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U.S. Government to Buy German U-Boats for Egypt

Written by Gary North on September 11, 2012

About 80 million Egyptians are paying 40% of their income, on average, for food. Meanwhile, the new Islamist government wants to buy $1 billion worth of German-made submarines. But it has no money. Where can it get the money?

Why from you and me! So, the Obama Administration is putting together an aid package. It will forgive $1 billion in debts that Egypt owes.

I mean, who can oppose debt relief?

Then Egypt can afford to buy U-boats, assuming it gets $1 billion in aid from oil-rich Arab nations, which it expects to do.

President Barack Obama’s deputies are negotiating a $1 billion aid package with Egypt’s new Islamist government, even as Egypt’s cash-strapped military revealed that it is trying to buy $1 billion worth of German submarines that could threaten Israel’s fast-growing offshore energy projects.

I was disappointed when no Egyptian official was invited to deliver a speech at last week’s Democrat National Convention, thanking President Obama for the money.

The State Department has refused to comment. This seems prudent. After all, what is there to say?

The state of Israel has bought six German subs. The Islamists do not want to fall too far behind. They want to narrow the U-boat gap.

The Egyptian U-boats will be used to defend the pyramids from a potential Israeli attack.

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64 thoughts on “U.S. Government to Buy German U-Boats for Egypt

  1. Secret way to help Germany with our tax dollars?

  2. This is nothing new. The US governments for decades, has been giving $billions of aid to many countries across Northern Africa and in the Middle East, and other countries in that part of the world buy all their armaments from the USA……………and the strange part is that all these countries are muslim dominated countries………the USA is arming Muslim countries, countries that hate your guts

  3. barb patton says:

    Since our ayatollah barack hussein obama is at the helm of this poor benighted government we will see more and more monies go out to "aid" poor muslim (corrupt) countries with taxpayers monies and NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT. The silver tongued ayatollah is doing everything in his power to bankrupt America and HE WILL with YOUR help if nothing gets done about his out of control spending. WAKE UP AMERICA, These muslim countries have no allegiance and will turn these very weapons and subs against us in America.

  4. Yes , the muslim world would like to destroy America (and so would Barry Obama) and yes we have been arming them for years . But the real question here is , what the hell does Egypt need submarines for ? Do they plan to cruise up and down the Nile ? They should try using that money to feed their people instead of wasting it on their desire to destroy Israel . Egypt has been trying to destroy Israel since the time of Moses and guess what ? Israel and her people are still here and always will be . Now what does that tell you ? Maybe that they are God's Chosen People and have His help ? A tiny nation has continued to make a mockery of the combined might of all the muslim countries in the middle east since before the Arab world even had a common religion . Submarines huh ? All I see from this is a lot of drowned Egyptians .

  5. why doesn't he just give them ours ? he is going to disarm this country anyhow

  6. Carson J Schardt says:

    This is purely a diversionary tactic to keep the muslim nose clean!

    Israel is being made the goat by power hungry Middle eastern countries.

    Israel is a law abiding country. Obama is the responsible demon!!!!

  7. Hey, I would like a sub too, forget Subway's $ 5 footlong, a billion here and there, whose counting anyhow – how does a person get in line for a free sub?

  8. What a bunch of idiots we have in the white house. If they were serious about creating jobs . Wouldn't they buy these boats from the good usa and put some amticans to work instead of our enemys. Obama seem to be more of an enemy then an american…………OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE ''''''''http://liberty.com/content/barack-obama-used-cocaine-had-gay-sex-1999 >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!***** http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/trojanhors… Obama admit he is a muslism *http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28*<http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28&gt;

  9. Would it be a lot better if they would buy the boats from the usa and maybe that would help the unemployment line. What a bunch of thugs we have makeing bad judgement in the white house………..OBAMA BOY FRIEND AND FELONY PASS WITH DOPE ''''''''http://liberty.com/content/barack-obama-used-cocaine-had-gay-sex-1999 >> Obama must be defeated.******SHARE THIS WITH AMERICA !!!!***** http://www.snopes.com/politics/soapbox/trojanhors… Obama admit he is a muslism *http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28*<http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=tCAffMSWSzY#t=28&gt;

  10. We cannot control a u boat run by Muslim brotherhood nor stop one from terrorizing the USA with missles.

  11. Celtic Rune says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to begin. The patients are are now formally in control of the asylum. We are arming a potential terrorist run government, as if that region isn't unstable enough already. The people in control are truly mentally deranged, their thought processes are definitely incoherent and devoid of any reality or rational thought.

  12. Hey, I'd like a billion dollars. Oh, I can't get it, I'm a Christian American and I'm caucasion. I guess I'm not politically correct. Maybe the country can suffer this fool for four more years if we have too. However, we can not survive as a country with the people that elect these losers. It is always easier to spend someone elses money than it is your own.

  13. Well, we don't have access to daily intelligence briefings. (But, neither does Obama; he blows off those meetings almost 2/3 of the time!). Maybe Egypt has received intel that warships from the Tongan Navy plans to invade Cairo at any minute, and they need to defend against them. Or, perhaps they're expecting Bolivian Navy battleships to begin shelling the pyramids?

    Getting serious, I sure do hope that Israel has good anti-submarine weapons! I suspect they're going to need them soon!

  14. Egypt learns very slowly. Three thousand years ago they sent their army after Israel and the ocean closed on them and they were all killed. Now, 3000 years later, they want Submarines to go after Israel. Those that don't learn from history are bound to repeat it.

  15. Isn't that special ?, more money from the muslim in the white house for the muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Impeach the traitorous scum, Obama now, don't wait for the election.

  16. Tommy Thompson says:

    Far too many writers in this column continue to call Obumma stupid, ignorant, no idea what is going on, all of that tripe. He does not have to know because the puppets behind him like Soros and other traitors are pulling his strings. THEY tell him WHAT TO DO. Therefore he does not need to know, all he does is what THEY order him to do. I wonder how many island accounts that bunch has, h-m-m?? Look, you need to suffer some and lower your standard of living so THEY continue to become very rich at OUR EXPENSE. Now tell me, is that a deal for THEM or not. So mull this over and then remember in November, our last chance

  17. Makes me think of the song "You can't buy love".

  18. True!

  19. At a tme like this when the Democrats can't or will not come up with a budget plan…..An Economy that stinks…..Millions are unemployed…..Millions are on food stamps….We are 16 Trillion dollars in debt and our government continue giving money away to countries that can't seem to hate us enough….. Our government is spending our money as if their is no end to the stack of green backs we can give away to foreign countries just for the asking…..I take that back they don't even have to ask any more!

  20. In one moment, the "new islamist government" of Egypt threatens our lives, and in the next, they want to put the glom on us to buy them some submarines.

    Besides exhibiting the worst in human relations, these turkeys are also great examples of welfare gone mad.

    Needless to say, but I surely hope that the islamist in the president suit has the cajones to tell these boys that he needs a little more time, like after the elections before he can acquiesce to their insane request.

  21. Egyptian jihadis under the new free-for-all government using Nazi U-boats to attack Israel?

    Obama compared himself to FDR, but even FDR wouldn't do something this reprehensible. After all, FDR WAS an American, and had no other country to go live in if he destroyed this one.

  22. So you believe everything in the Buy-bull is the literal truth, huh? This is the 21st Century.

  23. Actually, Israel already has Dolphin-class submarines equipped with nuclear-tipped Cruise missiles.

  24. Say, how can I join that there Megaphony app that all you rabidly pro-Israel shills use so you can pile on the propaganda at the exact same time?

  25. celticwolf75 says:

    After what's going on with all of the immature "Humans" who believe in Islam all over the world. I'd like to know why it was ever a good idea in the 1st place to buy uboats for Egypt. Why can't they buy their own while we kick Obama out of office and fix our own country and repair the damage that he was allowed to do.

  26. That's what we need, Al-queda floating around the waters in submarines. I think we should declare a jihad on the Middle East – they get NO money from us – period – end of story.

  27. vietnamvet1971 says:

    The question is What is the Method of this Madness? I am sure our Big Bloated Bankrupt Gimme-ment has the Answers. But us Poor Peons do not need to know. Just keep paying your Taxes and Die that is all they want from us.

  28. vietnamvet1971 says:

    Maybe just maybe they can join the Mexican Drug smugglers and get into the drug running business and deliver other Valuable Cargo to our ports.(Bombs)

  29. Ayatollah Obama is arming Israel's enemies. So what? That is not new.

  30. Ayatollah Obama is arming Israel's enemies. So what? That is not new. He started doing this when he first came to the White House in January, 2009.

  31. "The Egyptian U-boats will be used to defend the pyramids from a potential Israeli attack."

    that is a terrific reason, i always wanted to see the egyptian pyramids.
    they (mid-east countries) attack and burn our embassy's, kill American citizens, they we buy them possible nuclear armed submarines. wtf ?

    i am never leaving our country, unless we build a bridge to europe and africa.

  32. Ayatollah Obama is arming Israel's enemies. So what? That is not new. He started doing this when he first came to the White House in January, 2009. Have American Jews who have been supporting thisMarxist Islamist not been paying attention? Have American Jews been so caught up in themselves and White Guilt they can't figure out Obama is a viper that someone has brought into the room to slay their children?

    Why o' why Lord is Steven Spielberg and other prominent American Jews so blinded by fame and driven by their White Guilt Progressive Agenda that they do NOT see Obama for the servant of the Devil that he is? Obama will bring suffering, misery and death to the Jewish people whom he detests as much as he hates America.

  33. Both your URL's have been removed. I wonder why!!

  34. Dead on Alex this half breed communist muslim has done his best to disarm us and stood back and let the damn raghead camel humpers raid our embasseys and given them everthing else to help destroy us ,hell why not give Iran a few nukes and save them all this hard work and planning. Also they need to put out on the news that our Marines aren't allowed to have live ammo to defend themselves

  35. I can’t help but laugh when people call Obama names. He’s not doing anything every other president who came before him did. How can you keep wars going if the other side has no weapons, and remember, this is great for the arms makers. Profits have soared for over a decade now. I remember when, in the middle of, wait, not in the middle of but a couple years into the Iraq war or less, Lockheed had to put on 3 shifts at their missile plant and then later build another one. The ROI on them is incredible. Wish I had bought Lockheed stock in ’02.

  36. BobG_of_Iowa says:

    If the "closet muslim" pushes this through, he should be impeached!

  37. Fort Worth Yankee says:

    Obama will give whatever his islamic buddies demand. This 'deal' has been in the works for months now. Dispite the events of this week in Egypt and Lybia (and other countries), Obama will give away this money owed to the US Taxpayer, then after the deal is sealed, he will give Egypt, Lybia, and the others more money. This man has no morals and is loyal only to those who he thinks will get him reelected. But he has to keep this quite so he doesn't loose the Jewish vote and their money.

    "The Egyptian U-boats will be used to defend the pyramids from a potential Israeli attack."


    The new Egyptians want to tear down the pyramids, and all other examples of the great Egyptian empire of 4,000 years ago. The Phareos were not muslims. Egypt is today only concerned with islam. Obama made a big mistake when he supported the "arab spring" (aka terrorist) movements. But then again, Obama just doesn't care.


  39. As long as 0 wants to give subs to his fellow camel fockers he may as well send them a couple of nukes also. It will make it easier for the peaceful Muslims to shove their "religion" down the world's throat. They supposedly got crazy over a Utube clip? 0 best hope they won't retaliate for the Hollyweird produced, obama administration blessed movie about the REAL killing of Bin Laden. They might have noticed that our eunuch took personal credit for the kill.

  40. Like Israel is a member of the IAEA? Not. Law abiding, that’s a good one. I’ll laugh all the way to when they have completely taken over this country. The only thing I can think of I can support BO on is not doing Israel’s dirty work for them. Bibi is a howling lunatic along with the rest of his neocon cabal.

  41. That’s right arm our enemies and disarm our ‘at risk’ service men and women so they cannot defend themselves against these filthy muslims

  42. The muslims want them so they can lauch another attack on us….and this traitor in Washington wants to give them the means to do it…paid for by us.

  43. Just part of the grand plan to bring the USA to it's knees and make us pay for it at the same time….obama and pals think of us as a plaything…don't know about you , but I won't play nice.

  44. Carter started all this. The scam is a payment for Egypt not attacking Isreal. Time to stop this bs.

  45. Agree.Obama is the supporter of the muslims. He kenw that there would be an attack on American embassies. He hates Israel, because he is a muslim and becase Israel is the only democracy and a flourishing country compared to the muslim terrorist states

  46. Guess where our Presidents true alliance is? Nope not with America,but with the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Muslim group. Why in hell do we not boot this muslim/commie Out the Door. Folks we need to take America back if we have to bleed to get it back

  47. I can't speak for all sane Americans, but this one doesn't want a cent of his money going to Egypt OR any other middle east country that is not our friend and ALLY! Screw them muslim terrorists and radicals!!!!!!!!

  48. German U-Boats stalking Israeli ships ………………. why didn't I see this coming?

  49. Oh great! Lets give the towelheads who hate us subs to sink our navy ships. Yep, rhe damn commie demacrats strike again. Our day to take back our government is comming, soooooon.

  50. Will there be any thing left of this country,wheather Obama is elected or not,.Less than 50 days for election,Obama can still do a lot of damage, His job was to destory this country, and he's close.

  51. If the Egyptians want subs The Russians have bunches of them at bargain basement prices. Why do we need to be buying German U-boats for them ? Let the Germans trade them a sub for a bunch of Cotton.

  52. Egypt needs a U-boat about as bad as the Swiss Navy does .(sigh) They could however use a real good fence to keep their crazies in and keep the Tunisian and Libyan crazies out (LOL)

  53. I pay 100% of my income on just living simple… Another waist… Obummer must go!

  54. No more U S dollars for any muslim country.

  55. Well you people assumed that this great Black man was going to cure all. And to this day you are still afraid to say anything against him He is a stuid jerk who never did a thing while in politics and you voted for him Worse part with all this crap there is a possibility he could be re-elected What is wrong with you stupid American

  56. He has no right to give our taxpayer money to anyone, much less a Muslim America-hating regime such as in Egypt. Why is Congress letting him get away with this idiocy? No cahones, I guess! Boehner will just sit and cry and the rest of them sit on their hands and do nothing to help our country. They all need to go ASAP! God please help us Now!!!

  57. Has there ever been a time in history when the leader of a country was an agent of the enemy?
    Thomas Jefferson said, "This government can be maintained only by a Christian People" Our people now worship the yeti.
    Jew are now realizing that life is more valuable than money, but blacks are still blinded by rap as in africa 5,000 years ago.
    Are Americans more interested in sex than survival? Has a make believe hollowwood world replaced teachings of history?
    Blacks gave obama a magnificant opportunity to heal racial divide but he has foamented extreme hatred.
    Will America wake up, or plunge the world into a thousand years rape and plunder?

  58. Can Obama really be this naive? I doubt it. He says his plan has worked. Well his plan must be the U.S. rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell. These people want us dead and we are arming them!!! I have no words to describe this insane decision. Imagine there’s a gang in your city that hates, no despises you. They call you one day and want to borrow money from you because they are falling short. If you think like our government thinks you say sure, I’ll send it right over. Then one day they show up in your neighborhood armed to the hilt and start killing your neighborhoods residents.

  59. let them come up with there own money we don,t have it

  60. These are no Nazi U-boats
    If True, These are new generation german subs which are designed for coastal defense, but are far more quiet that our LA or Virginia class subs.
    And before I give credance to this report, I would like to check it out from an independent source

  61. Nemesis of Empire says:

    This is why you must kill the next dark skinned demon you see, with any weapon to hand. Global Total Racial War is here, and it will EAT YOUR FAMILY unless you take steps now to SEND THE BLACK FIENDS BACK TO SATAN. Only with KNIVES and GUNS and BOMBS and TOTAL RELIANCE ON THE MAJESTY OF THE CHRIST will we prevail. There is no compromise. There can be no hesitation. STRIKE DOWN THE ENEMIES OF GOD!


    How DARE you let the servants of SATAN walk our good green Earth??????????

  62. The Egyptians don't need UBoats. But they may need dune buggys. Dune buggys can be purchased at right here at Cal's Dune Buggy shop. Cash is preferred but a straight across trade, pound for pound, dune buggys for fig bars may be arranged. No trade deficits.

  63. Amen!! Very well put! And if America does not continue to remain an ally to Israel, then God help us!!! America ~ Please wake up and let us confess our sins and turn from our wicked ways. Then God will forgive our sins, and will heal our land.

  64. No more money for Egypt! We cannot afford to arm a country who has become an enemy state. Let them pay from their own pockets for a change and end all foreign aid to Egypt and countries like it!