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Google’s Policy on the Anti-Muhammed Video: Yes and No

Written by Gary North on September 17, 2012

Thew White House has asked Google to pull the anti-Muhammed video that is said to have led to violent demonstrations. Google has publicly refused.

Quietly, it has restricted access to the video in a few Muslim nations and India. So, it appears that the demonstrations are no longer being fueled by the presence of the video.

Google, which own YouTube, where the video is hosted, said that the video is “clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube.”

The name of the video is “Innocence of Muslims.” It was produced by an American resident who is a Coptic Christian. Maybe. No one seems to know.

While the protests intensified over the video, YouTube blocked access to the clip in Libya and Egypt. YouTube cited “the very sensitive situations” in those two countries. Later YouTube also blocked access to the video in India and Indonesia after their governments told Youtube the video broke their laws.

So, it is technically possible for YouTube to block access to certain nations. The problem for the government is that other video hosting services outside the government’s jurisdiction could refuse to cooperate.

In its Friday statement, YouTube said that outside of Libya, Egypt, India and Indonesia, the video will remain on its website.

“We work hard to create a community everyone can enjoy and which also enables people to express different opinions,” the YouTube statement said. “This can be a challenge because what’s OK in one country can be offensive elsewhere. This video — which is widely available on the Web — is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube. However, we’ve restricted access to it in countries where it is illegal such as India and Indonesia as well as in Libya and Egypt, given the very sensitive situations in these two countries. This approach is entirely consistent with principles we first laid out in 2007.”

Google claims the video does not violate its hate speech restriction.

The ability of any government to prohibit access to Internet content is limited. This incident reveals the limits facing governments.

Under some circumstances, the U.S. government can gain cooperation from Google, but these instances are limited. This video is creating a crisis for the government, yet it remains available.

At some political price, the government can gain partial cooperation, but not all the time.

All talk of an Internet off switch is vastly exaggerated. The governments of the world are essentially helpless in the face of resistance across their borders.

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14 thoughts on “Google’s Policy on the Anti-Muhammed Video: Yes and No

  1. has everyone forgotten this??? In a state run government, nothing is aired without gvmt authorization,,,, sooooooo,,, why did the video hit in those countries to begin with unless it was planned, which has already come out as planned, and owebama knew 3 days in advance…… can we see all the texts/emails sent/received on owebama's blackberry for 5 days before the attacks ?????

  2. "…that is said to have led to violent demonstrations."

    So all the invasions, drone attacks that have killed 100's of civilian bystanders, Gaddafi's assassination, forcing Western-style "democracy" on the Libyans at the point of a bloody bayonet did not trigger a violent reaction? It was all because of a 14-minute video clip on the internet that has Israel's fingerprints all over it? Yeah, right.

    America, better get an early spot in line at the Army induction centers, because the US and Israel are going to touch off World War III in the Mideast whether you like it or not!

  3. good deal google we should show some one burning the koran and their flag

  4. So if this video is really to blame as the Obama asministration wants everyone to believe, then how much more are things going to escalate when the Obama sponsored movie of "what i did on my sunner vacation ot how I killed Bin Lader" comes out right after the election.

    More likely, it is known that the arab peoples respect strength. Every time we have a weak leader they do a lot of saber rattling and it sometimes gets out of control. The most recent previous example was Carter and the hostage crisis which was resolved by the election of a strong leader who wouldn't put up with their crap. But since Obama doesn't want to be seen as the weakling he is, they have to blame it on some 10 minute trailer for a movie that may or amy not actually exist.

  5. Are you kidding about his blackberry. we can't even see his transcripts to see if he was or wasn't the first affirmative action president. We know from his own biographies we saw a druggie and didn't study in school, not condusive to getting the grades needed for Columbia prelaw or harvard Law.

  6. The only hate speech I have ever seen on any youtube is the liberals hating everyone who disagrees with them, what about that hate speech?

  7. This is further proof that we have a dysfunctional corrupt individual in the White House who has no real grasp of the world
    situaiton. He and his "advisors" are looking for any excuse to avoid having to admit he has not been paying attention to the
    intel brieffings each morning. If he had attended these he would have been aware of increased traffic among the Terrorist.
    He is using any and ever excuse possible to avoid having to admit that he is an incompentend buffon and more concerned
    with staying in the White House to reak havoc on the United States and the American people. His only interest is to support
    the muslim bortherhood destroy our nation.

  8. If you want to really get the in an uproar and wildeyed as they can get then you can show it in a pig pen with pigs trampling
    it in the sty. Thrown the terrorist flag in there also and the party will be on for sure. But I, for one, do not agree with
    desricating anyone elses relgion in such a manner. But you have to remember first they hate us, second, They hate us,
    third they has seen obama and think he is a muslim who support thiem in their attack upon our nation. Remember his
    statements tha the wanted to destroy our nation and yet the fools, liberals and others who hate us voted for him

  9. This movie was never more than a lame excuse by the Obama administration to cover up for their pathetically weak foreign policy that only encourages our enemies.

  10. This is pathetic. . . as of Friday, only 10 people had seen the video, it wasn't widely seen, and the attackers of our Embassy wasn't exactly computer techs. This attack on the anniversary of 9-11 was pre-planned and they were using the only seen by 10 people video as an excuse. These people don't need an excuse to kill people. Like 18 Christians in a church service, like Daniel Pearl, an innocent Jewish journalist; like the people going to work in the Trade Center who never got to go home again. Like ANY OF US who happen to be Americans going about our daily business. Churches right now are having to lock their doors while holding services to protect their members from the threat of Islamo-terrorists. Get it right. We didn't have to DO anything to be attacked. . . just to exist in freedom. That's what they hate. Our freedom and our right to believe as our consciences tell us to, not to be forced into a belief system against our wills.

  11. Texas Chris says:

    They started it, they can fight it.

    Not. My. Kid.

  12. These attacks on American embassies are not fueled by the you tube video, as our government wants us to believe. They were planned in advance and carried out with weapons of war and not demonstrators signs. Our government does not want us to know what really happened in Libya and to what was done to our ambassador. We have to hear about it from the foreign press. Our press is censored by our government because the lame stream media is in bed with Obama(Chris Matthews is having another tingle run up his leg). I believe British papers and the BBC more than CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and MSNBC. I have served overseas in the US Navy and know that I heard more correct news from foreign press. If our citizens knew the real story behind these attacks, Obama would not be in the lead. He probably isn't in the lead except in our media's mind.

  13. How so on Israels fingerprints all over it? Source please! Are you naive enough to think that an enemy is going to all be in some desolate place, away from civilians? They hide wherever they want to, most times in populated areas. No, I do not think it was because of the video, but was just an excuse for them to attack, which was already planned out. And even if it was, does that give them the right to take human lives? And who authorized the drones? Obama did. They do horrible things to Christians, do you see the Christians going over there and committing murder? Take off your rose colored glasses and take a good look at whats going on.

  14. Maybe our only hope is they get overconfident that Obamas going to win and stay home and not vote? Wouldn't that be a hoot!