    May God have mercy on us!

  8. vietnamvet1971 says:

    70K that is chump change to our Big Bloated Bankrupt Gimme-ment.

  9. Amen Frenchie! There are reports filtering that the movie was put out there by a federal entity. What a surprise ( sarcasm ). CNN also got caught interviewing a Pakistan woman who knew nothing about that movie in relation to current events, the WH put out that the attacks were planned, no connection to the movie and STILL our evil leaders bo & hillary communist are going on middle east tv & news saying sorry for the movie. It is such a blatant lie to cause unrest to try and begin their plans to change our government's constitution of law. I hope they burn in hell for their lies and un-necessary riots that are causing people to die. We must pray hard for November to get here. GET HIM OUT!!!!!!! Our lives are in deep doo doo. God please Bless America and rid her of the evil she is being held hostage to. Amen.

  10. Putting blame on this movie trailer that is months old is nothing more than a “smokescreen”. It is a pathetic attempt, by the Obama Administration, to blame a movie for their failed policies, and it only highlights Obama’s weakness and incompetence.

  11. And what does pakistan do, riot and burn down their own towns, kill their own people, and kill the people that feeds them . How is that "hope and change" advertisement working out for you bud?

  12. Bippy Bellito says:

    Why is our government apologizing unless they are complicit in the act. If Obama and Hillary (aided by Huma) did know of this sodomy and murder, why apologize to the perpetrator and send them money? Why not just handle it the way the Romans once did. This area of the world believes Might makes Right. To be conciliatory means weakness in the eyes of the Muslim sodomites..

  13. conscience voter says:

    A sincere apology to these savages would be that Americans give up their best treasure. So, let's do it. Let's give them our highest office holders. What d'ya think?

  14. The whole story about “the riots were caused by a YouTube video posted by some nobodies with nothing better to do” is a farce. It’s a media manufactured fantasy to distract attention from the fact that (c)bama’s stupid policies regarding radical Islam are a total failure. His ignorant appeasement approach and his apologetic demeanor are simply considered stupid and a clear sign of weakness by the folks in the Middle East. However, since mainstream media is so bent on insuring the guy’s re-election, they create this farce about how a YouTUbe video changed everything in the Middle East. It’s so ridiculous, it’s pathetic.