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Non-License to Kill: Price Competition for Abortions

Written by Gary North on September 11, 2012

Here is a dog bites man story. The legislature in California has passed a bill for Gov. Brown to sign into law. It removes the legal requirement that a person must have a physician’s license in order to commit an abortion. It is Senate Bill 623.

The policy is already being carried out at the tax-funded University of California Medical School in San Francisco. Midwives, nurse practitioners, and doctor’s assistants so far have committed 8,000 abortions.

The female state senator who introduced the bill made a good point, economically speaking. There isn’t a large enough supply of abortionists.

In other words, she understands that licensing reduces competition, thereby raising prices. But, instead of pushing a bill that removes the licensing for physicians, thereby increasing the supply of health care practitioners, she introduces a bill to make legalized execution more plentiful and therefore cheaper.

Conclusion: the free market is good for killing, but not for healing.
Such is the state of economic reasoning in the state senate of California.

This provision was inserted into a bill unrelated to abortion: the regulation of boat paint. A stand-alone bill to this effect was defeated in the senate.

Let us hope that the stand-alone bill was not defeated because of physicians’ opposition to opening up their market to non-licensed amateurs who would drive down prices.

Note: as to why the state of California should regulate boat paint, the bill does not make clear.

Sen. Kehoe had unsuccessfully attempted to pass a broader measure earlier this year that was killed in committee. Rather than opening abortion to non-physicians generally, the latest bill focuses on extending a UC-San Francisco program that lawyers say has used a legal loophole to pursue the unorthodox training.

California affiliates of Planned Parenthood support the bill.

I hope the governor refuses to sign the bill. The state does not need to regulate boat paint. It also does not need more abortions.

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15 thoughts on “Non-License to Kill: Price Competition for Abortions


  2. barb patton says:

    Since California has the bragging rights of having the most beautiful people, I can only say that they should also have the bragging rights to having the most devious, hideous and wicked minds in creation. I for one cannot equate "Paint" to "abortion" and to think that these snakes would attempt to squeeze something thru under "paint" makes my mind boggle. Furthermore, whoever is the instigator must have a puppet master, and, it would be very interesting to know whether he sits in the white house and this state is a "test drive". This is not something that has just this minute jumped out of the Pandora Box, it is a well thought out and diabolical plan, never forgetting that California is overrun with Mexicans, supposedly Catholics, hence it would be a double whammy for the Powers that be. I have had the sorrow and displeasure of having to take an animal to the Vet to be put down because of ill health and it broke my heart, I simply cannot imagine the mind set of these lawmakers who will casually commit murder on a grand scale and not expect that there will be any repercussions for such actions. WAKE UP AMERICA

  3. Who needs a doctor's license anyway? Geez, I can see the billboards hawking their services now …

    "Have Coathanger, Will travel."
    Wire … Paladin Family Planning

  4. Thank you, William. My comment was to be "Californians, get ready for the earthquake that has been predicted for so long, that is that California will slide into the ocean when it hits.

  5. even third word countries don't do this…..unGODLY, procedure

  6. Melba Rowland says:

    Good Grief! Any idiot can perform an abortion , but that doesn't mean they should. I can not believe the medical boards in California are going to go along with such an idea.

  7. why ?IT'S CALIFORNIA i see them every day i live here and i;m surrounded by them

  8. Dear God! I did not think Californication could sink any lower than is already has and yet here they are sinking lower than the scum in the bottom of my septic tank!
    May God have mercy on their diseased souls…..if they still have one!

  9. Since many of you readres want unlimited poipulation growth and NO reproductive choice and a ban on brth control, how many people are YOU willing to pay all the extra welfare and free medical for. With a 8% unemployment rate and $4.00 per gallon gasoline do you really think we need unlimited population growth. I am a Goldwater Conservative who favors lower population and would gladly pay for all the birth control you want rather than the welfare and free medical for a lifetrime. Still waiting for all the unlimited population anti birth control crowd to step up and pay.

  10. Birth control is one thing; murder is another. I had a vasectomy but I would never kill a baby. Here in California we have stopped executing murderers for fear we might cause them pain. So now we are legalizing murder. Well at least we won't need to ask doctors to disregard their Hypocritical oath. (yeah I know it is Hippocratic)

  11. This is great , the argument has always been making abortion illegal sends women to the back alley for the abortion. Now California is making the back alley legal.if there was ever a group of people that deserved this action more than women I do not know who it would be , 55 million babies murdered , maybe the odds wll change after this abortions law is passed. possibly it will be 50/50 wherther the mother or baby survives the operation. , California you. Never cease to amaze at the lengths you will go to murder a baby, or marry a homosexual.

  12. As opposed to what? 55 million abandoned, abused children who would grow up to be criminals? How many anti-abortionists would actually care to raise such children? Abortion doesn't violate the N.A.P., consult the writings of Murray Rothbard for more.

  13. You more than likely read Hitlers book. Do you have a conscious.

  14. Abortion doesn't violate the N.A.P., consult the writings of Murray Rothbard for more. You ever heard of God.

  15. The whole argument to allow abortions was to get rid of the back alley abortions. Now they want to bring back the back alley abortions. California has become nothing but the entrails of an abortion.