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Confusion at Wal-Mart Over Currency. “What Is This Stuff?”

Written by Gary North on September 20, 2012

When you pay cash, meaning with currency, you can sometimes get a discount. But not at Wal-Mart. At Wal-Mart, they rip up cash.

Anyway, that is what one woman says happened. She bought some items at Wal-Mart. The person at the checkout counter knew someting was suspicious. This was currency. Paper money.

First, he tore up the bill.”It’s fake,” he said. Then he ran a scanning pen over it. The mark turned yellow. This indicted that it was not counterfeit. He demanded payment in real money.

Then he called his manager. The manager demanded payment. She handed him another hundred dollar bill. They repeated the procedure. Then they called the police.

She had to wait over two hours while the police rushed to the scene of the crime.

They said the bills were real. So, the manager tried to get her to take back the torn-up bills.

She is now suing Wal-Mart for $74,900. If she collects, people with $100 bills will head for Wal-Mart, hoping for a repeat performance.

What have we learned from all this? First, Wal-Mart needs to train its graveyard shift employees in recognizing fake currency. It is not good to tear up $100 bills.

Second, lawyers need money. Beware.

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59 thoughts on “Confusion at Wal-Mart Over Currency. “What Is This Stuff?”

  1. Harold Clark says:

    Some of the people that Wally World has working them for them I could believe this. Any more when you go to that store they have most of the check out counters with no one in them. (the clerks I mean.) So there are longer lines etc.

  2. The policeman testifying that this charlie-foxtrot at Wal-Mart was a "terrible mistake" should be very persuasive if this case is ever heard by a jury. With Wal-Mart, who knows? It might spend 100's of $1,000's in legal fees to try and beat this rap.

  3. WalMart hires dumb people who don't know how to stand up for themself, or know whats right from whats wrong. I have paid attention to them for the last 15 years. I know many people who are well educated and by the economy needed to get a job and they never got hired. And some who just needed a job and they have a some what decient education still don't get hired. But have seen those that have had mental problems and ARE ON PSYCHOTROPIC drugs, they get a job.

  4. I no longer shop at Walmart! Why you may ask, Well I will not buy anything made in CHINA!

  5. Can't help but wonder if all their employees are foreign like their products. Why have intelligent machines/pens to tell if money is forged when the entire Wal- Mart staff can't read, distinguish colors or whatever? How about fining them for destroying US money? I know it's not worth much (the dollar) but there must be a law about doing that. If not I'm sure or competent Congress could fit at least a 1,000 page bill for one into their busy schedules. I can't help but wonder about the customer also because she gave them another bill to rip up. Sure glad the quick arrival of the police helped resolve the matter.

  6. This is a sad case of the U.S. education system at work. If Wally World had had an educated manager he could have circumvented the entire situation. Instead the manager was just as ignorant as the clerk! Fortunately, the policeman still had a few functioning brain cells and settled the argument. If Wally World were smart (but that's an oxymoron!) they'd make sure that at least one of their employees on every shift could count and make change with real money.

  7. then you better not shop at Home Depot, Costco, Bi Mart, Kroger, Fred Meyer, Lowes, Kohl's, Target, Best Buy, or, for that matter, the Apple store. Sorry but its well nigh impossible to NOT buy stuff made in China. One thing, food products are continuing to show up from China, and I WILL refuse to buy anything made or grown or processed in China if it goes into or on my body. Their track record on these items is very poor.

  8. Bob Marshall says:

    Most super Wal-marts have 32 check out counters and only six or seven open. If it wasn't for China they would be out of business and many small businesses would be back in business.

  9. Just started a second job as a cashier. The hiring manager was pleasantly surprised that I count back change and can spot a fake bill without pens or the scanner.
    For decades we (it is we) have been teaching the young that there is some “thing” that will work, provide and care for them and it is best to use them especially ideologies and beliefs.
    Like only the old and stupid don’t have cell phones and no one uses cash anymore.

  10. USAForever48 says:

    I shop at Wal*Mart all the time. We have a policy in this household that if it isn't made in the U.S.A. or grown in the U.S.A., we don't buy it. Lots of stuff at Wal*Mart is made in the U.S.A., but you have to have a keen eye and pay attention to what you're buying. Our household policy went into effect last fall, and so far, no one is going naked or hungry. We have what we need, and if we can't find what we want that's made in the U.S.A., we go without. So far, so good. If we get in a jam, we'll look at the pending purchase very carefully before we buy.

  11. USAForever48 says:

    Us, too, Tionico!!! GREAT POLICY!!!!! American workers thank you. See my response below.

  12. Boxerbuddy4 says:

    Maybe they don't know we have $100 bills. I worked in retail and never tore up any bill if I thought it was counterfeit. We would ask for another form of payment if we thought it was counterfeit. It wasn't usually the 100s that were counterfeit, it was the 20s.

  13. Isn't this just the old Steve Martin bit? He goes to the counter with cash and the checker says, "Heeeeyyyyyy, what is this?" SM says, "That's Money." Checker, "Well, I don;t know. I"ll have to call the manager."

    Sounds like someone dug out their old comedy albums and decided to prank the media.

  14. True story; Four people went to a restaurant. On the menu was all you can eat fish for $9.00. Four people ordered the all you can eat fish. The check came. One person went to the cashier with the exact amount (included the tax), handed it to the cashier. The cashier looked at the person and said "Oh, that is too much money, 9×4 is 27 right. Here is your change.

  15. I suspect that the clerk must have realized that this mis-administration has the Fed printing the value of that cash to nothing so he tore it up? 😉

  16. Hollie2009ad says:

    1-Eddie-1: Many years ago, I worked in the school bank and also in a commercial bank part-time and full-time when I graduated from High School; I was very good in math, but, now, I have a horrible time with spelling and my 'rithmetic. It is very embarrassing and difficult for me, so I don't fault the people that work as cashiers anymore. Of course, I know that far too many of our children "graduate" from school without a working knowledge of money and some can barely read. +JMJ+

  17. Hollie2009ad says:

    She is suing for what? There must be a lot more to this story besides the stupid and misleading headline!! +JMJ+

  18. What I find interesting is that the $100 note is the largest there is anymore. The government collected and destroyed all the $500 and $1000 bills. I needed to take about $19,000 in cash with me on a trip once (payroll, not drugs), and I asked the bank for 19 $1000 bills. They said no such thing anymore (this was a number of years ago). Given how little $100 is now (1/17 of an ounce of gold), they should get rid of all coins, issue coins for $1 and $5 – $10 should be smallest paper money, and they should issue $50, $100, $500 and $1000. At least $1000 is a bit over 1/2 ounce of gold. Today even a quarter is a meaninglessly small amount of money – forget about dimes, nickels and PENNIES. The dollar has lost 97% of its value since 1971. Time to admit it by changing the currency to reflect its low vlaue.

  19. Glenn Bisset says:

    If you are going to report theses 'stories', please included things like the sotre number and the address. Otherwise you could be just making it up to generate some excitement.
    Or worse. Compiling a data base of active email addresses.

  20. Our educational process and parenting at work!


  22. Welcome to the New World Order. We are becoming a cashless society. Our money is becoming worthless.
    This is where credit cards, debit cards and checks has gotten us. Hardly anyone pays by cash anymore.
    No wonder cashiers do not know how to make change. I watched a cashier struggling to figure out how much change I had coming
    back out of a $10 bill, and my groc cost $8.45. I kept repeating to myself, “$1.55” She finally gave me the correct change.
    As I walked away I could only shake my head. Oh, for the old days before credit cards.

  23. This statement is far from accurate, not to mention unkind to those who just really needed a job and did get hired at Walmart. Also, what makes a person with the inability to speak need employment any less than any other person? Most people who work overnight still have responsibilities during the day and overnight was the only shift available to them. They are exhausted, emotionally drained, and struggling to keep their jobs. This cashier made a huge and uncommon mistake, I don't argue that, but most employees are deserving of more compassion and understanding than you have demonstrated here.

  24. Your list of retail stores selling products made in China is right on. Now add in that Home Depot actively supports the gay agenda, and Target refuses to support our troops. Walmart supports the troops in many, many ways–and they do not ever get involved with the gay agenda. Those two things alone make me appreciate Walmart. I shop there because their groceries most of the time are half the price of Safeway or King Soopers. And there are a lot of products not made in China if one will only check the labels.

  25. I once went to a fast food drive though. My total came to $X.06. I handed the cashier $X.11. They told me they didn't need the penny. I said, "I know, but I don't want 4 pennies in change." They said, "You will just get 5 pennies change." I said, "No, I will get a nickel in change." The manager actually had a brain cell or two.

  26. I you really want to confuse a 'cashier', buy one item with cash, and tell them how much change you should get before they scan the bar code. The will probably call in the secret service.

  27. Same thing at publix, I got 2 $100 bills at bank and went grocery shopping and gave her a $100 bill, she looked at it like it was going to bite her, she called manager over and he Ok'd it. Whats the different between dirty money and a dirty check
    NOT A DAM THING. More likely that check will bounce, before that $100 bill. Checks and credit use cost these businesses money, you would think they would prefer cash.

  28. Target supports our troops, your misinformed about that, and supports local charities & donate in their community,
    not happy with their gay stand, same with JC Penney.

  29. Don't forget the Medical Proffesion . All American doctors go to foreign countries to pratice & theirs come over here to the USA.

  30. I do not shop @ Wall Mart. The morons that I've seen working there have difficulty phrasing a sentence properly or can't say one with out having to stop after every three words and go " ah ,uh umm" before they can proceed with finishing a sentence. you know which type is being refered to. They make two syllable words out of one syllable words. e.g. wood is woo-id, kid is kee-ids, on is pronounced " owwn".We even dumbed down the standards of our educational system to make it appear that "they" are just li-ak everybody else. There is a Wall Mart in an area when I used to live. Many of those "types" have been put in "supervisiory jobs.. the store is a chaotic mess. Do I need to ask what type of person was the cashier in this instsnce ?

  31. This is what the government wants! This is how they intend to get their Taxes, its not your money its their Tax dollars your with holding from them to use for bridges to NO-where. Thats why the banks are in on this schemne, the IRS contacts the bank and POW there you have it, all of the transactions you did over the year and what you owe in Taxes! The younger people don’t understand how money and taxes work all they know is “Can’t we make this simple” if the machine in front of them can’t do the job for them, they don’t know what to do. Yet, lets give the teachers in Chicago a raise and not make them accountable for the students who can’t even count! Heck!! lets give all the teachers a “FREE” ride straight to the bank, the kids don’t count anymore (at least not in public schools) the rich and (of course) the politicians send their kids to private schools on our Tax dollars. OH! but god forbid we don’t put that piece of crap back in the White House!

  32. Damn straight. No iPhone or iPod for me, either.

  33. There IS a law about tearing up legal currency. Wonder how long it would have taken the police to get there if someone had a gun, & was shooting people at that store?

  34. Great reply!

  35. Just proves the point that, when it comes to employees, WalMart gets what it pays for. Also proves another characteristic of WalMart–absolutely NO regard for customer service. Apparently their philosophy is "we'll sell to you for a low price, so take it or leave it.

  36. I'm not defending WalMart but, If you look at the labels you can buy American made stuff. they carry both.
    Wal-Mart used to be a great when founder Sam Wall was alive. He left it to his kids, (probably educated in public schools) and look what happened. They even own 5 of the worlds largest freighters that go over to China empty and come back full of Chinese made junk. If you'll check the prices, you'll find that the Chinese junk costs more than American made.
    Just sayin'

  37. So then what will you use? Plaxtic? You can lose your shirt with electronic money. the problem is that the powers that be have delibertly devalued the dollar. It's what backs the money, not the money it's self.

  38. Right On! You don't have to tell what kind of people you are refering to, it's uite obvious. Hey the so called president sithour his teleprompters says the same things. Umm, Ah, Uh …. Know what I mean??

  39. And I know it, I can't type!

  40. Admiral America says:

    The Walmart Wackos were probably jealous someone actually has $100 bills.

  41. I got my fill of Walmark long again.
    The manager I ran into was rude, ill mannered
    Aand had about enough grey matter to fill a themble.
    He was lucky that I'm a mild mannered sort offellow
    Or else ihe would have been down on his knees scearching for his teeth.
    The word "Walmark" has a dirty word to me ever since..

  42. Followed the story all the way by links to the court document filed. The article is pretty close to verbatim of the suit filed so you can rest assured it is a real incident.

  43. I shop at Walmart because I refuse to buy over priced products made by union laborers. I never shop target because they do definitely do not support our military. Evem worse target is a French owned company.

  44. The trouble with Wal Mart is that some of the people shopping there and working there think they live in Mexico, that the countries flag is red, white, and green, and that "real" money is in pesos.

  45. Do people still shop at Wally World (aka Walmart)?

    Quite a few years back, I had a similar experience, though they didn't tear up my bills. After three managers were called to the scene, I finally realized that this was all about them wanting me to pay with a credit card. They had refused to return my cash. But when I took out my credit card and said that I would pay with the card, if they would return my cash, they returned my bills. I then started to walk out with only my cash, leaving the merchandise on the counter. They were upset that I didn't buy their junk, so they threatened to call the police, if I didn't come back and complete the purchase. I stopped and looked the manager in the eye, handed her my business card and said, "Please do. I would love to get you in court over this." Of course, the police were never called. That experience and the fact that they have a wide selection of Communist Chinese products and very few Made in USA products are just a few of the reasons why I avoid Wally World like the plague.

  46. I SWEAR I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP: A couple of months ago I asked the cashier at WalMart's "smokers' counter" where I could find the disposable butane lighters. She looked at me like I had three heads and said that WalMart didn't carry such an item, and furthermore that she'd never heard of them! Of course this was nonsense; I've often bought multi-packs of disposable butane lighters at WalMarts across the nation. I politely told her so, of course omitting the "nonsense" part. She then said, "Well, I've been working here for six years and I've never heard of them." In despair, I mimed flicking a lighter in front of my face, saying, "You know: Flick your Bic?" She replied angrily, "I know what a Bic is, don't treat me like I'm stupid!" I replied, still politely, "Bic is one brand of disposable butane lighter." And she replied, "I told you twice we don't carry those. But the Bics are in Aisle 3."

  47. Old age was not a factor for the cashier, sadly her problem was stupidity. The cashier was maybe 20 years old, if that.

  48. Oh, I believe that. Anytime I do that, I through the cashier off also. They just don't know how to handle the equation. Unfortunately these youngsters are the products of our public school systems. As a matter of fact, throwing more money at schools is stupid if Johnny and Jane can't figure out simple math such as addition and subtraction. You just can't fix stupid with money. Sometimes I wonder if these youngsters were dropped on their heads as infants.

  49. Walmart must be training the next generation of U.S. Senators!

  50. I totally agree! I was at a restaurant not to long ago and the electricity went out during our meal. Luckily it was during the day and the large windows kept the place in enough light to eat. But the cashier had no idea how to give change. She was so confused, they had to get an older woman to check every one out. Kids now days have no survival skills for the world. Which is a shame. But they sure can text and do those computer games.

  51. I always hear a lot about weird things that go on in Walmart. From weird people, bad cashiers, etc. But I have never seen/or had anything like that happen in my Walmart store. I go there at least every other day, at different hours, even in the middle of the night. Of course I do live in a small town with the pop. only @16,000. Most of our cashiers are well trained, educated, and majority of them are middle aged or older. They happen to love their job and they show it. I have never been treated rude or with disrespect. I wish everyone would quit bashing all Walmarts and their employee's.

  52. 'Sconsin Patriot says:

    I think it depends on the area you live in.
    I never had a problem either…we live in a small town also.

  53. Did you ever think you might be one of the tards and you are dealing with your own kind. Sorry.

  54. For every one item they mark down, there are 10 marked up!! I have watched this for some time. The meat is awful, chicken rotten, produce is so old there couldn't possibly be any vitamins or nutrition in them. And lets not forget the sour milk you bought home only having to drive 20 or so miles back to exchange, and they don't want to double your money! I don't get free gas! I rest my case!!!

  55. Danno, why do they have around a hundred check out lines and only two checkers at each end and 96 vacant lines in the middle? When do they bring in the other 96 checkers?

  56. It most certainly is a Federal Crime to destroy US legal tender! This is not just a recent Law the law to my knowledge is over 100 years old! And Wally world nees a good butt ripping for their employees especially managers performing this little act! Perhaps a tidy fine for them all of about 80,000 dollars leaving the courts 5100 dollars after payment to the Plaintiff!

  57. Mostly you are right but in at least 60%of this problem is a lack of disciplinary system that was thrown out some 40 years ago from our smarter than thou College educated idiots that chose that proper discipline was demeaning to the Students on every action to establish disciplene there was an opposite Liberal idiot reaction to twart and remove same! These are the same Liberal scum that wants idiots and non thinking people so that they can form their so desired SocioCommie form of government! Then those in power do all the thinking and enslavement of the workers! Unfortunately the students in great numbers found it easier to sit like a Pine Knot and get their uselwess Diplomas. Their is a high percentage of these diplomas out their and Wally World laps them up and watches them steal for a while then fires them so they can go to another Store such as Sears or Target you name it they all have them! I have personally witnessed the above happen in Sears in the 90's and the perpertrator went straight to Walmart and got a job in less than 48 hours so that he could start his little program up in that store! So goes America! No Discipline, No Correction, No Morality, No GAS Factor!

  58. Oh but the politically Correctness was maintained Bye Sears Management therefor no Sweat for them and their Security Team and No reporting of same to Walmart for employment verification so that they could maintain the immorality of the Guilty! This was all on video tape and their was no question of the Guilt of this fine young citizen of low moral integrity! Moral of the Story is Crime in America Pays well unless you are performing your crime in one of their high profile crimes! Then they will rip off your gonads and cook your goose1

  59. $74,900??? What happened did she lose her job or something? Sounds like another good argument for lawsuit reform. Of course they should reimburse her for her trouble, but 75 Gs is ridiculous. BTW, the government should fine Wal-Mart, it's illegal to destroy US currency.