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Police Confiscate Incriminating Cell Phone, Erase Evidence

Written by Gary North on September 17, 2012

A Texas policeman was chasing a suspect in a high speed car chase.  The fleeing suspect then turned into a dead-end residential street. The police car rammed his car.

The cop told him to get out of the car. His girl friend said he was not given three seconds. The cop started shooting. He emptied his pistol. Then he reloaded and shot again.

After 41 shots, the suspect was dead.

The cop is a lousy shot. This was a residential area. Everyone was at risk.

A nearby resident took out a cell phone and recorded all this. Another cop realized what was going on. He demanded that the resident turn over the cell phone. The home owner did what he was told. When it was returned days later, the video was missing.

The home owner needed a back-up pocket camcorder or his wife’s cell phone. He should have handed over the visible one but concealed the other.

The cops are afraid of video evidence. That is why we citizens need back-up camcorders. They are cheap these days if you buy them on sale.

Video by video, police departments are being restrained by evidence. The public is re-gaining long-lost power over the authorities. This is a positive development. Digital technology is on the side of liberty.


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45 thoughts on “Police Confiscate Incriminating Cell Phone, Erase Evidence

  1. "This is the Gestapo speaking! You vill hand over de cell phone or else! You may not record your lords and masters doing vat dey vant to de people. Dat is treason against de State!"

  2. Rick Dunham says:

    I have ZERO sympathy for those lawbreakers who compound their infraction by running from the police, thus endangering everyone else on the road.

  3. One word, folks: Eye-fi!

  4. if this is true which it probably is that cop needs to be tried for murder

  5. Hey, Adolf, we have this little procedure in America called due process and the Bill of Rights. When you have a police force of Bubba's that can't shoot straight, who think they are judge-jury-executioner rolled into one and who destroy evidence of their crimes, the losers are everybody else that doesn't wear a badge and blue suit. You have ZERO comprehension of the law.

  6. adamenochnoah says:

    We now live in a Police State. There are more people in prison per capita in America than Communist China. Wake up people. Next come the drones & HSA with their 1.4 billion hollowpoint bullets that we don't even use on our enemies in war…

  7. lisa whytock says:

    Cops tend to see how far they can go on a day to day basis. You would think the police would be there to protect but I don’t know that is the case anymore. We have a complete mistake running the white house and law enforcement is not working .

  8. I guess ol' Rick thinks it's a capital offense to violate traffic laws and not stop for the cops. Wow. Woulda thunk? Execution without a trial for speeding and not pulling over!

  9. Bob Marshall says:

    You sir, are an idiot.

  10. adamenochnoah says:

    The police protect themselves & it has been that way for a long time, so don't try to pin that totally on Obama…

  11. We have so many criminals, Lawbreakers roaming the streets that should be "Incarcerated" but are not because of Prison overcrowding, Lax Judges, bleeding Hearts, you name it, that it is not safe to even walk the streets anymore. This clown only stopped because he made a mistake and turned onto a one way street. What did you expect the girl friend to say ??? She weas accomplice. Yes we have Corrupt and Incompetent Cops that should not be on the Force. But just look at the news andshe how many crimes ARE committed each day . People AND the Police have to protect themselves fromthe criminals and thugs walking the streets.

  12. Apple just got patent approval on the ability to shut off their devices remotely, thereby preventing citizens from recording events.

  13. DieHardPatriot says:

    It wasn't the lawbreaker whom endangered the neighborhood..it was the stupid nazi …can't hit the broad side of a square barn nut case cop. You are a friggin Obamomite supporter of gun control right?? Well you have the same mentality!!

  14. DieHardPatriot says:

    You can get camcordere the size of a cellphone(I have both on me at all times) that no one but the operator can shut off, Screw all Cell providers and Obama too as well as THE DHS (Department of Human Slaughter)

  15. Texas Chris says:


    Why were they being stopped? Where was the victim? 41 shots in a residential neighborhood? Really?

  16. Texas Chris says:

    They can only push people so far. There is no electronic way to prevent the combustion of gunpowder.

  17. The drones are already here dude and so are the 750 million hollowpoint rounds that hls plans two use on it's citizens and you are right you are not aloud to use hollowpoint bullets in a war but the communist don't care about us AMERICAS.You see we are not peace loving muslim like obama says his brothers are.

  18. At last the Cops have the total upper hand over all of us. They are not responsible for anything. swat teams(Para Military Squads with the power to do as they want) Man we got YoYo cops Butt hole President o'Vomit and the Muslims shoot up our folks overseas what a great world we have gotten since 2008. time to count your guns boys,keep your powder dry,lock and load and take sharp aim

  19. Where any hollow head bullets used? How about steel jacketed bullets? 41 shots. Swiss cheese unless these cops stink at marksmanship. How about innocent bystanders?

  20. And people wonder if Obama orders something akin to martial law will troops and Police fire on US citizens. You bet they will that's part and parcel of the training. Heros today Obama's brown shirts tomorrow.

  21. well said Mr. cop.

  22. Why is it that in order to apprehend lawbreakers, the police themselves become lawbreakers.

    That's how Watergate got started. Nixon thought it only fair to commit an illegal act to find out if the Democrats had committed any illegal acts.

  23. And, I have nothing but contempt for police who break the law and then try to hide the evidence of their crime.

  24. So, buy any other manufacturers' products but Apple. There are a LOT of other manufacturers out there that make millions of products that can compete with Apple, less the spyware baggage. Pick one.

  25. Police recruits are being taught before you ever turn on your lights to stop a vehicle . You should have made 3plans to on how you are going to take out the driver. Recruits are also taught if the see a knife or any fire arm they are to treat the driver as a hostile .. And to engage . The feds have infiltrated the locals police academy’s . New police officer now put them self on another leavel society . Semi elite.the DHS is buying them off with SWAT toys and fancy professional titles.. Don’t forget the same training goes to prosecutors and trial judges.. Bad laws.Nullification states rights.. Feds lose.

  26. even our military in a combat zone are not allowed to engage or even answer incoming fire as fast or as independently as the police.

  27. that is the difference I think. For the military there are civilians, non-combatants For cops, there are no non combatants, it is them against us. I think the potential of that is getting to them. They are alone, making split second decisions, and they are making mistakes based on fear. You have to look at the whole picture though to see the mindset and why it is resulting in deaths. You also have to look at how many cops are shot every year. We need to realize that the cops, unlike the military, are in a combat situation every day for their entire career. They have seen friends killed, lost their marriages and families, and spend their time with the bottom feeders of our society. Twenty- twenty five years is way too long to be doing that. The street time needs to be limited

  28. Record everything all the time & stream it online…Destroyed Nixion,will destroy Nazis & communist, DHS, local working welfare cops too 🙂

  29. YES! GUSTAPO! AMERICAM'S PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. & I have no sympathy for shills.Go back to eating your donuts pigster 😛

  31. Who do you place your monies on for winning the “Night of a Billion Bullets”.Fed’s & friends or the Citizens of the United States of America? I’m going with the “Armed to the Teeth Citizens”. Bring it on 🙂

  32. AP’s trump Hp’s 🙂

  33. Only morons buy apples…

  34. He would have had to shoot me to get my cell phone OR since I pack, I would have had to shoot him!

  35. I would have asked to see a warrant before handing over my cellphone. I also would have called my lawyer.

  36. Time to buy a cheap throw away — hand this to the cops when they demand our phones. Keep the phone with the evidence and get yourself a good and I mean really good lawyer. Because you and the evidence are going to need him.

  37. I give the cop a thumbs up! Ask yourself… if the guy running from the cops wasn't breaking the law why did he run? Next thought… the guy running from the cops was driving a 2000 pound bullet, aiming at any intersection at you or me or even worse at a child just trying to cross the street! ( I am glad the cop shot him to bad he didn't shoot the stupid girlfriend as well). I love Texas

  38. Indeed.

  39. Anytime one is recording an event that effects the rights of one particular individual , thus , in the bigger picture, all individuals , I'd hope they have their camera phone, programed to automatically send / live stream the video to several other peoples phones or PC's.
    So far , all the cops who destroy evidence, such as this cop & his superiors did , only get a slap on the wrist for accidentally deleting per-tenant evidence to the case.
    The Gov abused civilian is still SOL in a court of law in the absence of supporting evidence of Gov violations.

  40. Looks like murder and obstruction of Justice by the police … needless to say, also a breach of the public trust.

  41. Reguardless of lack of video, the bullet holes should be enough proof of murder. Wow, talk about overkill. the whold damn police dept. should be held liabel to this tragety.

  42. Just because he didn't stop is NOT felony evasion. It didn't call for 41 shots from some incompetent "Hero" cop. He should be held for murder and the eraseing of the video should implecate the whole damn police force.

  43. I never would have believed our troops could fire on U.S. citizens before, but your right. The way the military is going, you can't trust them anymore. I only hope the South will rise again!

  44. I agree with you but if you shot him, the whole camn country would be after you.

  45. This sounds like Las Vegas folks. The police here do not like video anything if they are around. Also it seems that the police there are as good of shots as they are here. So far with all of the police shootings we have had they are all justifiable no matter the condition of the victim prior to the shooting.