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The House Promises Egypt’s Government $130 Million a Month

Written by Gary North on September 20, 2012

The government of the United States wishes to send Arab governments a message: it’s business as usual in Washington, D.C. The bribes will keep being paid.

Thomas Jefferson stopped paying bribes to the Barbary pirates in the first decade of the nineteenth century. But Washington thinks it knows better. “Please be nice. Please love us. Please protect our embassies. So, just to show good faith, we will continue to pay tribute money.”

That is what foreign aid is. Tribute money. “We need your support. If you will keep being our ally, we will grease your palm. We will borrow money in the name of the American taxpayers in order to pay to you, Mr. Dictator. It’s the American way.”

The public knows it is payoff money to dictators and basket case regimes that offer nothing in return. But Congress keeps passing bills, and Presidents keep signing them.

The House of Representatives has passed a bill to pay $130 million a month to buy off the Egyptian government. The House does not want to indicate that it is in any way upset with the lack of protection given by the government to protect American soil — our embassy — inside Egypt.

Obama’s Press Secretary assured the government of Egypt that there are no hard feelings. After all, if the Obama Administration’s official agent, the Ambassador, refused to let the Marines carry ammunition or load their weapons. I mean, why blame the government of Egypt? It makes sense to me. Mr. Carney said: “We’re continuing to work with (Congress) on ways to support a stable, democratic transition in Egypt that is important for defeating extremism of the very kind that we just recently saw.”

A democratic transition. I understand. It’s not there yet, but we are hopeful. Anyway, Obama is hopeful. So is Congress.

Don’t call this groveling. Don’t call this begging for forgiveness. Call it enlightened self-interest. And you, Mr. Taxpayer, will pay the bill.

Yes, it is true that there were a few men in Congress who protested. Extremists, obviously. Just like the vast majority of voters who think it’s a bad idea for the federal government to borrow money in order to pay baksheesh to Arab regimes. Extremism must be fought, the Obama Administration says. So does the bipartisan leadership in Congress. “There’s more where that came from!”

Next time, the demonstrators may take hostages. What will Congress do then? Up the ante? Pay the Arab politicians to increase security, just in case it happens again?

Dan Burton of Indiana protested. “I want to know if any of it is going to Libya or Egypt,” Burton said. “Our embassies have been attacked. An ambassador has been killed. The Muslim Brotherhood runs Egypt — and we’re going to give them money? I would like to have an answer.” Well, he did not get an answer, except a majority vote to continue to send bribes.

Egypt gets $1.5 billion a year. But Egypt must meet stringent conditions laid down by Congress. These standards apparently do not include include requiring protestors to use blank ammunition, so as not to embarrass our Marine defenders at the embassy.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, however, has the authority to waive such congressional conditions placed on aid if it would be in the United States’ national security interest. She issued such a waiver in March.

“The incidents of the past week highlight how important our work is. The United States must and will remain strongly engaged in the world. … The United States must be a force for peace and progress,” Clinton said Tuesday. “That is worth striving and sacrificing for and nothing that happened last week changes that fundamental fact.”

The military aid is supposed to be spent in the USA. This is Congress’s not so foreign aid to domestic weapons manufacturers. Voters would not want to see the military-industrial-Congressional complex broken. No, no, no.

So, the foreign aid continues to flow. It’s the American way of life, as interpreted by Congress.

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32 thoughts on “The House Promises Egypt’s Government $130 Million a Month

  1. anyone who voted to give money to these goverments should be hung from a tree…. we the people have had enough… it is time for those in washington who want to continue to send our money to countries that hate us and are trying to destory us need to realaize that Americans are fed up with there actions…. send your sen and rep a message today that says you are fed up and if they don't get it straightend out,, then you will do everything in your power to see that they are impeached for treason to the USA

  2. Harold Clark says:

    I will furnish the rope!

  3. It is not now, or has it ever been, possible to buy friends or loyalty. Anyone who thinks it is possible should not hold public office. Does anyone in congress realize what is happening to the US with all these give away programs?

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    What seems to be least understood is the fact that if this nation did not have the central banking System, the Federal Reserve, this could not happen.
    People want to complain about the amount of tax, and borrowed dollars spent /given to these other nations, but it is simple for the government to do so because there is no Constitutional restrictions on the Federal Reserve. The people, by ignoring this simple fact, are becoming victim to this fraudulent pratice.
    This is why the debt can never be solved, this is why there is both inflation, deflation, this is why the american people do not have real money, just evidence of debt "notes" that they beleive is "real money". And untill they come to terms with this fact, the bankrupting of the Nation will continue by unbridled spending on all levels.
    Politics can not fix this, both party's are facillitating the problem by going along with this Un-Constitutional System; its up to the people to become educated, get mad and inact the solution.

  5. If my house Rep voted for this he is a Traitor and needs to be remove as soon as we can get him out. Damn this is as bad as we can get paying those who hate us to love us ,that aint gonna fly boys. This is from Alabama

  6. All Reps, Democrats and republicans who voted for this,should be voted out.

  7. We borrow money form people that hate us , to give to people that hate us, does this make sense ???
    Any one in cogress that voted to give this money should be tried for treason !!!!

  8. Please a list of all that voted for this. The people should know the who the Traitor are. From Indiana

  9. sure why not give them millions to kill us…brilliant

  10. Victoria DeLacy says:

    This is insanity. It's not in our best interest as a nation to continue to subsidize the activities of terrorist-based nations. Besides,. charity begins at home so as long as there is a single American left homeless or hungry we should be taking care of our own people FIRST…that has clearly not yet happened.

  11. Victoria DeLacy says:

    We are in debt to the hilt – how much sense does it make to borrow from China to give to our enemies? That is insanity!

  12. dale briggs says:

    we have just a few more days to deside what we want our country to be under the thumb of the muslam way of life or the freedom to think for ourselfs god did not want mankind be under bondage to any one that is why he gave man freedom to choose his way of life my opinion is that our congress is so afraid of their own shadow moneny does not belong to congress or the presidant it is to be used wisely for our own people not given out as bribes my opinion vote to free yourselfs from bondage

  13. James William Johnson says:

    I am 84 years old. ww2 vet. 3years in vietnam in a civilian capacity. Even with the Embassy personnel feeding the black market,stopping fraud and theft where I could, I still preferred the USA to any other country.We did what we could with what we had to work with. Now I am heartsick over the candyassed theives we are inflicted with. Too many people who are offspring of permissing people in positions of trust, responsibility and authority. I am one of those spoken of by the Japanese general, behind my blade of grass. Jim

  14. James William Johnson says:

    Those of you who think for yourselvs, just look at;
    Some oeople say that one of the prerequits for attaining the office of the president of the USA is not being a natural born citizen as defined in our constitution, but rather by bought votes by the supporters of the candidate of their choice.To hell with the constitution seems to be the opinion of our duly electef representatives. Professional politicians need to be voted out. Jim

  15. Face it , we have a chicken s**t government lead by a chicken s**t spineless appeaser who would rather hobnob with Hollywood rather than do the job he promised to do when elected . So far he has done nothing he said he would do outside of fundamentally change America . Once we were the world leader for freedom and democracy . Now we are reduced to a near Communist Welfare state . And all because in the rush to be politically correct Americans voted to elect an unqualified fool to lead us . Proof of the old saying , " be careful what you wish for , you just might get it !"

  16. Bob Marshall says:

    The U.S. government is responsible for the present government of Egypt. Goerge Soros even funded the drafting of the present Constitution. I dare say few in America know anything of the Kerry- McClain -Lieberman Bill 3.618. Why do we continue to have so many ignorant citizens? Could it be because millions continue to watch and listen to the corporate controlled news media instead of doing their own research and reading books and publications of importance. Judge Andrew P. Napolitano pointed out what is wrong in America today in his book, A NATION of SHEEP.

  17. Bippy Bellito says:

    We are paying Pedophiles and Sodomizers tax payers money??????? What is the logic? Would they do this in their own districts???? Muslims Nations need to come into the civilized world before they get another dime from this country. Where is the Logic???

  18. we all know where the money is going to come from, more taxes we can't afford.. obama is an unqualified disaester.. hopefully the people that put that idiot in office see what he's done to us.more welfare, taxes, no jobs. do you really want another 4 yrs of obamas lies.. i dont.. harold i'll supply the knots.. if the house, senate, and congress want to buy eygept u boats, and submarines obama, all the dems and anyone who voted to do this, can not take their salaries and any fortunes they have put in off shore accounts and pay for the u boats and subs themselves.. leave the american people out of it.. hilary and obama and anyone that didnt allow the marine guards to have ammunition while protecting our embassies should be tried for treason.. hilary and obama right up front. id write my congress woman and senator but they're dems so its a waste of time..

  19. This crap needs to stop! Put that money into our military. When they want to attack us, we will have well paid solders and a well equipped military that will be able to stop their attacks. In a very short time they will figure out that our military is far superior to theirs, and the best thing for their health will be to keep their warring, terrorist A$$es off of our soil.
    However, I'm not smart enough to make the big bucks like all of those politicians do, so I'm probably wrong.

  20. put al those idiots on the wall and get read of them


  22. AZ Don, I agre with you. The folks in the Middle east all 57 states think one is WEAK if they try to buy friends.

    One, we need to get out of the middle east, two out of the UN and any nations that hasTahfrais to do bodily harm will get the shit kick out of them after we get ride of the ones here.
    All this money to the Muslim brotherhood is CRIMINAL.


  23. That's money to restock ammo and better weapons to crush the USA. Makes sense, NOT! Then, it's probably our weapons manufacturers making the guns and ammo. Pull ALL monies from countries inflicting this terror and death upon the USA. Are we stupid for paying for our demise?

  24. Buffalo Bill says:

    You can use my tree!

  25. Put congress on notice – – if and when they pass something the people dont want they willl be voted out as soon as possible.Their name will be made available and supplied to anyone and everyone who will work to get it before the people so appropriate action can be taken as soon as possible.

  26. mathischristian says:

    Whatever happened to the Pledge to America?

  27. Melba Rowland says:

    Agreeing with you from South Carolina !

  28. Melba Rowland says:

    It was "offensive" to some people??????

  29. I think they should send Hillary over to stand in for the ambassador that was murdered. Same lack of protection just like she says its got to be. After all we need her expertise there to keep us from insulting the terrorists…… uh… protesters! What stupidity this administration has. It seems they care nothing for American lives, just do not offend those people!

  30. What happened? Obama and political correctness! Vote Obama back in for 4 more and say goodbye to the late great United States of America. The only thing holding this president back was re-election. If hes re-elected there will be NO stopping him on anything he wants. You think its bad now?

  31. Amen, I agree completely. I have written my congressman and congresswoman here in Michigan and all I get is lip service. They agree with our Divider in chief completely. We don't want our money going to governments that hate us and they turn around and buy weapons to kill us or we just give them weapons to kill us. What a travesty our government has become! We need to get all of them out and start over. And half of them should be tried for treason and for giving aid and comfort to the enemies of our country!

  32. mathischristian says:

    The Pledge to America was made by Republicans.