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Peanut Butter Sandwich: A Racist Example, Says Hispanic K-8 Principal

Written by Gary North on September 12, 2012

An alert elementary school principal knows how to recognize racism, no matter how subtle. She is making war on racism.

A teacher in her school used the sinister phrase, “peanut butter sandwich” last year. Can you imagine this? The teacher actually said this. In front of students. Impressionable students.

Well, this has got to stop. The principal is going to stop it. As she told a local reporter, “What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?”

I had not thought of this.

“Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.”

Maybe they do. No, surely they do. Sometimes. And that makes all the difference.

The principal has been trained to spot these subtle signs of racism. She has also been certified. When you are in the tax-funded school system, you need to be certified by something or other.

Like many if not all of PPS’ leaders, Gutierrez has gone through California-based consultant Glenn Singleton’s “Coaching for Educational Equity,” a weeklong seminar on race and how it affects life; she’s also become an “affiliate,” certified to teach the equity curriculum; and she serves on the district’s administrative committee to address systematic racism, a group that meets every other week.

There is a new program in the Portland, Oregon public schools. It is called Courageous Conversations. It promotes something called equity training.

I know what you are thinking, you white racist pig. You are thinking “political correctness.”

And some of you filthy racist pigs are even thinking this: “Oh, boy, another loony fad in the public schools.” Well, we have ways of dealing with people like you.

Comprende, amigo?

Through intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives, the premise is that if educators can understand their own “white privilege,” then they can change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.

You must give up some of your privilege.

There is a solution to this. More meetings. The principal sent this memo.

Our focus school and our Superintendent’s mandate that we improve education for students of color, particularly Black and Brown boys, will provide us with many opportunities to use the protocols of Courageous Conversations in data teams, team meetings, staff meetings, and conversations amongst one another.

This is a time-tested solution in every bureaucracy. Time and time again, time spent in meetings changes the world for the better.

Then there is the question of academic performance.

“My first year as principal, I looked at the data and found that the eighth-graders that year, a third of them were going to Madison (High School) at about a third-grade level,” she told the Tribune. “I said, ‘This is completely unacceptable.’ “

That led to her adopting what she calls the school’s “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”: that every student will make two years’ growth in one year’s time in reading, writing and math.

What is the goal? “We want to teach them to be critical thinkers.” Yes. Third graders, second graders: they must become critical thinkers.

Maybe they can also learn how to read. “See Dick think. Think, Dick, think.”

The results, by the end of the year, were promising, she says. The biggest achievement was among the kindergarteners: All but three of the 63 students met their benchmarks at the end of the year.

The kindergarteners are learning to think critically.

Among the other grades, there was “tremendous growth in pockets,” she says. Ah, yes: pockets. They grew. As evidence of this growth, she offered . . . nothing specific.

The reporter did not press her on this. After all, the reporter has not taken the course on Courageous Conversations. Also, she suffers from white privilege. I know this, because her name is Jennifer.

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54 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Sandwich: A Racist Example, Says Hispanic K-8 Principal

  1. With fools like this in charge of public education it'll be a direct miracle if this country lasts another 50 years.

  2. As a retired former teacher I would have told this principal to "GET OUT OF MY FACE".

  3. Try 5 years, Dutchman.

  4. And we wonder why the Dept of Education shoul dbe abolished.

  5. If I was a legal alien parent of a Somali or Hispanic child I would be very upset that they were being treated differently than all the other kids in class. If I was an illegal alien parent of said children I would keep my mouth shut since I would be a criminal. When is this madness going to end? I guess I am a racist then because I will continue to feed my grandkids PB&J sandwiches. Good grief.

  6. "Black and Brown boys"!??! I think she needs to take the training again as she's still using these racist words.

  7. ScarletDove says:

    The only racist here is the one who is putting labels on "caucasians" as racists. This garbage is outright dangerous! These liberals have really gone over the edge to insanity. I am so glad I do not have children of public school. age, for I would do what I did when my children were growing up, put them in a private parochial school, away from this propoganda being shoved down kids throats today. There are too many degenerate, criminal, uninvolved, and sheep parents who will not stand up to this crap. How date this nutty woman push this sick agenda and be able to get away with it! This is America, unfortunately too many people are accepting these kinds of dictator-type agendas all across our country.

  8. ScarletDove says:

    Dean, I am with you one this one, unfortunately today you would probably be either dismissed and/or charged with harrassment, racism or assault.

  9. mrsgunnut10 says:

    There is a very simple solution to this problem AND it is a problem. GET RID of this Principle, not the teacher. Millions of Americans, back through our History have survived on Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches at one time or the other. I can remember taking two (2) PB & J sandwiches to school and enjoyed eating them. It was nothing to be ashamed of and even now, when I go to the woods hunting or when I go fishing, there WILL BE, PB & J sandwiches in my truck, and I'm 79 (working on 80). Principle, go back to Mexico or wherever you came from and leave our P B & J Sandwiches alone. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  10. That would make "tacos" racist then?????

  11. Any kind of food not eaten by the entire world could be called a racist word by a mentally deranged person like this principal.

    Where do these NUTS come from, and how do they get in our schools! It would help to abolish the Board of Education!

    Parents, forget about public schools! Do anything you can to get your kids out of these government indoctrination centers!
    Your children will not be able to function after having their minds messed-with by the mental retards running the asylums.

  12. I have a friend whose mother used to teach Spanish in the California schools. She had a unique way of teaching Spanish that in the first year they could advance to Spanish III level. Her students were so proficient they could skip Spanish II level. The school authorities were furious. They told her to follow the method used in the standard text book.
    She was to frustrated she stopped teaching.

  13. what is wrong with peanut butter and jelly sandwhich they have been around for a long time ,at one time you could buy peanur butter and jelly already mixed up in a jar i think is was grape jelly. if you don't like it nobody is forceing you to eat it . i guess that makes me a racest also so be it.

  14. I don't know about any of you but I think that principal is just wee bit racist too. Now my 'feelings' are hurt. Where can I get compensation for my hurt feelings? Good grief but I am sick and tired of people with hurt feelings seeing racists around every corner and misconstruing every word anybody says as being racist. For those of you who are unable to recognize sarcasm it is being displayed in sentences 2 and 3.

  15. guestfloramae says:


  16. Victor Barney says:

    According to the the Bible in Revelation, it's ONLY 3 1/2 years! Just saying what's written in it!

  17. Bob Chester says:

    Most liberals in Washington, District of Corruption, also think Peter Pan is a wash basin in a house of ill repute.

  18. I shudder at the thought of using a peanut butter & banana sandwich, that would probably be racism to the highest degree

  19. Good thing she didn't mention watermelon

  20. I know, but I would do it anyway. I never been easily intimidated. I'm just an old stubborn german.

  21. Totally stupid, isn't it DrBarbara?

  22. I agree. And, maybe I am fortunate to be old enough (74) to not know what is racist about a peanut butter sandwich.

  23. depends on how you understand the parts that come bewfore the start of the "three and a half years". My bet is that your starting point is in error. No rapture in 3.5 years……. not by anything mentioned in the bible.

  24. didn't we abolish the one guy running for president who promised to abolish the Dept of Ed? We must LIKE those clowns…….

  25. I've spent time in Mexico, deep in and far away from any tourist spots, and found families making their kids PB&J "tortas" cause the kids liike them., they are cheap, and easy to prepare. Used Bimbo brand white berad, available at the corner tienda. Same thing in Nicaragua, only the bread wasn't Bimbo, some other locally produced equivalent of Wonder Bread. So, mention this FACT in the USA and its racist? This school hackminstrator needs an education, not the liberal brainwashing she's been sucking up for years. Better yet, a new job. Maybe working at a pig slaughterhouse making chittlins, or fatback…..

  26. or like they do in new york send you to the rubber room

  27. well i younger than you(73) and i don't either

  28. I ama legal immigrant from Mexico and it INSULTS me that people think we are ignorant and stupid enough to get offended by this crap.
    Newsflash, we know people in the US eat PB&J sandwiches, just like we know they eat hamburgers, and we do not feel it is racist if someone asks if we know what those things are…. that just shows the person asking is the IGNORANT one.

    People need to stop feeling "offended" on our behalf and just leave us alone…. we are grown ups, we don't feel offended by stupid things like a sandwich… oh and yes, we have white bread in Mexico, and we make sandwiches using that bread, we do not have "hispanic" bread!

  29. You say, "Screw her and the horse she rode in on." Is it a nice looking horse? Sounds like an easy choice!Co

  30. What is a "Hispanic K-8 Principal" ? A Mexican Chi wa wa that didn't quite 'make it' into the 'K-9" pool?

    P.S. Whatever became of Preparation A through G? They just didn't 'make it', either.

  31. Robb Moffett says:

    Does she not know george Washington carver, a famous black American scientist invented peanut butter?
    Does she not know it is not PC to describe something as big and hairy? Sounds pretty bigoted and sexist to me.

  32. I think the principal needs to be required to wear a Burkha, and ride a camel to school every day, so that the Middle Eastern students wil be able to identify with him.

  33. The Democrats and other assorted liberals believe that black people are utterly bewildered by the fact that white people exist. It is jsut as insulting.

  34. celticwolf75 says:

    Oreo's are racist as well as Chocolate Chip Cookies. Christians are racist because they are the ones who came up with the term. Mormon's are not racist because we believe there is only 1 race on earth and that is the human race.

  35. Right on, Dutchman. Believe me, education is so chock full of left-wing,lib/progressives/RINOs/Dems it’s disgusting. Is it any wonder our kids rank so low internationally? Yes, I worked in education for almost 30 years. What I experienced is incomprehensible. Yes, a few teachers and administrators were great; but on the whole, it was the what’s in it for me attitude and who cares what’s best for kids – that turned me off. It wasn’t prevalent; it was rampant in K-12.

    This article is prime. What happened to others becoming Americans not us changing to their whims? Their ideology? Their ways? Do you have any idea how much this nation pays for bi-lingual teachers, aides, consultants, and tutors? Our district had folks from all over the world and we HAD to have people translate into ALL those various languages, not temporarily, but for years.

    We also could not ask a student to stand for or, salute or to say the Pledge of Allegiance, or to sing the Star Spangled Banner. So this PBJ garbage is just that. – garbage. Oh, by the way, that’s how test results are tossed out – the minorities didn’t understand the reference to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so a question/answer was invalidated. Doggone – learn it. That’s why you are in school: to learn, not take up space.

    As for me and mine, we’ll vote for the Patriotic American Team – Romney/Ryan.

  36. That's really sad, Barbara. Thing is, I believe it. The good teachers are punished for creating an exciting learning environment where kids actually learn. We have lost so many fabulous teachers.

  37. Good for you, Momof2 – that's the way it should be – we should respect each other and know that the other person has intelligence. But the pesky libs/progressives don't think we're smart enough to take care of or think for ourselves, so we need the government to tell us what to do. NO WAY!

    As for me and mine, we'll vote for the Patriotic American Team – Romney/Ryan.

  38. And the Mormon cult did not allow blacks to serve in its ‘priesthood’ until the late 20th century. But I am glad that the Holy Underwear crowd did abolish polygamy…


  39. Reply to a comment. Being an American is being a good, hard working person who help others in time of need. An American is also someone who came from another country, works hard, helps others in time of need. America is the only Country who is there to help other Countries in their time of need, a lot more than other countries.
    I'm also from another Country, I became an American and I would give my life for it if need be…
    As far as attitudes are concerned… be yourself. Work hard, save your money, start a business, buy stocks, buy properties, in America you can be that person deep inside you want to be… it takes courage, it takes time, but it's someone anyone in America can be, if they have what it takes… instead of being a whiner, be a leader, not a follower. In other words, be a True American. It's all up to you!!!

  40. MarineCorpsVet says:

    …and why is it impossible to find the Portland Tribune on the internet now?

  41. The only thing certified here is that the principle is a Certified Nut Case!!

  42. Get rid of the DOE and the NEA. Now!

  43. Cliffystones says:

    My first marriage was to a Mexican-American girl. And no, we didn't part ways because I suddenly discovered this, or she that I was white. Just a too young and immature thing for us both. That being said, I only remember one instance where I teased my Mother in Law about food. That was the inclusion of beans and tortillas with Thanksgiving dinner. The In-laws and I had our own little way of teasing each other, all in fun.

    As the 1980s progressed, I noticed more and more individuals of minority groups in my workplace(s) who seemed to have a chip on their shoulder with regard to whites, especially males. I worked closely with a black woman for about 3 years. I was raised a gentleman, and treated her with friendship and respect. But for some reason, she had one way of interacting with me, and another more "chummy" way of behaving around her fellow 'African-Americans". I grew up in urban East Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s, with all types, colors, races of people. As kids we never gave skin color one thought. But the idiotic insecure folks have spoiled it for the rest of America.

  44. Unfortunately this is not just one principal doing this kind of nutty racist stuff. It's mandatory throughout the system. This has to end but where is the citizen control? It's basically gone. The inmates (and their unions) are running the asylum.

  45. I had something similar happen to me once. I had a terribly bright student who in 5th grade was capable of learning algebra and trigonometry so I took the time to show him the ropes and he advanced through the material like it was nothing. I was nearly fired for the offense. Why? Because I was screwing up the planned curriculum that he was supposed to go through in give years by teaching it to him in five days. I was told that this kid would now be bored out of his mind and it was my fault. There's nothing that the public schools will allow to stand in the way of their dumbing down of the kids.

  46. Getting rid of the NEA is the single most important thing we can do to save the country. Nothing good is ever going to happen to the public schools in the US as long as they are running things there and nothing good is going to happen in the country as a whole as long as the public schools are pumping out millions of dumbed-down politically brainwashed products of the union machine.

  47. Why am I not surprised? All school boards and unions want is to get their money for each child in school, they don't care how fast kids learn or if they learn anything.

  48. Imagine what would be said about a pork sandwich.

  49. Seriously; this woman needs to stop smoking crack.

  50. Dean, When the word got out in the community what you had done, you would have had a lot of support from parents and others who are fed up with the garbage that passes for education now. Thank you for being a stubborn old German, we need a lot more of you in this country!

  51. If you said hot dogs or hamburgers, you might offend vegans. If you said watermelon you would be called a racist. If you mentioned Fruit Loops you might offend gays. If you talk about BBQ pork you will offend Muslims. Just don't talk about food and you will stay out of trouble…..

  52. Cedric Ward says:

    Just more WHITE RACIST comments from Gary North Right Wing idiots who can't think past their PREJUDICES
    You fools are all going to burn in the ashes of this house built on sand that you claim your god prefers over all others.

    Jesus may be reluctant to return if he sees what he has to work with.

  53. Funny think is that peanut butter when combined with vitamins and powdered milk is used to treat malnourished kids. So so should this practice be considered racist, I think not. this woman needs to get a real job where she does not affect children.

  54. Seriously, Cedric Ward. You don’t think you are even slightly prejudiced against us “Gary North right wing idiots”? Did you even read the comments at all?
    Also is being prejudiced or biased bad? It’s impossible to find a totally unbiased person. Every person believes in a certain view and dislikes the opposing views.
    Conservatives argue with opponents, liberals just drown out opponents by calling them; racist, facist, dumb, senile, out of touch, bigot, part of vast right wing conspiracy, etc.