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Middle Class Gets Hammered, But Politicians Promised to Help

Written by Gary North on September 13, 2012

Politicians promise to help the middle class. Why do they do this? Because that’s where the majority is. The middle class is the majority class in the demographics.

What is the result of these promises? Decreased income for the middle class. Here i a safe rule to honor: Whenever politicians promise to achieve something, get ready for its opposite.

In 2011, the rich got richer, the poor stayed even, and the middle class lost ground. Median family income dropped 1.5%.

Income for those in the top 20% of income rose by 1.6% in 2011.

Median household income after price inflation was just over $50,000 in 2011. This was 8% lower than in 2007.

The Obama administration insisted that the Census Bureau’s figures are old, that the real figures point to a recovery. But the fugures are accurate about the rich. Therefore, Obama should get credit for the better economy, and he should get credit for proposing actions to soak the rich. The New York Times reports:

Obama administration officials said Wednesday that more recent data on job growth, unemployment, and wages indicate that median income, adjusted for inflation, is growing this year. They pointed to the rise in income inequality as proof that their policy priorities are even more urgent. Rebecca M. Blank, the acting US commerce secretary, said in a statement that the rise ‘‘underscores the fact we must enact policies that help rebuild our economy not from the top down, but from the middle out.’’

It’s heads, Obama wins. Tails, Obama wins.

About three-fifths of the recovery’s job growth has been in low-wage parts of the economy.

The middle class is getting squeezed. That is what happens whenever politicians promises benefits to middle-class voters.

No politician campaigns on a program of “help the rich.” The rich do much better.

Never become the ricipient of campaign promises. If you do, prepare for the worst.

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12 thoughts on “Middle Class Gets Hammered, But Politicians Promised to Help

  1. Scotty Moore says:

    When will it end? The rich are not stupid, they didn’t get rich for no reason…. Manufacturers and stores will continue to raise prices when more regulations and taxes are placed upon them, or they will have to eliminate more jobs to stay afloat. This eliminates jobs and at the same time raise prices….
    This seems to have been a plan from a long time ago, to just have two groups of people and two scales of society……
    How do we break these chains

  2. Also, the feds don't count jobless Americans who have run out of unemployment insurance and are still out of work. They are simply non-persons when the feds say there is a "recovery". Lies, lies, lies.

  3. Maybe next time you vote for "hope", you will question the "change". Herman Cain said it best "Stupid people are ruining America!"

  4. Vote Obama Out on Nov. 6, 2012 – Save the Republic

  5. Worst thing you can ever hear. "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Guaranteed that you are going to get shafted.

    CHRISTIAN TEA PARTY -one day after the election. (So we keep obama out)

  6. Of course the rich business owners will raise prices, if they don't make a PROFIT, without profit they have no $ to hire, buy supplies, advertise, pay taxes, pay mandated insurance fees, pay overhead, like rent, lights, water, business insurance for lost/theft/fire/ etc., their own salary, retirement, your 401k.
    If you have never owned a business you have no idea the responsibility that falls on a bus. owners shoulder every day, 365 days a year.

  7. Rabelrouser says:

    Even though few want to realize it, this is the plan. To have two classes in this nation, an eleite class ( the rich) and a subserviant (the poor) class, or better phraised: serfs / slaves /workers. Those who control (the rich / governing class) the lives of the general population economically by making any little raise in income seem like an advancement. But truthfully, through financial manipulation of debt, which includes inflation, the serf still loses any meaningful gain to higher living costs.
    But remember the "middle class", as it were, still constitutes the greatest demographic of voters. With the unforunate reality of buying into the "promises" (lies) of the politicians; that only "they" can make your life better by electing them and allowing them to spend monies they really dont have. This should be ample proof that they dont care about the citizens, and only look upon them as their plaything and meal ticket, politics solves nothing .

  8. It's almost laughable if it were not so serious. One of the first thing that communists do when taking over power is to destroy the middle-class while at the same time saying that they are helping them! This communist regime is just following protocol. The real trgedy is that the cowards that have a forum will not relate this to the masses as they have the responsibilty to do so and that is why the new Hitler continues on his merry way destroying America at will!

  9. Unitl fairly recently, many of the lower, worker, drone class were able to gather a bit of resources, tie them to an idea, add a lot of work and energy, and build their own small business. BUT.. government regulations, taxes, restrictionis, requirements, demands, have raised the bar of entry so high it is nearly impossible for new startups, except those initiated by the rather wealthy. Friends out of work are exploring possibilities related to their skills, but government regulations and requirements make it impossible for them to begin without having thousands of dollars to spend just to fulfill startup requirements imposed by government. So, it is not the "rich" who are keeping the lid on the lower classes (economically speaking), it is government. THIS is something the kinyun and his minions fail to comprehend… likely in part because they none of them have ever held real jobs, nor have they any experience in the business world. Our founders envisioned seasoned, experienced men who have spent their lives building their own wealth (and that of others along the way) would, in their latter years, SERVE as our elected representatives and leaders. These days, "politics" is a career in itself, the hoped-for gooose that lays the golden egg daily, for the rest of one''s life. Not only does this system attract selfish people, it motivates them to perpetuate this corruption by passing laws tending toward preserving and even increasing it. Or abdicating the power entrusted to them as lawmakers, surrendering it to elite, appointed, non-accountable bureaucrats also bent on personal gain, maintaining the system, and keeping the proletariat out.

  10. You can't believe a promise,thats the oldest trick in the book, it will never happen.Look at how many Obama promised, they must be on back order. Don't trust them , you'll be way ahead.

  11. Frank Bates says:

    The silution to the mess is get Obama out, put Romney in, simple but effective, or four more years of crapola, and I cannot
    fathom him in the White House another term, heaven forbid Andy, Frank from Olympia,Wa, the home of the most attorneys in this country including D,C.

  12. This is where the money is between 50,000 and 125,000 per year. There will be big tax increases here if Obama is re-elected.. Tax on the first 17500.00 of income up 50% from 10% to 15%. Taxes on cap gains to 20% from 15 a 25% increase. Taxes on savings, retrirement accounts will go up also. Stand by.