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Obama’s Advisor, Valerie Jarett, Has Secret Service Protection

Written by Gary North on September 13, 2012

The story is all over the Web. Valerie Jarrett, who has no position in the national security apparatus, has Secret Service protection.

Why? Not to protect her from terrorists.

Maybe to protect her from the Chicago Mafia.

Here is her job, according to the White House. “Valerie B. Jarrett is a Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. She is also the Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls.”

For this, she needs Secret Service protection.

As to why any advisor is entitled to full-time Secret Service protection, the public is not entitled to know. It’s none of the public’s business. She stonewalls as to whether she has such protection. See the video.

The expansion of the Federal Empire is increasing. The signs of Presidential authority include Secret Service protection for the President’s favorites.

Let us understand what the Secret Service is. Historians of the Roman Empire have a phrase for a comparable group of protectors: the palace guard.

It is a mark of sovereignty to be protected by the palace guard. Jarrett possesses this degree of sovereignty.

Karl Rove never did.  It is an indication of a new level of Presidential sovereignty that she does.

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18 thoughts on “Obama’s Advisor, Valerie Jarett, Has Secret Service Protection

  1. Texas Chris says:

    Well, rumor is that old Val is running the country while Barry is on the golf course and Moochele is binging and purging in the Lincoln bedroom closet. People who run the country need SS protection. So, Val gets SS protection.

  2. It would have been nice to have known what she was talking about cutting off UAW workers pensions as we did on every contract take part of it for Retirrees and Medical, But it' scarry as she was born in Iran and has been associated with the Obama's , which are part of the Communist party, Get Goverment out of Private sector, The White House gang is to involved with the Mid East ,but this week that is catching up to them.

  3. Once atain, a person who should have been vetted by Congress but was not. There are so many people in his administration who would be tossed out on their ears if the media would expose them. But the media is part of the problem and will NEVER do that. And then, Congress seems to think that keeping the high level leaders screened out is JUST TOO MUCH TROUBLE. So they have given that up, contrary to the Constitution.

    Can you say conspiracy? They talk as if they are on two different sides. But when it comes to the vote, they are all. apparently working on the same side. That would be the Bilderberg/CFR side. Bringing about ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT

    Please get ready to start a new political party. One day after the election.


  4. We have mooslems running our country, look who is in the oval office. Our problems are coming from only mooslem countries. We are not being attacked by European countries that have White populations.

    We have one big problem… the war the mooslems are waging against America.. When will we accept that fact and call it what it is. It is time to take a stand and tell the world that the United States will not tolerate more of the same.

    Remove the "community organizer." He is organizing the mooslem countries in a war against the United States, and he is leading us down a path of "no return." He and Jarrett, both under the protection of the "palace guard" are plotting our demise. There has been a lawless empire established that is devoid of American characteristics.

    The middle east is erupting.. and where is our leadership…flying around on AF One, fund raising, and having a party with Beonce (however that's spelled), This is a National tragedy! Fifty-days before the election and I am wondering what will happen in these remaining days.

  5. He is trying to start the same chaos here. He has to have a reason, don't give it to him. JUST VOTE HIM OUT!

  6. YOU ARE RIGHT…. Obama is the figurehead….jarrett calls the shots…..they are both inept!

  7. Bob Marshall says:

    While i don't believe the Romney we are hearing and seeing today is the Romney we would get in the White House i do agree that Obama and his administration need to go. Ignorance by millions of voters in 2008 put Obama in the White House the first place. Maybe knowledge this time will make sure he is a one termer. I honestly believe if more citizens would stop listening to and watching the corporate controlled news media, do their own research and read some of the many books and publication available America would have many more politically educated individuals. There will alway be those who will abuse the system. When you rob Peter to pay Paul, (the Obama system), you can always count on the support of Paul.

  8. If you voted for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. If you didn't vote for Obama because he is black, you are a racist. I did not vote for Obama because his campaign was all talk and no substance. He did not say what "Change" was and now we know and I'm glad I didn't vote for him. independent voter

  9. Blair Franconia, NH says:


  10. I didn't vote for him, either—and I'm Black.

    …That being said, apparently Ms. Jarrett knows where some bodies are buried and is being 'protected' from a potential 'accident' if anything goes down and she has to squeal.

  11. Well how about that, oweblowhole created a few jobs

  12. Another total waste of taxpayers' money!! We need a PRESIDENT!!! November 6, 2012!!!

  13. She is a dangerous lady. There is considerable risk, should the public figure this out.

  14. Jarett introduced these two malcontents and she has guided their every step since then. Who does this Jarett work for, anyway, Heard rumors that obumscum was a Russian mole. After the "open microphone incident" he appears to have some kind of deal with the Russians…

    Jarett must be the brains of this terrible-trio, because the other two are obviously" two cans short of a six-pack."
    Both are products of Affirmative Action, and quotas.

  15. bklynbasedellie says:

    Why is my money paying to protect this Muslem bitch

  16. Mad Irishman says:

    Well, look at it this way, Barry has increased government employment by 50 %, his problem will be what % will he cut from the budget if any because of the governments disability's act. Oh I forgot, he does and say what he wants. Example, Barry says every American & Employer must have insurance or be fined, while all illegals get free medical and don't need insurance, and they receive amnestay. One last thing to think about. Tell me why the Secretary of State owes the Musliams an apology for a movie that was not produced by our government but by an independent producer? I'm sure how anyone else feels, but I'm tired of our government kissing any country's ass let alone the Musliam community. Oh I forgot they are Barry's people.

  17. This position does not rate Secret Service protection on an ongoing basis. Let her hire her own security if she is so vulnerable. The tax payers don't owe her.

  18. Valarie Jarrett is also Iraian born and her parents are communists! So maybe she has other reason to need protection as well. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_Jarrett