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Mr. Anti-Federal Reserve Assesses Where We Are Today

Written by Gary North on September 18, 2012

G. Edward Griffin wrote the best popular introduction to the Federal Reserve System in 1998: The Creature From Jekyll Island. It has gone through 38 printings.

He gave an interview to Casey Research a few weeks ago. Casey Research has printed a transcript. Here are highlights.

I think that Einstein’s E=mc2was the epicenter of all his theories. I think in our case the epicenter was the realization that the Federal Reserve system is a cartel, and not an agency of the federal government. That single fact alone is, when you think about it, so shocking to most people – or it should be, because we have been raised to think that it’s the government, that they’re looking after us. To think that it’s no different than an oil cartel or a banana cartel – it simply happens to be a banking cartel and that we have given them the monopoly to create the money of the United States, and that they can create it out of nothing and charge interest on nothing – all these pieces start falling into place. People realize that this is not in the best interest of the American people, was never designed to be from the get-go, and it has been a means of legalized plunder of the American people. That all stems from the realization that the Federal Reserve is a cartel and not a government agency. . . .

People realize that they are being had; they’ve been fooled and deceived over and over and over again. But unfortunately, some of them – particularly in the Occupy movement – don’t have the big picture yet. They resent the fact that there are some very wealthy people in the banking industry and the politicians who are living high, while the average guy on the street is not living well at all. And so they get out there and say, “This is capitalism; we must bring down capitalism.” They don’t realize that what they’re looking at is the difference between the haves and the have-nots, that’s not capitalism at all. They don’t understand the fact that this is favoritism, this is socialism that we already have. They’re advocating more government control as though somehow our elected representatives are all saints. If we just had politicians running everything, everything would be fine, they think. They have a lot to learn yet. They keep calling for more of the same bad medicine that has brought us to this point. . . .

We’re back to the realization that the Fed is a cartel; but it’s more than a cartel. It’s a cartel in partnership with the federal government. We really have kind of a duopoly here. The bankers and the politicians have formed this partnership that works very well for both of them.

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4 thoughts on “Mr. Anti-Federal Reserve Assesses Where We Are Today

  1. American Patriot says:

    The "Fed" is no doubt the biggest rip off America has ever had. The "Fed" which has nothing federal about it, creates money out of thin air and charges the American people usury on it. Jesus threw the ancestors of these same greedy parasites out of the temple once for this. I think He should do it again and soon.

  2. Rabelrouser says:

    It still amazes me that an article like this gets so little response. People complain about the financial problems in this nation but yet refuse to look to the root of the problem. The problems we face today (increasing debt and unbridled spending) are mere symptoms; the Federal Reserve and the laws manipulated by it for over the past 100 years are what has brought us to this point. Maybe the average American citizen can not comprehend this, it is too much for him to understand; or maybe its just simpler to blame a "party" for the troubles that both have allowed and caused through this ilegal entity.
    Maybe the papering over of the Constitution by Federal reserve promoted "laws" is just not important enough for the citizen to consider. Maybe being fraudently forced to be co-debtors with the Federal Government for the responsibility of the debt is OK.
    Untill the people smarten up and truly address this, the problems will only get worse untill the economy finally implodes;which will be soon. How much will they complain then?

  3. Griffin's book really woke me up to what is going on and how the Fed is central to the decline in liberty in America. Now we even see Marc Faber and Rick Perry calling for ending the Fed:

  4. Rabelrouser says:

    The problem with calling for bernanikie's resignation is that it is like trying to cure a cough when the real problem is cancer; or trying to put out a forest fire with a squirt gun. Both attempts really do not solve the root of the problem, only cover up or ignore it. Politicians dont adress the fraud that is the Federal Reserve, because once they do, they are villified, marignalized, and maybe even killed, (Ron Paul or JFK). But they have full knowledge.
    This is something that is going to take the citizens becoming educated and then demanding the ending of the Fed. Much like Andrew Jackson once said: " If the American people tonight knew the truth of the banking system , Washington would be ashes in the morning" Yes the reality is that serious about the Federal Reserve.
    I also reccomend going to Nebraska Republic.org for more information about this subject, then just dig deeper; the Truth is Out Here! Find it, use it, restore the Republic.