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DHS Buys More Sniper Ammunition

Written by Gary North on September 19, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security is stocking up. You never know when you will need a few hundred million rounds of ammunition.

It is stocking up on .223 caliber ammo. This is suitable for military issue AR-15’s. It will begin with a purchase of 40 million rounds. It will buy 40 million a year for four more years.

That’s a lot of target practice.

Then the DHS will buy .308 rounds. That is a good caliber for sniping. The DHS will buy both blanks and live hollow point (dum-dum) rounds. How many dum-dums? 176,000 rounds.

Practice makes perfect.

The DHS is a serious organization with a serious mission. What is its mission? Anything it can get away with. But, technically speaking, it is anti-terrorism. What kinds of terrorism? Anything it can persuade the voters that might constitute a threat. A threat to what? The Department of Homeland Security.

It also is in charge of border control.

It bought 450 million rounds earlier this year.

It makes me wonder how widespread terrorist cells are inside the United States.  Or how many illegal immigrants are expected to cross our southern border. An order of 450 million rounds indicates a lot of trouble is expected.

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21 thoughts on “DHS Buys More Sniper Ammunition

  1. Don Watkins says:

    This act is only if Obama wins the election. Then things will go back to normal and the DHS will no longer need the rounds.

  2. If the order goes through, hopefully it's form an American company.

  3. I will repeat from my previous posts; the guy who wrote this article doesn't know a dum-dum from a candy wrapper. .223 rounds are NOT sniper rounds. They are base, small caliber rounds utilized for close combat or mid-range combat. The 55 grain round loses it's down-range impact energy very quickly at the velocities they are fired at.

    A "sniper" round is a very specific animal, comes in various calibers (not .223) and is designed to travel greater distances with more accuracy and higher impact energy down-range. Yes, .308 rounds may be sniper rounds, however, basic .308 rounds are neither accurate enough or fired at the proper velocities.

    Also, the military doesn't purchase AR-15's. They have weapons that resemble AR-15's and the base design is the same, but functionally they are as different as VWs and Porches. To give you an example of why so many rounds are utilized, during the Vietnam war the kill ratio for rounds spent was estimated as a whopping 50,000 per dead enemy soldier. I personally think that is over estimated, but that's the statistic.

    Hollow-point rounds are meant to penetrate and open up to prevent pass-through and to produce a large wound channel. Dum-dums were rounds that, for lack of a better term, exploded inside the person or object. They were inaccurate and usually filled with mercury.

    And here's the point; Who cares? I hope our military and national/local police are armed to the teeth in case of armed assault by illegal aliens, OTM illegals or in the event of another domestic terrorist attack. I know I am. I'd hate to think I am better armed than the LEOs.

    To the poster mentioning the suppliers; they are all US based. One of the primary ones is in Lake City, Fl.

    Don't be a dumb-dumb (pun intended) when reporting on these things. The world has enough conspiracy theorists.

  4. Texas Chris says:

    Only the very nieve really believes that.

  5. Texas Chris says:

    1) The average LEO will never capitalize on the difference between the white-box .308 and the steel boat-tails with extra powder.

    2) LEOs will have full auto, armor, and backup at the push of a radio button.

    3) There is statistcally zero chance of the possibility that we are invaded by a uniformed force requiring this much fire power.

    Government agencies are budgeted a set number of rounds every year, and they must fire every round or lose that funding next year. Therefore, the budget (and number of rounds yearly) grown every year. I've seen it with my own eyes, as has every veteran and LEO. We waste ammo because we want to get at LEAST that much next year.

  6. So that's why our Government is so reluctant to arm our troops and our Border Guards, Washington is Hoarding all the ammo and guns they can get there hands on, Makes you kind of wonder what a lying Corrupt Government is up to don't it, I am sure its not for the protection of American Citizens, I would guess its more for dominance over us rather than protection. Its in the air, I can feel it The have nots are on the verge of taking over the country, Its going to depend on who win the election, It will either be Sink or Swim.

  7. I'm sorry to dispute your "knowledge" of sniper weapons and calibers, but your information is more like disinformation. The 55 grain .223 is not used for sniping, in that you are correct, but 75 grain BTHP rounds are used for short to medium range sniping in accurized, scoped, and suppresed M-16's. Even standard M-16's now use the 62 grain M855 penetrators or the 62 grain OTM (Open Tip Match) The .308, actually it's military kissing cousin 7.62×51, is used extensively for sniping up to 1000 yards depending on the weapon it is used in. Some of these weapons are the M-40, M-110 (Knight's Armament, and LaRue OBR) which are extremely accurate. They are shooting the 175 grain M-118LR, which uses the Open Tip Match bullets and are, again, extremely accurate. At ranges up to 6 – 700 yards even the 147 grain Nato is accurate enough in a decent weapon to use for sniping, albeit at 700 yards one would be better served with a 168 or 175 grain round.

  8. Concerning the amount of ammo used during the Vietnam War, the tactics of the time were correctly expressed as "Spray and Pray". In otherwords, you keep the enemy's head down by spraying lots of rounds in their direction and you pray that you actually hit someone! The M-16's of today are far more accurate than those of the Vietnam era due to design changes and the huge advancements in optics. One reason for so many rounds is in the event of a civil war, ammunition factories will be the first thing to get shut down by one side or the other to prevent the other from resupplying…. Also consider that in the event of a EMP attack, the electrical grid will be down which will result in no ammunition being manufactured… or food, or gasoline, or pretty much anything else….

  9. What the heck are they "gearing" up for? Kinda makes ya wonder who they plan to use it on….and since they are attempting to take guns and ammo away from the people…hmmm

  10. Carpenter4Liberty says:

    Google up Freedom Group. You will then know the neocons are behind this while lining their own pockets.
    A Quayle sits on their foreign investment board.

  11. Seminole Katz says:

    @ Jim : So you are okay with your own Government shooting You, as long as the bullet was Made In America ?

  12. Seminole Katz says:

    @ Don Watkins : So, if Obama wins re-election things will be " NORMAL ". Did you read Obama's NEW definition of a terrorist ? – Returning War Veterans, Granny putting up home grown food, Devoutly religious people, those that loudly protest their own government, etc. etc. If you think this is NORMAL, then government has finished brainwashing you and you can get a job at your local F.E.M.A. Reeducation / Extermination Camp, disposing of your own Countrymen. " We were just following orders " ! ! !

  13. Actually, the Lake City plant is located in Independence, MO. Refer to: http://www.atk.com/capabilities_defense/cs_as_fm_

  14. The feds can't justify using hollow-points for "agent training" or "target practice". You always use cheaper ammo for that. Hollow points are designed to inflict grievous bodily harm (and apparently quite a lot of harm judging from the size of these orders).

  15. tiredofthecrap says:

    But the ammunition is not going to be used against illegal aliens, illegal border crossers, muslim terror cells, etc., because dumbbutt Napolitano has already ordered Border Control Agents and others NOT to shoot NOT apprehend illegal aliens as they cross our borders in droves. So, if not them then who? Obviously, it must be US, and if you can't see that the activities of the last year are really shaping up like Nazi Germany then look again.

    As for the errors in the article concerning the ammunition: While I agree with some of your points, as I recall .308 rounds are essentially 30-06 rounds and can be fired in M-1 and M-14 rifles, both of which were used extensively as sniper rifles. Having shot a match-grade M-14, I can tell you that they are very accurate and make excellent sniper rifles. Of course, with today's modern improvements, there are other rifles better suited as sniper rifles (although I know I'll get flak for that comment), but there are those folks out there whose familiarity and proficiency with the M-1 and M-14 make them just as good as those with the newer rifles.

  16. Who need’s the DHS ?&.223’s for sniper rounds are a joke… .300 Weatherby Mag will knock the tit’s off an Obamadyke @ 1,200 yds + 🙂

  17. Sorry boy’s time for me to go kill a Bambi for the grill … Maryland,MY,Maryland… 🙂

  18. 0bama said he'd needed a civilan force just as equiped as the military.
    I've seen videos of the dumbest black youth you'd could ever imagine doing drills, chanting 0bama's name.
    Put two and two together, folks.

    If he wins re-election he just might use them.

  19. are you kidding they won't even hire an american company to count the votes

  20. It doesn't say 223 for sniper rounds. It said 176000 rounds of 308s plus 308 blanks. Should read whole story

  21. Rake Handle says:

    They are buying up the ammo to try to force the price up for JQ public or to cause a shortage
    So far it hasn't worked too well.