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High School Student Visited by FBI for Producing a Ron Paul Campaign Video and Mentioning the Illuminati

Written by Gary North on September 12, 2012

A 16-year-old high school student whose parents sent him into the tax-funded school system got a visit from the FBI. It seems he had raised the issue of the Illuminati with his high school government teacher.

The student reports that two FBI agents came to his home. His parents let them interview him. The agents raised the issue of the Illuminati with him. He reports: “They also asked me why I had talked to my teacher about the Illuminati. I told them it was just harmless talk about the 1776 Illuminati that formed from the enlightenment era. I said my teacher said they are/were terrorists and not to talk about them.” The teacher is better informed than most. So is the student.

The student assumes that the teacher must have discussed this with someone higher in authority in the school, who then contacted the FBI.

He had also produced this video for the class.

This is a good video. The teacher gave him an A+ on the project.

Here is the kicker. The FBI asked him to become an informant on Anonymous, the hacker organization. The student wisely declined.

“So that’s my story, a teen from the suburbs who was questioned by the FBI about a harmless free speech protected video I made for school. My record forever scarred with the truth that the FBI questioned me. When getting a job they will see that, when getting a passport they will see that, when going to college they will see that.”

Maybe as a minor, this can be kept out of his permanent files.

My conclusion: any conservative parent who sends his child into the public school system is making a mistake.

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25 thoughts on “High School Student Visited by FBI for Producing a Ron Paul Campaign Video and Mentioning the Illuminati

  1. Oh GOL!!! The students better not mention the Muslim Brotherhhod because are they not a terrorist organization? Knock off the B.S.

  2. Why would a 16 yo kids school project be any concern to the FBI, especially when it is a childs opinion?

  3. enligthened says:

    go for it high school student. they are real. They are evil, control the WORLDS economies, prey and use poorer countries. they extend loans, help? etc and when these countries fail to pay back! in time!! well then too bad, so sad, your BIG DAD. the shout is BINGO. example. mexico, Chile, Indonesia, South Africa, Iraq. always a PLAN and ultimately an AGENDA and a price to pay. be it economically, raw materials, politics —— take your choice. Read the book "confessions of an economic hitman" author John Perkins also "none dare call it conspiracy" RATHER ENLIGHTENING or should i say ILLUMINATING

  4. As a parent I would tell the F.B.I. to look elsewhere. There is no way I would subject my child to that.

  5. Rabelrouser says:

    The more people educate themselves to the truth, and dis-believe Hillary's comment of "conspiracy theroies" the more they want to let others know. When they do, they become targets of the government who label's its citizens as terrorists. The truth is out there and finding it is simple.
    Some examples, The creature from Jelyll Island (about the federal reserve); nebraskarepublic dot org (play video); The Miracle on Main Street by F. Tupper Saussy; En Route to Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah. These are just a few that will begin the process. Understanding about Agenda 21 will also reveal how things are being manipulated today at all levels of government.
    But once you know the truth, you have a responsibility to share it and educate others with it. You will face ridecule and villification, but isnt making America a Free Republic again worth it?

  6. Are U.S. citizens supposed to be afraid to respond to this? Perhaps the FBI should make Howard Zinn's PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES a must read for its agents. Then they'll really get illuminated. Too bad that intelligent men and women are relegated to issues that create a mockery of common sense. I suppose they are still busy investigating Rio-gate.

  7. James William Johnson says:

    so now our founding fathers, the originators of our constitution, are/were
    terrorists.I suppose if you were a Brit in 1776 you would think so. I would never let the fbi interrogate my 16 year old without a lawyer being present. Jim

  8. well, they should have had a really great time with Obama and his school records.

  9. WHY don't they do something about that muslim s.o.b. in the white house??

  10. Dr.Ron Paul 2012 for Our First Write In President ever !!!

  11. My suggestion to parents is to start homeschooling TODAY by going to http://www.khanacademy.org and begin to educate your children the smart way. If enough people do this, you will not need the union teachers anymore.

  12. I want to know why someone at the highschool called goverment agents about this kid! Do we have the Gestapo running our public schools, keeping the young minds in-line! Maybe the school administration needs to be investigated to find out just where they stand on individual freedom of speech and the thoughts of inquiring minds. We do not need THOUGHT POLICE in highschools or anywhere. Are there laws against references to terrorist organizations.

    And, what about these parents! There is no way I would allow my youngster to be "questioned" about a highschool project … I would have gotten some legal advice. We are talking about a minor-child being grilled by FBI! There has to be some legal ramifications that the parents could take, but it doesn't sound like they are too smart.

    The video was very well-done and I commend this young man on his talent!

  13. The fact that the parents are sending their son to a government school nowadays means they aren't too wise, when being patriotic is being classified as "terrorist" .

  14. We saw this comeing , when the FBI illegally killed the Christians, no matter how far out they were ,at ruby ridge and the branch dividians. Can anyone say Gestapo or KGB. This is outrageous goverment behavior.

  15. I live in Idaho and got first hand news about Ruby Ridge. I watched non only the big networks but also the local news channels. The stories did not always match in information.
    As time goes on, more and more, I firmly believe Ruby Ridge was a dress rehearsal for Waco.

  16. Branch Davidians were a cult springing out of Seventh Day Adventism. Their commune compound was a forced one.

  17. guestfloramae says:


  18. If the people were forced to be there, how is it that they freely shopped and moved around in Waco and the people there said they were always courteous and friendly? How is it that other family who were not residents there visited them inside and then left?
    And since when is it a crime for a group to live together and worship according to their own beliefs? I watched Waco unfold, before the films were edited. The government, which by the way justified the whole attack on "concern for the children inside" climbed onto the roof in the pre dawn, and fired into bedroom windows with high powered guns. THAT is concern for the children inside?

  19. In small words so you can understand: a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama. Is that what you want?

  20. Still at this, huh Tod? Not only are you beating a dead horse, the maggots have eaten all the meaat off the bones. Wake up…….

  21. If this young man were a Muslim attending a madrassa, and bobbing his head in tune to his rote memorization of the Koran, the Muslim-in-Chief would have told them to leave him alone, regardless of how many weapons that Eric Holder had sold him.

  22. At one time I'd have found this story hard to believe. But, not in Obama's America

  23. eyemahippie says:

    A free republic? When was it ever?

  24. Rabelrouser says:

    In direct answer to your question, before the War between the States (civil war); after that the Federal Government Incorporated to have a control over the people through financial obligation. The following 30+ years through "reconstruction" the laws that were drafted gave less control to the states and more to the Federal Govt. Then came the centeralized banking of the Federal Reserve and a further papering over of Constitutional (common) Law into contractual law, which was formalized with the Uniform Commarcial Code which then "codified" all laws as debt Obligation. Thereby making all citizens co-debtors to the Federal Governments loans from the centeral Banking authority known as the Fed. The states had to then adopt the U.C.C. as their legislation to be able to pay back the original debt, under "their" and the "people's" obligation for such.
    Only problem is, that the people were never fully made aware of this; and most still dont know, or want to believe that they are not the "Free Citizens" they think they are. If they ever did, then things would change back to a Constitutional Republic, not a corporate entity.

  25. Well I had to go sign in and lost this guy's comment so I'll repost it here:

    RULES for engaging with, or speaking to, "Legal Authorities"

    #1 NEVER Deal with, or speak to the Police or any other Legal Authority without Your Attorney PRESENT.
    #2 In case of ANY QUESTION, See RULE #1

    ALSO …

    NEVER allow anyone from "any" Legal Authority to enter your house or look through your vehicle or search your person without saying that you DO NOT PERMIT IT. or "Just Say NO!" Once inside they can look about for "anything" that could be construed as "suspicious" or and "infraction" at which point you have lost your rights to stop them from investigating further.

    DO NOT let them into your foyer, your porch … even if it is a blizzard outside. What you might think is "nothing" they might decide is "something" and they will take every advantage you have given them to "inspect more closely".