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Marines Without Ammo in Cairo Embassy. “Let the Jarheads Take the Hit!”

Written by Gary North on September 14, 2012

Adopting the policy of tactical genius P. X. Kelley, the Marine Corps’ Commandant at the time of the Lebanon suicide bombing in 1983, the American Ambassador in Cairo refused to let the Marines have access to ammo. General Kelley did not let the sentries carry loaded rifles, because they might accidentally shoot someone. But he did allow them to carry ammunition in their belts, so they could load up if attacked, which they did not have time to do. Ambassador Anne Patterson took it one stage beyond General Kelley.

Evidence that this was official policy is strong: senior U.S. officials have declined to comment. If it was not official policy, they would say so.

The story hit Drudge’s site. Ms. Patterson might as well get her vita up to date. She will not be in Cairo for long.

She was in Washington when the riots began. It did not occur to her to get on Skype and tell the officer in charge to let the Marines load their weapons. Busy, busy, busy.

While Marines are typically relied on to defend U.S. territory abroad, such as embassies, these reports indicate that the Obama administration was relying on Egypt’s new Muslim Brotherhood-backed government to ensure American security, a move observers are questioning as violence in Cairo continues to rage.

Marc Toner, the State Department’s deputy spokesperson, did not respond to a request for comment from the Free Beacon. White House National Security Council spokesperson Tommy Vietor also did not respond to a request for comment.

When they clam up, they know what is coming. Ms. Patterson might as well pack her bags.

A Marine spokesperson at the Pentagon denied the Free Beacon’s report in a statement to Fox News. He is a Lt. Colonel. A Lt. Colonel who deals with the press is in flank-protection mode at all times. He is protecting his flank.

Pentagon Lt. Col. Chris Hughes told the outlet: “The ambassador and RSO (Regional Security Officer) have been completely and appropriately engaged with the security situation. No restrictions on weapons or weapons status have been imposed. This information comes from the Det Commander at AMEMB (American Embassy) Cairo.”

If the story turns out to be true, Col. Hughes’ career is safe. No one will remember him, one way or the other. He did his job. He covered the Det Commander’s flank. That ended his responsibility. The Det Commander is now on his own, to deal with a Congressional hearing while under oath.

If this no-ammo story is confirmed, Ms. Patterson will be on her way to a new station, possibly in Greenland. Or maybe it is the other way around. She will resign for personal reasons, thereby confirming the story. No one in a President-appointed post survives a Drudge posting without clear-cut evidence that the outrageous rumor was not true. Not in an election year.

If Romney’s TV ad guy is not hard at work editing a 30-second spot on this, then he is asleep at the wheel.

I mean, even Sheriff Andy Taylor allowed Barney Fife one bullet, if he kept it in his shirt pocket.

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115 thoughts on “Marines Without Ammo in Cairo Embassy. “Let the Jarheads Take the Hit!”

  1. Why bother having guards at all if they can't guard and protect? Window dressing? Oh, that will put fear into those who want to do harm. This Administration and the creeping progressive mentality of this country has lost its collective minds.

  2. what a suprise, but DHS has billions of rounds, to protect our marines? I would not be suprised if the 2 destroyers we sent to lybia are empty too.

  3. <quote>“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger </quote>

  4. You'd think that anyone with the brains of a goose would have sense enough to think of security in a governmental facility in the volitile areas in which they operate. To place the lives of our foreign service personnel in jeopardy in such wanton disregard for their safety is beyond belief! It all comes down from the top. Let's change that "leadership" in November!

    The whole incompetent bunch must go!

  5. Of course we (leaked it) to the "radical extremist muslims" that our marines have no bullets. You KNOW they will test this. Marines,,, just yell allah akbar,,,the bad guys will be confused and go home.

  6. Rabelrouser says:

    This again proves that those military officers in Washington have become political, wanting to keep their jobs and ignoring their oath to the Constitution. But then again, from most of the reports coming out, I would also wonder if this was not predetermined in nature. Could this escalate into an "October Surprise"? Time will tell, but I would guess that this surprise may even find its way to our shores, for political purposes.
    Stay prepared, alert, and keep praying.

  7. I do not think that we as a nation ever relied on some foreign country to protect our citizens whether Americans abroad were in the military or civilian, this protocol by the Administration to appease, use political correctness instead of common sense and choose instead to protect the feelings and sensibilities of foreign nations instead of protecting the lives of Americans is unconscionable. The Embassy is "American Soil" as is true of the Foreign Embassies that exist in the United States and elsewhere so I can assume (and I think correctly) that we whether in the Military or Civilian in the United States can also "take the hit".

  8. The Marines not armed "because they might accidentally shoot someone"… If a Marine shoots you, its no accident!

  9. EHeassler, USN-Ret. says:

    Think back to the bombing of the USS Cole. One of the reasons giving for relieving the C.O. of his command and eventually forcing him out of the service is that his topside sentries were not allowed to carry loaded weapons. Their ammo clips were carried in holders attached to web belts. When bullets and bombs start to come your way, their is no "kings-x" or time out, wait, I have to load my weapons now. It's too late. The Ambassador must be another libtard horrified at the sight of weapons, and those horrile guns at that. I mean, somebody could get hurt. As a retired Navy man, I've always enjoyed a friendly rivalry with my Marine counterparts. When the chips are down and they are needed, I by-God want them to hurt somebody!


  11. Oh quite contrare, everytime we elect a democrat we have this kind of situation. Somalia during Clintons hypocricy, we relied upon international forces in that one as well. It resulted in additional loss of life with our Rangers because we had no transportation to evacuate wounded personnel………Keep electing these idiots who will intentionally sacrifice our service members……..We all need to pray that this country wakes up!

  12. It would not surprise me that those poor marines pulling security did not have ammunition. When Brian Terry was killed on the border he was carrying a bean bag gun for first line of defense. When you assign a marine to such a hot area and provide him with a weapon, he should have at least all the equipment he/she needs. In order to provide proper security a protecting marine should be stage one, locked and loaded! Watch and listen, Obama will do something along the line he drew in Fast and Furious, he'll invoke executive privilege and walk away with the media covering his backside. Gun control is hitting your target before the target gets you.

  13. If I am not mistaken, the soldiers at Fort Hood at the time of the Muslim going on a shooting spree were unarmed as well. Why anyone signs up for this disgusting excuse for the military (top people) is beyond me.

  14. This is not aimed at you, Publius. This site will not give me the
    op to post a comment (or at least I can't find a way).

    But, do you think that Ambassador Anne Patterson had prior knowledge
    (or at least, strong indicators) that the embassy would be attacked? I
    think there is a good possibility and that is why she got the heck out
    of Dodge before the violence started. BTW, now would be a good time
    for Obummer to visit his kin in the Middle East. He could always hide
    behind unarmed Marines.

  15. If this is true then some people very high up need to be tried for treason…..that is how we lost the viet nam war…. top leader ship would not let our soldiers get it done…. appeasment won't work with those in the muslim countries…. force is all they understand… I believe its time for the big boom to hit them a time or two and tell them to get back inside there tents…… until they can uderstand that they are not going to take over the world……

  16. Please tell me this isn't true. What MORON would not have armed (i.e. loaded & chambered) weapons Marines with weapons in hand at any post in the Middle East?

    I remember the biggest thing that drove me crazy in the move "Aliens" was the ridiculous idea that a unit commander would ever disarm his own troops in a potentially hostile environment. Sadly, I guess Hollywood got that one right.

  17. If that is the policy of the USA, might as well put Barney Fife in charge of security. Dam diplomacy, when attacked blow away the MFers to meet Allah. Rape of the ambassador is a special kind of insult by arabs, they are called manukies, don't know the spelling but it means to give it in the rear.

  18. How dare anyone to send our men into a hostile situation unarmed. When are we going to wake up and charge those with treason who would even think to put our men in such danger. There is so much wrong with our government today that it blows ones mind at the utter stupidity. We have clowns in the White House, wusses in congress and a total stupidity in the Senate. An intellligent military should not take orders from clowns, they should make it clear to all that our men in uniform are worthy of basic self defense. The commander in Chief is not here to protect jihadists, he is supposed to protect and defend the United States of America and give military the necessary equipment they need to go into harms way.if he cannot do that he should just get the heck out of the way.

  19. Gene W 1938 says:

    Yes Sir, No loaded weapons to prevent harm to innocent attackers. I want Obama, his staff, Department Secretaries and all presidential appointees to set the example that no ammunition shall be within 50 yards of these individuals. Especially in the armored vehicles in the presidential caravans.

  20. My understanding (silly me) is that a United States Embassy" is United States territory…thus we have the right to defend it. Marines given no ammunition? If Obama or any of his tribe gave such an order, that's treason in my opinion.

  21. As a Viet Veteran I never shot anyone by accident. Semper Fi !

  22. What the He// did people expect when they put a Muslim in the White House???

  23. Yhis what Obama wants, so he can cancel the elections and move on to furture distroying our country. When are the Generals going to wake up to there oath they took to protect from enemys foerign and domestic. There has to be at lest one that will stand up to Obama….Obama has already cleared the way for UN and Nato troops to come to the USA as peace keepers in the case of civil unrest. The writting is on the wall… Get your food and water and ammo now while you can…

  24. Obozo and the current administration are to busy making sure all American terrorist are being watched and that DHS has billions of bullets that the military (overseas) doesn't need any. The USA is better equip to handle a war at home than abroad.

  25. A wise man said Islam in a man is a dangerous as rabies in a dog. This is proven more true every day. There are no peaceful muslims. They are part of a political not religious system.

  26. It has been State Department policy to not allow Marine Guards to have ammo at most Embassies. The inhouse FBI agent and CIA Station Chief are normally unarmed. The Diplomatic Security Service folks do carry loaded sidearms.
    This is not a Dem or GOP issue it's a State Department issue. The option is in the hands of the Ambassador, and too many of them are opposed to small arms. Also, as much as HQ Marine Corps might deny it, Embassy Marines are only under the Administrative Control of the USMC. They are in the Operational Control of the State Department. The Commandant of the Marine Corps may direct his Embassy Marines be fully armed with loaded weapons. But that doesn't matter, it's only what the Ambassaqdor orders that counts.

  27. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Please let the Marines be fully Loaded with plenty of Ammo and other weapons Positioned them where these Terrorist can see them and let them know the shooting/killing will began IF they even come close to our Embassy, how Stupid can our Big Bloated Bankrupt Gimme-ment get? Well we all know the answer to that ?

  28. It is all part of Obama’s plan…wake up Americans!!!

  29. vietnamvet1971 says:

    like vietnam we did not know WHO the enemy was and just like over there they all look alike, so if a few get killed accidently then that is what happens when people take it on themselves to Riot ,Burn & want to kill me I would not hesitate to Shoot any of them.

  30. can you say DUMOCRAP?

  31. accidently shoot somebody my ass. What do they go thru all their training for. I have a concealed carry, after only 2 days of instruction the most emphasised part was safety

  32. damn why wait till November, arrest him for HIGH TREASON and get him out of office now.

  33. The DHS has ordered a bunch of bullets. So what. The following employees of the Department of Homeland Security normally carry hand guns chambered for the 40 Smith: DHS Police Department; US Marshals; Secret Service; Immigration and Customs Enforcement; some Transportation Security Agency Personnel; US Coast Guard. the amount of ammo acquired includes both training and operational ammo. When I was on active duty I had a mixed bag Navy and Marine organization that had to remain current in the weapons normally used. Our side arm was the M1911A1 .45 ACP and/or the .38 Smith & Wesson. Every man and woman fired 50 rounds per month . There were 125 sailors and 80 Marines. That's 123,000 rounds a year. How many armed personnel does DHS employ? The amount of ammo ordered gives 750,000 rounds per month for training purposes. At 50 rounds per person, that means 25,000 people. ICE itself has over 20,000 folks. There are over 4,000 US Marshals and Deputy Marshals. The Secret Service employees 4,400 LEOs. Etc Etc Etc.

  34. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are MARINES. They don't accidentally shoot any body. If they shoot your butt, they MEANT to shoot you! Who ever refused to let them carry loaded weapons or at least loaded magazines needs to lose his/ hears job. I was army in the 60's but I have a whole lot of respect for the MARINES.

  35. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    IF the Marines are not allowed to carry fully loaded weapons, then why have walls, fences, bullet proof windows, 'panic rooms', etc?

    IF the FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE is left unarmed or unloaded, wouldn't that make the 'first line of defense' defenseless?

    And if so, why not just bring the Marines home?

    Why not just drop the whole "embassy compound" idea and just rent some office space downtown and let the 'dumbplomats provide their own securioty with squirtguns loaded with pure water?

  36. The soldiers at Ft. Hood were unarmed, as well they should have been. They were not on duty a that required them to be armed. The were located in the building/area where soldiers go through pre-separation informational lectures, so do their spouses.

  37. Bob, I have to agree with you. Violence is the only thing those neanderthals understand. They revel in it. I have always felt that we should have just gone in and wiped those countries off the map, then there would be no more problems. Appeasment sucks and costs many lives.

  38. Well, our president left the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of security. What does that tell you?

  39. Patriot Paul says:

    I cannot recall anything I've heard recently that has angered me as much as this story. And there's been alot that has angered me, like the murder of our ambassador to Lybia. But having U.S. Marines stationed in a hostile country without providing them with ammunition for their weapons?! That is insanity!! I'm astounded that young people in this country still volunteer to serve as Marines when it becomes known that politicians (many of whom have NEVER served in uniform) are making incredibly stupid restrictions on our military. Beyond stupid. I cannot wait to vote.

  40. VoiceOfReason says:

    Unfortunately the only one who was armed at Fort Hood was the murdering, scumbag Muslim doctor.

  41. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Does anybody remember the 9-11 Airport Fiasco. Military personel were put in Airports across the Country- BUT – did not have any Ammo for their weapons, not even bayonets. Evidently our "Leaders" are still stupid – You would have thought they would have learned by now. Even the latest Graduate's from OCS (Officers Candidate School) have more sense than what is In charge of our Military Forces at the present time. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF retired.

  42. I'll bet the Secret Service assigned to protect 0, his "wife", his political assistants etc. all have ammo in their guns. Let them go unarmed and mabe the info would leak to some camel ducker that wants to revenge Bin Ladin. I would love to see the results on NBC.

  43. Don Rushing says:

    This is part of Obama's engagement policy of not allowing the US Marines to be fully armed in order to protect themselves and
    performing their duty as part of the military. Obama and company of democRATS are a clear and present danger to the United States of America and the future of our country and our children's children.

  44. We need to pull our men and women the hell out of these Arab countries, and let them be, and live the way they always have, like cave men. Democracy is not for everyone. We also have to stop sending money to ALL of these Arab countries. As far as I am concerned we have no allies, only enemies. The United States used to be a country to reckon with. We were strong and mighty and no one gave us any crap. We were respected, and feared. Who gives a crap whether we are liked? I don't want any interests in foreign countries if it means we have to fight to keep those interests. They can take their oil and everything else and shove it! We really don't need their oil, we have enough of our own, but we ship it out to foreign countries like a bunch of greedy assed idiots! It is time for change. Real Americans need to take the country back, and get rid of the greedy politicians that don't give a damned about their constituents. The only thing they care about is lining their pockets with OUR money, and giving the rest of our money to foreign countries that just stab us in the back while planning our complete demise! Grrrrr….

  45. I did, and so can you, IGNORE ALL ignorant orders from stupid people, regardless of their title.

  46. Mom of soldier says:

    When my daughter was in Iraq during the gulf war she was stationed at the Bagdad airport. She complained to me that she did not have bullets issued to her for her gun. She guessed the military was saving the bullets for those military on the outside of the fenced airport. They also issued her the wrong size gas mask. Fortunately she didn't need it.

  47. Seminole Katz says:

    @ Eva White: American Soil ? The Obama Administration does NOT protect our American Soil at our Southern Border, why would that pacifist / progressive policy be any different at our Embassies ? The question RIGHT NOW is are our Marines locked and fully loaded NOW – AND – do they actually have Shoot To Kill orders WHEN Terrorists top the Embassy Wall ? Obama has stirred up this mess in the Middle East, for whatever evil purpose he has, and our Marines and Diplomats are not EXPENDABLE. The terrorists RAPED and MURDERED our Ambassador in Libya. His blood in on Obama's AND Hillary Clinton's filthy hands. Is your News Source talking about a stupid / third rate movie OR what is actually happening in Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia and other Arab Countries ?

  48. Seminole Katz says:

    @ ingrafted : Well trained Marines DO NOT accidently shoot anyone. The dangerous ones are those that set this STUPID No Ammo Policy ! Fire All responsible and let OUR Marines do their job !

  49. This woman better be grateful she is alive, unlike the poor man slaughtered like a dog in Libya. When will these fools wake up and realize the Arabs really do not like us, and would be more than happy to kill everyone of us, including those who keep apologizing to them everytime their overly sensitive feels are bruised. At least if we are going to force our military to "guard" these fools, give them ammo so they can at least save themselves. Foolishness, blindness, idiocy.

  50. Why will you not accept my post?

  51. I know I'm not the only person that's thought about this BUT isn't it strange all this happened not only because it's 9/11 but because they opened the new memorial to the 9/11 victims this year in N.Y??

  52. This is typical. The officers and WH don't trust our soldiers. They truly are expendable. And putting them out unarmed is just asking for trouble. But then, they are going to try to disarm us too.

    CHRISTIAN TEA PARTY. one day after the election. Let the Dems and Repubs know that we have some place to go.

  53. Seminole Katz says:

    @ Gene W 1938: BINGO ! We have a winner ! Obama and all of your fancy pants Czars and hangers on; No Bullets for the Secret Service or anyone else guarding your SORRY A$$ ! Let's see how THAT works – knuckleheads !

  54. Obama shut down our drilling so that we would be dependent on the muslims. He GAVE them control of us that way. The only reason we stay in the Middle east is to continue to allow them to take over our country. Remember, there is no way that a muslim is allowed to leave that belief and become a Christian. Their law is that he must die. Therefore Obama is still a muslim. Why? Because he is still alive. And the arabs know that he is in stealth jihad mode. And they can see what Americans can't: that he is doing a very good job of destroying our nation.

  55. Don't bet on it. The liberals know that a lot of government employees are patriots. They might be afraid that those SS would hear enough and decide to provide justice. Therefore they would disarm them.

    Remember that when Reagan was shot, they did not shoot back. They tackled the gunman. Maybe that was because they did not have any ammo. LOL

  56. BobG_of_Iowa says:

    Ya, that's Hillary's State Department for you, "kabuki Marines". Just there for show. These jackass State Department officials need to change the "Rules of Engagement" at all American Embassies! You put a squad of Marines as guards, you need to give them the means to protect themselves and American property. Put up signs in the language of the local population warning that "The use of deadly force is authorized on anyone attempting to penetrate this facility"!

  57. You missed one major detail. When I practice shooting I use FMJ. They are cheaper and work just as well. So why did they buy hollow points? 1. To spend more money? 2. Because these shells are not for practice. 3. Stupidity of the bureaucrats who care not a whit about saving money.

    As a skeptic, I believe I'll take #2. That would go along with the contracts that have been let for detention camps and the ADAA that allows indefiinite detention of citizens without constitutional protection.

    You just keep drinking the koolaid.

  58. Evan Cowart says:

    I retired in 84, they showed a complete lack of brains further back then that. A contrast, when johnson dropped out and President Nixon got in and started to sort things out and warmed up linebacker and LB II,rational thought started to creep in until the dims were able to pull him down. Dims did get their chance to prove just how stupid they were, the house refused to continue to fund the resupply of South Vietnam, Carter and the dims had their day. And so it will be as the hostory book say.

  59. Told you ,This Government has our soldiers running around over in those countries with Empty Weapons and we just sit over here and let it happen. Its bad enough that the government wants to take away our guns but its even worse when they wont let our soldiers even load there weapons and its the same way on the US. Mexican Border, Nothing but bean bags So much for a Government that is supposed to be protecting us and our country. All that Ammo were keeping away from our protectors is being hoarded and stockpiled by our own Government for themselves to be used against WHO ? Don't that make us ALL feel kind of uneasy when we have a Government know one can trust , not even us.

  60. Evan Cowart says:


    I have wondered why obamma was allowed to arbitrarily appoint people and do just what he wanted. Sent a letter to Senator Cornyn concerning trial for treason and a host of other issues related to obama, Cornyn never did reply. I am nobody, nobody will not be voting for cornyn come his next election. I will find a goofy dim and have him vote to him, they tend to vote several times so should not be a big problem.


  61. No access to any ammunition at all as they might accidentally shoot someone . This is the most rediculous statements I have ever heard uttered . I guess they do not realize that they not being guarded by a bunch of Michael Moore wannabes but , US Marines . And US Marines take great pride in this assignment , each and every man detailed to Embassy Guard Details , like ALL Marines is a highly trained and skill soldier . They are weapons and small arms experts and follow orders to the letter without exception . These individuals know more about weapons safety than any person around and are not likely to "accidentally " shoot someone . But then of course , this is all apart of the Democratic Party Gun Grab plot and the attempt to weaken and destroy our military even more

  62. I have an Idea. Since our government doesn't want some trained military security detail to ACCIDENTLY shoot some one, then maybe the Secret Service should have to turn in their bullets. If someone was to become a threat to our President the secret service could throw their empty guns at the intruders to protect him!

  63. If this stupidy of having unarmed guards is true … then OUR Government TOLD the ENEMY! This is the same crap they did during Vietnam that’s why we lost and thousands of OUR people died!!!!
    Everyone responsible should get a September Surprise….. A CHARGE of Treason placed against THEM from the TOP Down!

  64. Evan Cowart says:

    Amen, don’t have real close contact with the Marines, but I am always pulling for them, I am retired from the USAF.

  65. Let me get his straight ………. the Federally run Social Security and Welfare departments are issuing ammuntion to staffers to protect them from American citizens here at home ..


    But our Marines in a foreign country on embassy security detail aren't allowed to have ammo.
    Yep .. Obama is at war with America. He is certainly is not at war with the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The Libs are a foreign dictatorship .. globalists .. there's nothing American about them. They're all traitors.
    In November, vote American. Get the foreigner occupation forces out of the White House.

  66. How can you protect lives including yours against these savages without guns and ammo

  67. especially when you have a dumb,stupid president which has no foreign policy

  68. We, as a nation are getting weaker by the day due to our incompenent leaders. Let's vote them all out and put someone in who has brains and guts to act wisely, not cowardly.

  69. All our enemy's have to do is sit on a couch with a notepad and take notes. Our Media will feed them the info they need using the worn out excuse: "The American people have the right and need to know." BS!!! There are things the American people do not need to know or do not have any business knowing. Why is the Media reporting this? There is no reason for the American people to know and if they do what can we do about it? NOTHING!!! Things like this should be handled on the QT. It is obvious 99.9% of the Media will sell out their country and give up anything for that "big story" and the fame and glory that goes with it. I am sorry mom, but I got to do this. It is my job to keep the people informed.

  70. This is more of the WH agenda to help the Egyptian government take over…..anyone who works in the diplomatic service for this "government" is crazy….there is no protection for Americans anywhere in the world with this "government". We need a PRESIDENT!!

  71. I felt like a dumb stupid animal when I was put on guard duty in Japan six months after they surrendered in WWII and was not given any ammunition. Only an empty rifle.

  72. glad you made it home Roger. I was ARMY myself. But I don't think I would have stood my post without ammo. If they tried to send me out with an empty weppon I believe i would have sat in the stockade for a few weeks… Yea yea we swor an oath but so did the leaders and they seam to be able to forget the one they swor to so I think I would have sat in the stockade for a wile..

  73. The Marines were not allowed ammo to protect our Embassy — even with 48 hours notice of the attacks!! — but the Social Security Administration has plenty — just purchased a million rounds of hollow point ammo this summer. Why? They say it's for target practice. A million rounds?

    We live in an upsidedown world. We are Alice, and Obama is the Queen of Hearts.

  74. Sorry . . . just saw the popup — make that 750 Million rounds!! (DHS)

  75. Wolfman, that simple. You beat them to death with the butt of the rifle!! Yeah, as if you would get more than one swing!!

  76. How will the BIG THREE news network cover Obama's ass on this one????????

  77. Jolly, ya just not believing the BS put out. They HAVE to train using the SAME type ammo they carry. Different types fire differently. Yeah, like ya gonna fire a handgun, even 50-cal over about 40 feet. Now, iffin' ya believe the effects of the coolaid, I gots some Pacific coast property for sail (sale) just outside Phoenix. Beautiful property!!!

  78. I've got an idea, Don't allow the secret service to carry Ammo for their weapons and don't issue it to them until after someone shoots the President to prevent them from accidentally shooting someone.. After all another president is easy to find.

  79. Kelly Kafir says:

    I served with the Marines… they don't usually "accidentally" shoot anyone. They are very well trained. If there ever is an accidental discharge, it is usually during cleaning and only because they forgot to check the chamber. That was happening in the 80's a little…

  80. I don't believe you. And why, if the military use FMJ would Social Security need hollow points. And just as different shells fire differently, the familiarity is not from using the same shell but from the practice itself.

    Who are you beepster. A Soros employee?

  81. Kelly Kafir says:

    Not only should they be armed, but it should be publicized that they all use Snake oil that has 13% pig fat in it!!!

  82. It's the retards who keep tightening the so-called "rules of engagement".

  83. All part of the Obama agenda and I believe the slaughter of useful idiots will begin soon.

  84. Jolly, go back and read my post again. I think ya missed something somewhere, like sarcasm. The FIRST sentence says it all – BS. The difference in FMJ and HP – FMJ is good for wounding and HP good for KILLING. AND, Soros, he better hope he never fits in my sights.

  85. This is all part of the Arab Spring, which I started writing about on many web sites, as soon as it started. This was a pincher strategy from the start, where Muslim Brotherhood and al Queda wanted to take control of the Mid East and North Africa, so they find what they call useful idiots to protest and riot. In this case, Obama and Hillary called for the rulers to step down. When the rulers are taken down, one way or the other, Muslim Brotherhood and al Queda take over. This strategy, by whatever name, is as old as war. The useful idiots, which the legitimate ones were the rebels, soon realize how good they had it before the government fell, and it isn't long until the slaughter starts, since they aren't needed any more.

    The Arab Spring had nothing to do with democracy, but had everything to do with bring radical Islam to power in as many countries as possible. Looking at history, I started drawing parallels with Dec. 1961, when America, at the behest of the terrorists at the UN, participated in the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children, in the Province of Katanga, in the former Belgian Congo, all for the sake of Communism. Moise Tahombe, was a Christian, anti Communist, pro American President of Katanga. Katanga was the only part of the former Belgian Congo that was peaceful, and the UN terrorists didn't want any part to escape the terror and oppression of Communism.

    Most of what I have written here, I learned from Don McAlvany, over 2 decades ago, when I met him, Gary North, and others at a Sound Money Conference, in St Louis, and San Jose, Costa Rica. They knew me as Bill Burt.

  86. Bob, you bring up an interesting point, but unfortunately it's not as simple as that. A while back, a friend that had served in WW 11, asked me what I thought the reason was, we hadn't won a war since WW 11; I looked him in the eye and said that was simple, the UN terrorist organization. The Korean war was lost because General MacArthur wasn't allowed to prosecute the war and was fired by President Truman. If a war is to be fought to win, you can't let a river stop you from destroying your enemy. Viet Nam was no different; a friend that was in that war told me, in the 10 years we were fighting there, he could have had the country fenced and planted in corn. As long as we allow the UN terror organization to exist on our shore, we will never win a war, but will have a lot of our youngest and brightest, killed and maimed.

  87. Debbie, did your instructor tell you that you should always be armed, unless it is expressly forbidden? I live in a rural area, which should be safe, but when you listen to the news, or read a local paper, you find, at least I find, at a few days from 76 years old, I'm not living in the America I grew up in. My wife wonders why I keep the doors locked, but she doesn't object to me being armed. I think my class was about 10 hours long and all but the range time was about safely handling your firearm. The shooting part was practice, then qualifying, which at 21 feet, I believe you could hit the target with your eyes closed, but the distance is for a reason; the time it would take a perp to get to you, you would have time to draw your weapon.

  88. This is all part of the Arab Spring, which I started writing about on many web sites, as soon as it started. This was a pincher strategy from the start, where Muslim Brotherhood and al Queda wanted to take control of the Mid East and North Africa, so they find what they call useful idiots to protest and riot. In this case, Obama and Hillary called for the rulers to step down. When the rulers are taken down, one way or the other, Muslim Brotherhood and al Queda take over. This strategy, by whatever name, is as old as war. The useful idiots, which the legitimate ones were the rebels, soon realize how good they had it before the government fell, and it isn't long until the slaughter starts, since they aren't needed any more.

  89. It may be SOP not to issue amo, As many times as I served on guard duty we were never issued amo, neither in country nor in nam. As a matter of fact during my tour of duty, I was a door gunner on a Huey and we were never allowed to load up nor fire until we were fired upon, but then again, this was 66-67.

  90. The main reason we lost in Vietnam; as long as we allow the largest terrorist organization in the history of the word on the East river, in NY, we didn't prevail in Korea, Vietnam, and UN terrorists will never let us win another war. This probably has a lot to do with Department of State publication 7277, Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, Released September 1961. Shortly before President Kennedy was killed, he said in a speech, something about what he had done that he needed to correct. Chances are, this was about the plan to disarm all nations, well, except the ones that hate America.

  91. Would you point me toward a webpage that supports what you say? I'm not disputing your word, I justcan't find anything, pro or con, onthe subject. I have even asked twoUSAF Lt. Cols, and they don't know.I'm taking a lot of heat afterforwarding your message withoutbackup, something I normally don't do.Thanks in advance.Tom BrooksELECTION 2012 IS COMING.A Nation of Sheep, Breeds a Government of Wolves! I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!Let's Take a Stand!!! Borders: Closed!Language: English only! Culture: English Constitution, is the Bill of Rights!Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before Welfare!NO freebies to: Non-Citizens!We the people are coming!!!Change does not require improvement. Improvement does require change.Self destruction has been started by change without improvement.We have had over three years of change, without improvement, now it's time for change with improvement.It's up to you, vote for change or improvement.In case you are wondering…That would be Obama (change without improvement) or Romney. (improvement).If Romney can’t (or won’t) do it, vote him out.But, right now he cannot be any worse than Obama.The next step may require another revolution. That is what our founding fatherswrote over 200 years aga. Jimmy Carter is so proud of Obama taking over histitle as “The nation's worst President, ever”, that he wets his pants every timehe thinks about.— On Fri, 9/14/12, IntenseDebate Notifications <notifications@intensedebatemail.com> wrote:

  92. Evan Cowart says:


    The dims should have been tried for treason, they abandon the S Vietnamese and committeed a host of atrocities against the S Vietnamese. I personally thought we should have bombed the N right back to the stone age, our B-52’s could of easily handled that. Only short coming was that the leaders in the USAF was their insistances that the 52 drivers all come in on the same heading day after day, this was during Operation Linebacker II, they almost had a 52 insurection as they were getting the planes shoot down. The highrollers finally figured this out and changed, those crews did not want to go home in a tin box with no wings.

  93. Evan Cowart says:


    The dims should have been tried for treason, they abandon the S Vietnamese and committed a host of atrocities against the S Vietnamese. I personally thought we should have bombed the N right back to the stone age, our B-52’s could of easily handled that. Only short coming was that the leaders in the USAF was their insistences that the 52 drivers all come in on the same heading day after day, this was during Operation Linebacker II, they almost had a 52 insurrection as they were getting the planes shoot down. The high rollers finally figured this out and changed, those crews did not want to go home in a tin box with no wings. They also had family and wanted to see them again.

  94. Nemesis of Empire says:

    Time to kill the infidels. Global Total Racial Holy War is here, and it’s in your neighborhood! Shoot and burn the dark, the atheist, the non-white non-CHRISTIAN! God loves you only if you are killing the enemies of GOD! IT’S TIME TO PUT YOUR FAITH THROUGH THE CHEST OF THE BLACK ENEMY!

  95. Charles Baumgartner says:

    When I was in the Navy in the late 60's we were not permitted to carry a loaded .45 while on watch. The ammo was on our web belt. I don't know if that's standard protocol now or not. Anybody know?

    Just never made sense to me then and it still doesn't make sense.

  96. Evan Cowart says:


    Most of what I write is taken from serving two tours in Vietnam and a TDY to, Udorn, Thailand in April 72. I also have read a fair number of books written by others that also served over there. As to your LC, they might have been young Lt., though your follow up on all that was very quick. As to a further back up, pick a date and go shopping. There is plenty of books and articles written. Google your date and question, you will probably get a lot more then you planned on.

  97. Evan Cowart says:

    You guys are worried about having a rifle, I was stationed at Ton Son Nhut during Tet 68, very interesting time. We had neither a rifle or ammo, the base took 500 122mm rockets the first night of the attack. My second base in 69-70 was Nha Trang, we did have a rifle and ammo, the USAF shut down their part of the base and the ones that were left were issued a rifle or pistol, had 13 attacks the whole year, nice visit. Charlie killed one of my portable light carts, hit about 5 or 6 feet from it. It was park on PSP, perforated Steel Planking, normally used for temporary runways. Rocket punched through it and then blew and seriously perforated my lite cart, neat part was it was still running and the lites were still working. They only debilitating part was one tire and rim were destroyed, so other then 300 or so holes the lite cart was in fine shape, got a fork lift and hauled it back to my corner and ordered a new rim and tire to fix it. In the time it took to get the rim and tire in, the Security Police must have taken a hundred pictures of that shot up lite cart. Made no attempt to parch the sheet metal, it ran and I put it out of the perimeter of the Air Base and it did its part. The sheet metal was not aluminum and it would have taken more time then it was worth to beat the sheet metal back out.

  98. Just more proof ODUMBA hates the military !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. As a young man serving in Korea 1958to 1960, while on guard duty we wre only aloud to have two rounds in our M1 the rest blanks.Three dead, two live and three dead Looks like nothing has changed. We don't engage because we might afend the bad guys. It's time we go on the offence.

  100. In 'Nam we had to worry about the M-16 jamming but not about being out of ammo. Now the situation is reversed. Today's Marines don't have to worry about their weapons jamming because the Communists in the US government won't give them any ammo in the first place. God have mercy on them because Obama won't.

  101. Same here sir. Army saved our butts a few times. Semper Fi.

  102. I live not far from a major military base here in the US. MY observation tells me the sentries at the gates, checking in and out countless personnel day in, day out, are armed.. with loaded weapons, and REAL bullets in them, ready to fire at a moment's notice. Funny, those men can be in Stage One readiness when Americans are their "customers", the vast majority of them military personnel reporting for duty…… but when the 'customers" are such as occupy the areas surrounding those embassies, we have to lay "nice", as in "we won't, we even CANNOT harm you, come do with us as you please". Remember, the meaning of the word "islam" is submit. I am sick of our "leaders" submitting to these raging extremises at every turn.

  103. Stevieboy 69 says:

    I wonder if Obamas Secret Service are also carrying empty weapons?


  105. I feel for you, glad you made it out. what about the M16 ammo that jammed the M16's, no cleaning kits. the whiz kids changed the powder. that must ring a bell.

  106. If the embassy attack (that happened on 911 anniversary for maximum propaganda value) reunites the American people against the Arab world as intended, then Netanyahu can go ahead with his Iran invasion before the Oct. elections in Israel, and the Obama administration can then say "The American way of life is under attack, this is a national emergency, I didn't want to invade Iran before November but now we have to…" yadda yadda yadda.

    So you see, Dems and GOP are both for war in the Mideast. The difference between Obama and Romney is nada on the important issues, just as it was between Obama and Hillary and McCain in '08.

  107. As Bierut Marine survivor of 1983..this is the exact same UN Order that was passed on down to us as peacekeepers in the region. We lost a few hundred Marines with that decision…and now it is happening again!! It sickens me reading about this!


  109. Marines at our embassies are no more than security theater, just like the TSA at our airports. Bring them home and let them defend our own country, and close embassies in all hostile territory unless the diplomats are willing to work there unprotected.

  110. Has America become just smoke and mirrors with no substance or backbone? How foolish? What brilliant diplomat made this decision? or was it some stupid want to be general.?

  111. This Marine asked this question when this all happened. Who or what stopped the Marines.

    It is time for criminal charges of negligent homicide against all members of this fiasco to include the Senior Marine on site that should have violated his illegal orders and armed his Marines.

    Once again we see Political Correctness KILLING us. What in God's name is a defensive detachment doing guard duty without a loaded firearm??

    Negligence and PC killed these people. Time for criminal charges and for the next of kin to begin the Civil Tort (law suit) for wrongful death caused by this gross, gross negligence.

  112. When I was in Phu Bai, Viet Nam the post commander decided that they should take up all our ammo! There was a near mutiny and the order was rescinded. Not long after that event, the Thet Lunar Offensive 1968 occured! No soldier,sailor or marine should be unarmed.

  113. LEVI C. HESTER says:

    I pray that I am NOT living in twenty years as we are going head long into complete destuction…………

  114. You actually make it appear really easy along with your presentation but I in finding this matter to be really one thing which I believe I might by no means understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very vast for me. I am having a look forward to your next post, I’ll attempt to get the dangle of it!