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Canadian Military Police Training: Urban Crowd Control

Written by Gary North on September 12, 2012

When Canada is preparing, something fundamental has changed.

This was a press release from the Canadian military. The exercises begin today.

Approximately 300 Military Police from 5 Military Police Regiment and 2 Military Police Regiment will be conducting an exercise in Hawkesbury and the surrounding area from September 12 to 16, 2012. The Military Police officers will take part in the exercise, whose primary goal is to practice the various tasks that would be carried out during actual domestic operations.

Military vehicles, consisting of Military Police Cruisers and G-Wagons, will arrive between September 9-12, 2012, in convoys of 5 to 8 vehicles, from Valcartier, Petawawa, Farnham, and Toronto. These convoys will arrive at different times and use separate roads. The convoys will depart on Sunday, September 16, 2012.

The site of the Amoco Building in Hawkesbury will serve as a command post and main accommodations for the personnel. The police operations will include roadblocks, VIP escorts, and a simulated helicopter crash.

In collaboration with the municipalities, the necessary measures have been taken to minimize disruptions to local citizenry. Manoeuvres will take place primarily during the day, and specific locations have been designated for the training, namely, the town of Alexandria, the town of Plantagenet, the town of Papineauville, the Chateau Hotel at Mirabel Airport, and the former Volailles Grenville Building in Grenville. The roads will be used by exercise participants during this period however inconvenience to the local population will be minimized. Blank ammunition will be used during this exercise.

When: September 16 – 0600 hrs to 0900 hrs

Location: Former Volailles Grenville Building, 33 Elm St, Grenville

Local citizens are cordially invited on Sunday, September 16, from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs, to come and talk with the military personnel at the Amoco Building in Hawkesbury, 1423 Cameron Street.

The troops are being conditioned to crowd control. The public is also being conditioned.

This is Canada, This is not some banana republic,

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4 thoughts on “Canadian Military Police Training: Urban Crowd Control

  1. I guess the Canadian and U.S. Governnent officials are maybe getting concerned that the citizens are fed with all the B.S. and may revolt against the government. Oh, come on. Are they getting paranoid? Well, come to think of it they probably are. Anyway, they should be.

  2. Canadian Sheepdog says:

    Unlike in the USA, the Canadian Government knows where every single legal firearm in Canada is so they can quickly seize them when the time comes. I guess we just have to hope that the criminals (i.e. those with unregistered firearms) take our side in the coming civil wars.

  3. guestfloramae says:


  4. They are afraid that with the elections in the US…they may have to protect the country from the surge of Americans fleeing from the OBama regime…should he be reelected…it will be a chaotic time…unlike the US…Canada will not put up with all the illegals looking for a new place to live as it is seen in our Southern Borders…